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X-Ray Free-Electron Lasers: Beam Diagnostics, Beamline Instrumentation, and Applications
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Volume Number: 8504
Date Published: 16 October 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8504
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Profiling structured beams using injected aerosols
Author(s): N. Duane Loh; Dmitri Starodub; Lukas Lomb; Christina Y. Hampton; Andrew V. Martin; Raymond G. Sierra; Anton Barty; Andrew Aquila; Joachim Schulz; Jan Steinbrener; Robert L. Shoeman; Stephan Kassemeyer; Christoph Bostedt; John Bozek; Sascha W. Epp; Benjamin Erk; Robert Hartmann; Daniel Rolles; Artem Rudenko; Benedikt Rudek; Lutz Foucar; Nils Kimmel; Georg Weidenspointner; Günther Hauser; Peter Holl; Emanuele Pedersoli; MengNing Liang; Mark S. Hunter; Lars Gumprecht; Nicola Coppola; Cornelia Wunderer; Heinz Graafsman; Filipe R. N. C. Maia; Tomas Ekeberg; Max Hantke; Holger Fleckenstein; Helmut Hirsemann; Karol Nass; Thomas A. White; Herbert J. Tobias; George R. Farquar; W. Henry Benner; Stefan Hau-Riege; Christian Reich; Andreas Hartmann; Heike Soltau; Stefano Marchesini; Sasa Bajt; Miriam Barthelmess; Lothar Strueder; Joachim Ullrich; Philip Bucksbaum; Keith O. Hodgson; Mathias Frank; Ilme Schlichting; Henry N. Chapman; Michael J. Bogan
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The photon beam transport and diagnostics system at FERMI@Elettra, the Italian seeded FEL source: commissioning experience and most recent results
Author(s): Marco Zangrando; Alessandro Abrami; Daniele Cocco; Claudio Fava; Simone Gerusina; Riccardo Gobessi; Nicola Mahne; Eric Mazzucco; Lorenzo Raimondi; Luca Rumiz; Cristian Svetina; Fulvio Parmigiani
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X-ray imaging and imaging spectroscopy of fusion plasmas and light-source experiments with spherical optics and pixel array detectors
Author(s): K. W. Hill; M. Bitter; L. Delgado-Aparicio; N. A. Pablant; P. Beiersdorfer; M. Sanchez del Rio; L. Zhang
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Design of an x-ray split- and delay-unit for the European XFEL
Author(s): Sebastian Roling; Liubov Samoylova; Björn Siemer; Harald Sinn; Frank Siewert; Frank Wahlert; Michael Wöstmann; Helmut Zacharias
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Mirror-based soft x-ray split-and-delay system for femtosecond pump-probe experiments at LCLS
Author(s): Brendan F. Murphy; Jean-Charles Castagna; John D. Bozek; Nora Berrah
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The CSPAD megapixel x-ray camera at LCLS
Author(s): Philip Hart; Sébastien Boutet; Gabriella Carini; Mikhail Dubrovin; Brian Duda; David Fritz; Gunther Haller; Ryan Herbst; Sven Herrmann; Chris Kenney; Nadine Kurita; Henrik Lemke; Marc Messerschmidt; Martin Nordby; Jack Pines; Don Schafer; Matt Swift; Matt Weaver; Garth Williams; Diling Zhu; Niels Van Bakel; John Morse
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Bunch by bunch beam monitoring in 3rd and 4th generation light sources by means of single crystal diamond detectors and quantum well devices
Author(s): M. Antonelli; M. Di Fraia; A. Tallaire; J. Achard; S. Carrato; R. H. Menk; G. Cautero; D. Giuressi; W. H. Jark; G. Biasiol; T. Ganbold; K. Oliver; C. Callegari; M. Coreno; A. De Sio; E. Pace
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Developing a platform for high-resolution phase contrast imaging of high pressure shock waves in matter
Author(s): Andreas Schropp; Jens Patommel; Frank Seiboth; Brice Arnold; Eric C. Galtier; Hae Ja Lee; Bob Nagler; Jerome B. Hastings; Christian G. Schroer
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Resonant soft x-ray scattering endstation for time-resolved pump-probe measurements at LCLS
Author(s): Yi-De Chuang; Dionisio Doering; Alejandro G. Cruz; Nadeem Tahir; Nord C. Andresen; Ken P. Chow; Devis Contarato; Curtis L. Cummings; Edward E. Domning; John Joseph; John S. Pepper; Brian V. Smith; G. Zizka; Christopher Ford; Wei-Sheng Lee; Matt Weaver; Luc Patthey; John Weizeowick; Peter Denes; Zahid Hussain
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Modeling of XFEL induced ionization and atomic displacement in protein nanocrystals
Author(s): Carl Caleman; Nicusor Tîmneanu; Andrew V. Martin; Thomas A. White; Howard A. Scott; Anton Barty; Andrew Aquila; Henry N. Chapman
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Hard x-ray delay line for x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy and jitter-free pump-probe experiments at LCLS
Author(s): Wojciech Roseker; Sooheyong Lee; Michael Walther; Horst Schulte-Schrepping; Hermann Franz; Amber Gray; Marcin Sikorski; Paul H. Fuoss; G. Brian Stephenson; Aymeric Robert; Gerhard Grübel
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Pump-probe laser development for the European X-ray Free-Electron Laser facility
Author(s): Max J. Lederer; Mikhail Pergament; Martin Kellert; Cruz Mendez
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Spectral encoding based measurement of x-ray/optical relative delay to ~10 fs rms
Author(s): Mina R. Bionta; Doug French; James P. Cryan; James M. Glownia; Nick Hartmann; David J. Nicholson; Kevin Baker; Christoph Bostedt; Marco Cammarrata; Matthieu Chollet; Yuantao Ding; David M. Fritz; Steve M. Durbin; Yiping Feng; Marion Harmand; Alan R. Fry; Daniel J. Kane; Jacek Krzywinski; Henrik T. Lemke; Marc Messerschmidt; Daniel F. Ratner; Sebastian Schorb; Sven Toleikis; Diling Zhu; William E. White; Ryan N. Coffee
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Applying field mapping refractive beam shapers to improve irradiation of photocathode of FEL
Author(s): Alexander Laskin; Vadim Laskin
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X-ray photon diagnostics devices for the European XFEL
Author(s): Jan Grünert; Jens Buck; Cigdem Ozkan; Wolfgang Freund; Serguei Molodtsov
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A hard X-ray transmissive single-shot spectrometer for FEL sources
Author(s): Yiping Feng; Diling Zhu; Jan M. Feldkamp; Henrik T. Lemke; Aymeric Robert; David M. Fritz; Marco Cammarata; Sooheyong Lee; Jerome B. Hastings; James L. Turner
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Time-of-flight photoemission spectroscopy from rare gases for non-invasive, pulse-to-pulse x-ray photon diagnostics at the European XFEL
Author(s): J. Buck; J. Viefhaus; F. Scholz; M. Ilchen; L. Glaser; C. Özkan; W. Freund; J. Grünert; S. Molodtsov
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ultra-thin Bragg crystals for LCLS beam-sharing operation
Author(s): Yiping Feng; Diling Zhu; Aymeric Robert; Henrik T. Lemke; Matthieu Chollet; David M. Fritz; Jerome B. Hastings; Jan M. Feldkamp; Marco Cammarata; Stefan Moeller; Makina Yabashi; Kensuke Tono; Xianrong Huang
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Initial evaluation of the European XFEL undulator commissioning spectrometer with a single channel-cut crystal
Author(s): Cigdem Ozkan; Wolfgang Freund; Jens Rehanek; Jens Buck; Ivo Zizak; Jan Gruenert; Franz Schaefers; Alexei Erko; Serguei Molodtsov
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