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Current Developments in Lens Design and Optical Engineering XIII
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Volume Number: 8486
Date Published: 23 October 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8486
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Using in-flight images to model the centroid distortion in the LOng-Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI)
Author(s): R. T. McMichael; J. Bentley
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On-Orbit Thermal Distortion and Optical Performance Evaluation of FORMOSAT-5 Remote Sensing Instrument
Author(s): Chen Ching-Wei; Chen Chia-Ray; Cheng-En Ho; Mei-Yi Yang; Shenq-Tsong Chang; T.-M. Huang
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Thermal optical path difference analysis of off-axis lens ray trace footprint at Cassegrain telescope correct lens assembly
Author(s): Ming-Ying Hsu; Yu-Chuan Lin; Chia-Yen Chan; Wei-Cheng Lin; Shenq-Tsong Chan; Ting-Ming Huang
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Eliminating Dewar Narcissus artifacts induced by moving optics in infrared staring focal plane sensors
Author(s): Philip M. McCulloch; Craig Olson; Timothy D. Goodman
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Design and fabrication of imaging optical systems with freeform surfaces
Author(s): Xin Zhang; Ligong Zheng; Xin He; Lingjie Wang; Feng Zhang; Shuqi Yu; Guangwei Shi; Binzhi Zhang; Qiang Liu; Tongtong Wang
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Analytic free-form lens design for imaging applications with high aspect ratio
Author(s): Fabian Duerr; Pablo Benítez; Juan Carlos Miñano; Youri Meuret; Hugo Thienpont
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Novel global optimization algorithms: binary construction and the saddle-point method
Author(s): Donald C. Dilworth
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Finding starting points analytically for optical system optimization
Author(s): Florian Bociort; Pascal van Grol
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Reflaxicon objectives for imaging
Author(s): Georg Nadorff; Frank DeWitt IV
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Digital optical microscope as a sampled imaging system: mathematical description, camera selection, and focusing
Author(s): Volodymyr N. Borovytsky
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Graphically selecting optical components and housing material for color correction and passive athermalization
Author(s): Katie Schwertz; Dan Dillon; Scott Sparrold
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Design and implementation of multi-layer and multi-bit micro holographic optical data storage employing blue lasers
Author(s): Yuzuru Takashima; Lambertus Hesselink
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Design and fabrication of the near-ultraviolet birefringent Solc filter for the NASA IRIS solar physics mission
Author(s): Thomas Berger; Jason Mudge; Buck Holmes; Paul Searcy; Jean Pierre Wuelser; James Lemen; Alan Title
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Using micro-projectors to realize large screen head-up display
Author(s): Ching-Pao Weng; Guo-Dung John Su
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Fly-cutting and testing of freeform optics with sub-um shape deviations
Author(s): Ralf Steinkopf; Sebastian Scheiding; Andreas Gebhardt; Stefan Risse; Ramona Eberhardt; Andreas Tünnermann
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Parameter investigation of air-driving fluid jet polishing
Author(s): Zong-Ru Yu; Wei-Yao Hsu; Loc Huu Pham; Cheng-Fang Ho; Ching-Hsiang Kuo; Fang-Jung Shiou
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Hybrid polishing of fused silica glass with bound-abrasive polishers in conjunction with vibration
Author(s): Yaguo Li; Yongbo Wu
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Ultrastable mirrors made from diamond reinforced SiC composites for high precision and power applications
Author(s): M. A. Akbas; D. Mastrobattisto; W. Vance; P. Jurgaitis; M. K. Aghajanian
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light weight silicon mirrors for space instrumentation
Author(s): Vincent T. Bly; Peter C. Hill; John G. Hagopian; Carl R. Strojny; Timothy M. Miller
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Study on measurement of 160 mm convex hyperbolic mirror for Cassegrain reflecting system
Author(s): Cheng-Fang Ho; Zong-Ru Yu; Ching-Hsiang Kuo; Wei-Yao Hsu
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Computational lighting by an LED-based system
Author(s): Ming-Chin Chien; Chung-Hao Tien
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Solid state light source for wavelength multiplex 3D
Author(s): Junejei Huang
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Color mixing collimating lamp based on RGB LEDs
Author(s): Yi-Chien Lo; Ivan Moreno; Bo-Chun Chiu; Wei-Ting Chien; Jhih-You Cai; Yu-Yu Chang; Ching-Cherng Sun
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Planar light source by using side-emitting of GaN die with top and bottom reflector
Author(s): Chi-Shou Wu; Cheng-Chien Chen; Ming-Siou Tsai; Tsung-Xian Lee; Ching-Cherng Sun
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Liquid crystal lens focusing in monocentric multiscale imagers
Author(s): Igor Stamenov; Eric Tremblay; Katherine A. Baker; Paul McLaughlin; Joseph E. Ford
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Microelectrofluidic lens for variable curvature
Author(s): Jong-hyeon Chang; Eunsung Lee; Kyu-Dong Jung; Seungwan Lee; Minseog Choi; Woonbae Kim
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Generation of Si3N4 layers for laser applications
Author(s): J. Landrock; M. Zeuner; M. Nestler; D. Rost; Marc Kelemen; Sascha Hilzensauer
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Innovative guided mode method for measuring the penetration depth in partially exposed photoresist layers
Author(s): Thomas Wood; Vincent Brissonneau; Jean-Baptiste Brückner; Gérard Berginc; François Flory; Judikaël Le Rouzo; Ludovic Escoubas
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Co-extruded multilayer films for high capacity optical data storage
Author(s): Cory W. Christenson; Chris Ryan; Brent Valle; Anuj Saini; Joseph Lott; Jack Johnson; David Shiraldi; Christoph Weder; Eric Baer; Kenneth D. Singer; Jie Shan
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Gain in optical coatings
Author(s): Angus Macleod; Christopher Clark
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Design and development of bi-directional viewer
Author(s): Zong-Ru Yu; Cheng-Fang Ho; Annie Liu; Tai-Wen Lee; Wen-Lung Lin; Wei-Yao Hsu
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Static structure and wavefront error analysis of the primary mirror of an experimental telescope
Author(s): Po-Hsuan Huang; Shenq-Tsong Chang
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Fabrication of ф160 mm convex hyperbolic mirror for remote sensing instrument
Author(s): Ching-Hsiang Kuo; Zong-Ru Yu; Cheng-Fang Ho; Wei-Yao Hsu; Fong-Zhi Chen
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Super-resolution microscopy employing propagation-invariant laser beams
Author(s): M. Soskind; R. Soskind; Y. G. Soskind
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Method for determining individual element misalignments in optical systems
Author(s): Esther Oteo; J. A. Díaz; J. Arasa
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High-precision semi-spherical meter of two degrees of freedom
Author(s): J. G. Vera-Dimas; M. Tecpoyotl-Torres; S. E. Martínez-Fabián; J. Escobedo-Alatorre; L. Cisneros-Villalobos; O. G. Ibarra Manzano; J. Sanchez-Mondragon
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Basic optical properties of the photoelastic modulator. Part III: thermal properties
Author(s): Linda Hirschy; Baoling (Bob) Wang; Jacob Wolf; Bob Lakanen; Brittany Hartmann
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Design of large aperture four group elements mid-wave infrared zoom lens
Author(s): Yiqun Ji; Rongbao Shi; Hucheng He; Weimin Shen
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Control measurement system for railway track position
Author(s): Anton Pantyushin; Valery Korotaev
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Electrostatic focusing system with high value of demagnification
Author(s): Artush A. Abgaryan; Eli Levi
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Investigation of the optical and structural properties of WO[sub]3[/sub] thin films with different sputtering power supplies
Author(s): Hsi-Chao Chen; Der-Jun Jan; Chien-Han Chen; Kuo-Ting Huang; Yu-Siang Luo; Jia-Min Chen
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