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Developments in X-Ray Tomography VIII
Editor(s): Stuart R. Stock
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Volume Number: 8506
Date Published: 19 October 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8506
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Trends in the micro- and nanoComputed Tomography 2010-2012
Author(s): S. R. Stock
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Recent progress in four-dimensional phase tomography with grating interferometry
Author(s): Atsushi Momose; Sébastien Harasse; Shunsuke Kibayashi; Margie P. Olbinado; Wataru Yashiro
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Asymmetric rotational axis reconstruction of grating-based x-ray phase contrast tomography of the human cerebellum
Author(s): Georg Schulz; Timm Weitkamp; Irene Zanette; Franz Pfeiffer; Magdalena Müller-Gerbl; Christian David; Bert Müller
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Comparing the micro-vascular structure of cancerous and healthy tissues
Author(s): Bert Müller; Sabrina Lang; Felix Beckmann; Marco Dominietto; Markus Rudin; Irene Zanette; Timm Weitkamp; Alexander Rack; Simone Elke Hieber
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Morphology of atherosclerotic coronary arteries
Author(s): Margaret N. Holme; Georg Schulz; Hans Deyhle; Simone Elke Hieber; Timm Weitkamp; Felix Beckmann; Julia Herzen; Johannes A. Lobrinus; Fabrizio Montecucco; François Mach; Andreas Zumbuehl; Till Saxer; Bert Müller
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Apocalypto: revealing the unreadable
Author(s): David Mills; Oksana Samko; Paul Rosin; Kate Thomas; Tim Wess; Graham R. Davis
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Development of diffraction-amalgamated grain-boundary tracking technique and its application to polycrystalline metals
Author(s): Hiroyuki Toda; Darren LeClere; Takanobu Kamiko; Yoshio Suzuki; Akihisa Takeuchi; Kentaro Uesugi; Masakazu Kobayashi
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Image-based finite element modeling of the three-point bending test of cortical bone
Author(s): Marcin Binkowski; Grzegorz Kokot; Filip Bolechala; Antoni John
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Recent developments in the MuCAT microtomography facility
Author(s): Graham R. Davis; Anthony N. Z. Evershed; David Mills
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Analysis of wood microstructure by synchrotron radiation-based x-ray microtomography (SRµCT)
Author(s): Silke Lautner; Felix Beckmann
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In vivo tomographic velocimetry of the lung for the detailed study of lung disease and its treatments
Author(s): Stephen Dubsky; Stuart B. Hooper; Karen K. W. Siu; Andreas Fouras
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Mapping cardiogenic oscillations using synchrotron-based phase contrast CT imaging
Author(s): Jordan Thurgood; Stephen Dubsky; Karen K. W. Siu; Megan Wallace; Melissa Siew; Stuart Hooper; Andreas Fouras
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Development of fast and high throughput tomography using CMOS image detector at SPring-8
Author(s): Kentaro Uesugi; Masato Hoshino; Akihisa Takeuchi; Yoshio Suzuki; Naoto Yagi
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First small-animal in-vivo phase-contrast micro-CT scanner
Author(s): B. Pauwels; P. Bruyndonckx; X. Liu; A. Tapfer; A. Velroyen; A. Yaroshenko; M. Bech; F. Pfeiffer; A. Sasov
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X-ray fast tomography and its applications in dynamical phenomena studies in geosciences at Advanced Photon Source
Author(s): Xianghui Xiao; Florian Fusseis; Francesco De Carlo
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Synchrotron radiation CT from the micro to nanoscale for the investigation of bone tissue
Author(s): Francoise Peyrin; Pei Dong; Alexandra Pacureanu; Maria Zuluaga; Cécile Olivier; Max Langer; Peter Cloetens
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Combined micro computed tomography and histology study of bone augmentation and distraction osteogenesis
Author(s): Bernd Ilgenstein; Hans Deyhle; Claude Jaquiery; Christoph Kunz; Anja Stalder; Stefan Stübinger; Gernot Jundt; Felix Beckmann; Bert Müller; Simone Elke Hieber
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Comparison of propagation-based phase-contrast tomography approaches for the evaluation of dentin microstructure
Author(s): Hans Deyhle; Timm Weitkamp; Sabrina Lang; Georg Schulz; Alexander Rack; Irene Zanette; Bert Müller
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Ground-truth verification of dynamic x-ray micro-tomography images of fluid displacement
Author(s): Glenn Myers; Trond Varslot; Andrew Kingston; Anna Herring; Adrian Sheppard
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An attempt to overcome diffraction limit in detectors for x-ray nanotomography
Author(s): A. Sasov
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tomoRecon: High-speed tomography reconstruction on workstations using multi-threading
Author(s): Mark L. Rivers
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Improving the workflow of tomography studies for the polymer additives industry
Author(s): Kyungmin Ham; Kimberly White; Larry S. Simeral; Leslie G. Butler
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Drishti: a volume exploration and presentation tool
Author(s): Ajay Limaye
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Prior rank, intensity and sparsity model (PRISM): a divide-and-conquer matrix decomposition model with low-rank coherence and sparse variation
Author(s): H. Gao
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An interaction based CT reconstruction algorithm for blocked projection data in a dynamic ICT system
Author(s): Ming Chang; Yongshun Xiao; Zhiqiang Chen; Xin Jin
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An RIP-based evaluation method for candidate next generation cardiac CT architectures with carbon nanotube x-ray source
Author(s): Baodong Liu; Ge Wang; Bruno De Man; Elizabeth Krupinski; Hengyong Yu
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Orthogonal-rotating tetrahedral scanning for cone-beam CT
Author(s): Ivan B. Ye; Ge Wang
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Multi-scale image fusion for x-ray grating-based mammography
Author(s): Xiaolei Jiang; Li Zhang; Zhentian Wang; Marco Stampanoni
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A new CT architecture with stationary x-ray sources
Author(s): Guohua Cao; Baodong Liu; Hengyong Yu; Ge Wang
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Considerations for high-magnification high-cone-angle helical micro-CT
Author(s): Trond Varslot; Andrew Kingston; Glenn Myers; Adrian Sheppard
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Calibration of a combined laboratory microCT/microXRF system
Author(s): Xuan Liu; Peter Bruyndonckx; Alexander Sasov
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Energy-resolved Compton scatter estimation for micro-CT
Author(s): A. M. T. Opie; A. P. H. Butler; P. J. Bones
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High-resolution and high-speed CT in industry and research
Author(s): S. Zabler; C. Fella; A. Dietrich; F. Nachtrab; Michael Salamon; V. Voland; T. Ebensperger; S. Oeckl; R. Hanke; N. Uhlmann
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X-ray micro-tomography at the Advanced Light Source
Author(s): A. A. MacDowell; D. Y. Parkinson; A. Haboub; E. Schaible; J. R. Nasiatka; C. A. Yee; J. R. Jameson; J. B. Ajo-Franklin; C. R. Brodersen; A. J. McElrone
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High order total variation method for interior tomography
Author(s): Jiansheng Yang; Hengyong Yu; Wenxiang Cong; Ming Jiang; Ge Wang
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Anisotropic total variation minimization method for limited-angle CT reconstruction
Author(s): Xin Jin; Liang Li; Zhiqiang Chen; Li Zhang; Yuxiang Xing
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X-ray beam hardening correction by minimizing reprojection distance
Author(s): Andrew M. Kingston; Glenn R. Myers; Trond K. Varslot
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Improved total variation based CT reconstruction algorithm with noise estimation
Author(s): Xin Jin; Liang Li; Le Shen; Zhiqiang Chen
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Macro- and microstructural diversity of sea urchin teeth revealed by large-scale micro-computed tomography survey
Author(s): Alexander Ziegler; Stuart R. Stock; Björn H. Menze; Andrew B. Smith
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Investigating biofilm structure using x-ray microtomography and gratings-based phase contrast
Author(s): Erin A. Miller; Xianghui Xiao; Micah Miller; Paul Keller; Timothy A. White; Matthew Marshall
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Application of a novel diffraction-based tomography method for imaging biological samples
Author(s): Chaminda R. Samarage; Gregory J. Sheard; Andreas Fouras
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Self-calibration for a multi-segment straight-line trajectory CT using an invariant moment
Author(s): Xiyun Li; Zhiqiang Chen; Xiaolei Jiang; Yuxiang Xing
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A geometrical correction method for radioactive intensity image reconstruction in tomographic gamma scanning
Author(s): Zhe Liu; Li Zhang; Xiaolei Jiang
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A noise variance estimation approach for CT
Author(s): Le Shen; Xin Jin; Yuxiang Xing
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Multi-species beam hardening calibration device for x-ray microtomography
Author(s): Anthony N. Z. Evershed; David Mills; Graham Davis
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An iterative reconstruction method for high-pitch helical luggage CT
Author(s): Hui Xue; Li Zhang; Zhiqiang Chen; Xin Jin
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Fast imaging method for grating-based x-ray computed tomography
Author(s): Yan Xi; Jun Zhao
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Imaging properties of circular and helical interlaced source-detector CT
Author(s): Yi Chen; Yan Xi; Jun Zhao
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Evaluation of oral scanning in comparison to impression using three-dimensional registration
Author(s): Yur-Chung Brogle-Kim; Hans Deyhle; Bert Müller; Georg Schulz; Therese Bormann; Felix Beckmann; Kurt Jäger
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Comparison of denture models by means of micro computed tomography
Author(s): Christoph Vögtlin; Georg Schulz; Hans Deyhle; Kurt Jäger; Thomas Liebrich; Sascha Weikert; Bert Müller
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Unified dual-modality image reconstruction with dual dictionaries
Author(s): Yang Lu; Jun Zhao; Tiange Zhuang; Ge Wang
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Radiation dose performance in the triple-source CT based on a Monte Carlo method
Author(s): Zhenyu Yang; Jun Zhao
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Stereo-imaging towards spectrography for 3D analysis from a single spectral view
Author(s): Yan Xi; Ge Wang; Hengyong Yu; Yuxin Wang; Jun Zhao
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Spectrography: volumetric reconstruction from one or two spectral views
Author(s): Hengyong Yu; Ge Wang
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