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Photonic Fiber and Crystal Devices: Advances in Materials and Innovations in Device Applications VI
Editor(s): Shizhuo Yin; Ruyan Guo
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Volume Number: 8497
Date Published: 11 October 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8497
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Nanomorphology of ZnSe on patterned substrate
Author(s): N. B. Singh; G. Kanner; K. Green; M. Marable; A. Berghmans; B. Wagner; D. Kahler; D. J. Knuteson; M. King; S. McLaughlin
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Finite element modeling of acousto-optic effect and optimization of the figure of merit
Author(s): Robert McIntosh; Amar S. Bhalla; Ruyan Guo
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Ultra-torsion sensitivity in Yb-doped fiber lasers with high birefringent photonic crystal fibers
Author(s): G. Sánchez-Guerrero; D. Toral; A. Castillo-Guzmán; V. Guzmán-Ramos; D. E. Ceballos-Herrera; R. Selvas-Aguilar
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Strong self-focusing of laser beam in a medium with quadratic nonlinear response
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Tatiana M. Lysak
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Holographic imaging and interferometry with non-Bragg diffraction orders in lithium niobate and photothermoplastic materials
Author(s): Nickolai Kukhtarev; Tatiana Kukhtareva; Arcadi Chirita
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Competition of linearly polarized modes in fibers with Bragg gratings over a wide temperature range
Author(s): Sergei Lyuksyutov; Grigory Adamovsky; Jeffrey R. Mackey; Bertram Floyd; Ujitha Abeywickrema; Igor Fedin
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Collinear holographic data storage system in LiNbO3 crystal
Author(s): Jianhua Li; Liangcai Cao; Qingsheng He; Guofan Jin
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Low voltage, high speed electro-optic scanner and switch in thin film lithium niobate
Author(s): James E. Toney; Michael Shnider; Neil Smith; Peter Pontius; James Busch; Vincent E. Stenger; Andrea Pollick; Sri Sriram
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Application of the transfer matrix method to reflection gratings in positive and negative index materials
Author(s): R. Aylo; H. Li; G. Nehmetallah; P. P. Banerjee
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2D soliton formation of BEC at its interaction with external potential
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Artem V. Rozantsev
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Numerical study on transformation optical device using Luneburg lens and Bragg grating for converting cylindrical wave to plane wave
Author(s): Eui-Young Song; Hwi Kim; Byoungho Lee
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High efficiency IR supercontinuum generation and applications: a recent review
Author(s): Shizhuo Yin; Paul Ruffin; Christina Brantley; Eugene Edwards; Jiping Cheng; Claire Luo
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Dynamic and tunable optical waveguide based on KTN electro-optic crystals
Author(s): Yun-Ching Chang; Shizhuo Yin
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Speckle reduction for fringe patterns using a database system based on the empirical mode decomposition
Author(s): Wei-Hung Su; Chen-Wei Lee; Chao-Kuei Lee
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150nm continuous tuning of external cavity quantum-dot lasers operated below 90 mA
Author(s): Yu-Chen Chen; Gray Lin; Pei-Yin Su; Hsu-Chieh Cheng
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Ultrasensitive standoff chemical sensing based on nonlinear multi-photon laser wave-mixing spectroscopy
Author(s): Marc Gregerson; Marcel Hetu; Manna Iwabuchi; Jorge Jimenez; Ashley Warren; William G. Tong
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Noise investigation and signal processing in fiber optic gas sensor with wavelength modulation of the DFB laser diode
Author(s): Jun Chang; Qingjie Huang; Xiangzhi Liu; Kun Chen; Hengtai Chang; Guangping Lv; Cunguang Zhu; Guoqing Zhou; Qiang Wang; Zhongliang Wang; Ting Gao; Chen Li
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Superluminiscent Er[sup]3[/sup]+/Yb[sup]3[/sup][sub]+[/sub]-doped fiber source design for 1550nm applications
Author(s): G. G. Perez-Sanchez; E. Pinzon-Escobar; J. A. Alvarez-Chavez
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Black silicon created by interfered femtosecond laser illumination
Author(s): Chao Wang; Chih-Min Lin; Shizhuo Yin; Paul Ruffin; Christina Brantley; Eugene Edwards
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High-aspect ratio titania three-dimensional (TiO2) nanostructures: fabrication and applications
Author(s): Chih-Min Lin; Shizhuo Yin
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Investigation of radiation-induced air fluorescence
Author(s): Jimmy Yao; Jack Brenizer; Rongqing Hui; Shizhuo Yin
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Hollow core photonic bandgap fiber with microfluid-infiltrated air holes for slow-light propagation
Author(s): Liyong Ren; Jian Liang; Maojin Yun
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Deformation measurements using projected fringe profilometry
Author(s): Wei-Hung Su; Wei-Ting Co
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Image registration with fringe projection techniques: a simple approach to form a high-resolution image from multiple low-resolution images
Author(s): Wei-Hung Su; Chao-Kuei Lee; Jhao-yu Zeng ; Yu-Ting Yao
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Analysis of beam interference reflected from atomic force microscope tip and periodic silicon surface under various humidity conditions
Author(s): Hans P. Banerjee; Asanka T. Weerasinghe; Sergei F. Lyuksyutov
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Negative refraction in a two-dimensional hexagonal lattice annular photonic crystal
Author(s): Feng Xia; Maojin Yun; Meiling Liu; Jian Liang
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Negative refraction and superlensing in two-dimensional triangular lattice graded photonic crystals
Author(s): Meiling Liu; Maojin Yun; Feng Xia; Jian Liang
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Investigation for persistence of two-center recording in various doubly doped LiNbO[sub]3[/sub] crystals
Author(s): Zhifang Chai; Ya'nan Zhi; Lu Cui; Xiaohua Qi; Qiang Huan; Liren Liu
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Construction of optoelectronic memory arrays based on vertical cavity surface emitting lasers and optically controlled electroabsorption modulators
Author(s): Dmytro Kostiuchenko; Genadiy Lysenko
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The thermal management of high power light emitting diodes
Author(s): Ming-Seng Hsu; Jen-Wei Huang; Feng-Lin Shyu
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Theoretical studies on dynamics of fixed holograms with high diffraction efficiency in LiNbO[sub]3[/sub]:Fe crystals
Author(s): Peipei Hou; Ya'nan Zhi; Jianfeng Sun; Liren Liu
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Enhancing radiation control of an optical leaky wave antenna in a resonator
Author(s): Caner Guclu; Salvatore Campione; Ozdal Boyraz; Filippo Capolino
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Optical properties of SbSI heterostructures
Author(s): B. Toroń; M. Nowak; A. Grabowski; M. Kępńiska; J. Szala; T. Rzychoń
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