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Organic Light Emitting Materials and Devices XVI
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Volume Number: 8476
Date Published: 16 July 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8476
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Extremely high-efficiency multiphoton emission blue phosphorescent OLEDs with external quantum efficiency exceeding 40%
Author(s): Hisahiro Sasabe; Kazuhiro Minamoto; Yong-Jin Pu; Masakatsu Hirasawa; Junji Kido
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Water-soluble iridium phosphorescent complexes for OLED applications
Author(s): Min-Sik Eum; Heekoo Yoon; Tae Hyung Kim
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Heteroleptic cyclometalated Ir(III) complexes with charge transporting groups: a theoretical study
Author(s): Asanga B. Padmaperuma; Carlos A. Fernandez
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Role of the cathode interfacial layers in improving the stability of organic optoelectronic devices
Author(s): Qi Wang; Hany Aziz
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Considerations in device design and materials selection in organic light emitting diodes
Author(s): Z. B. Wang; M. G. Helander; J. Qiu; Y. L. Chang; L. Chai; D. Puzzo; Z. M. Hudson; S. Wang; Z. H. Lu
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Investigation of aggregated structures in organic light-emitting diodes: approach from solid-state NMR
Author(s): Hironori Kaji; Tatsuya Fukushima; Masashi Fukuchi; Takeshi Komino; Chihaya Adachi
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Inverted OLEDs for flexible displays
Author(s): Jang-Joo Kim; Jeong-Hwan Lee; Ji Whan Kim; Sei-Yong Kim; Seung-Jun Yoo; Po-Sheng Wang; Chih-I Wu
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Energy transfer and excitation migration in organic semiconductors
Author(s): Paul A. Lane; Mason A. Wolak; Paul D. Cunningham; Joseph S. Melinger
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Blue-emissive polymer light-emitting diodes through anode/cathode interfacial modification
Author(s): Ming-Wei Lin; Chin-Hsin Yeh; Ten-Chin Wen; Tzung-Fang Guo
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Effect of horizontal molecular orientation on triplet-exciton diffusion in amorphous organic films
Author(s): T. Sawabe; I. Takasu; T. Yonehara; T. Ono; J. Yoshida; S. Enomoto; I. Amemiya; C. Adachi
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Compatibility of micro lens film and circular polarizer on bottom-emitting OLED display
Author(s): Jung-sik Jo; Jaewon Lee; So-Young Jo; Jong-Geon Yoon; Soo-young Yoon
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Transparent composite electrode for high-efficiency polymer LEDs
Author(s): Lu Li; Zhibin Yu; Jiajie Liang; Chia-Hao Chang; Weili Hu; Qibing Pei
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Large area organic light emitting diodes with multilayered graphene anodes
Author(s): Jaehyun Moon; Joohyun Hwang; Hong Kyw Choi; Taek Yong Kim; Sung-Yool Choi; Chul Woong Joo; Jun-Han Han; Jin-Wook Shin; Bong Joon Lee; Doo-Hee Cho; Jin Woo Huh; Seung Koo Park; Nam Sung Cho; Hye Yong Chu; Jeong-Ik Lee
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Solution processed polymer light-emitting diodes with single layer graphene anode
Author(s): Jaeheung Ha; Subeom Park; Donghyun Kim; Jaechul Ryu; Changhee Lee; Byung Hee Hong; Yongtaek Hong
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Investigation of the influence of laser radiation on material properties of transparent conductive layers
Author(s): Moritz Schaefer; Alexander Esser; Malte Schulz-Ruhtenberg; Jens Holtkamp; Arnold Gillner
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Nanoimprinted resonators for polymer lasers pumped by light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Graham A. Turnbull; Georgios Tsiminis; Yue Wang; Alexander L. Kanibolotsky; Peter J. Skabara; Ifor D. W. Samuel
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Electrically-pumped organic laser device with a coupled microcavity structure
Author(s): Xingyuan Liu; Jie Lin; Yantao Li; Songnan Qu
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Metal substrates with nanometer scale surface roughness for flexible electronics
Author(s): Jong-Lam Lee; Kisoo Kim
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Strongly modified angular dependence of emission from OLEDs
Author(s): Shuyu Zhang; Graham A. Turnbull; Ifor D. W. Samuel
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Methods to protect and recover work function of air exposed transition metal oxide thin films
Author(s): Irfan Irfan; Chenggong Wang; Alexander James Turinske; Yongli Gao
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In situ photoluminescence spectroscopy study of dynamic doping in sandwich-type light-emitting electrochemical cells
Author(s): Sebastian B. Meier; David Hartmann; Wiebke Sarfert; Daniel Tordera; Henk J. Bolink; Albrecht Winnacker
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OLED-based physiologically-friendly very low-color temperature illumination for night
Author(s): Jwo-Huei Jou; Shih-Ming Shen; Ming-Chun Tang; Pin-Chu Chen; Szu-Hao Chen; Yi-Shan Wang; Chien-Chih Chen; Ching-Chun Wang; Chun-Yu Hsieh; Chin-Chiao Lin; Chien-Tien Chen
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Novel design for high-production-yield and high-efficacy large-area OLED lighting panels
Author(s): Meng-Huan Ho; Chen-Chi Lin; Yuan-Chen Chin; Chung-Chia Chen; Meng-Ting Lee; Ting-Yi Cho; Chieh-Wei Chen
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Large-area high-efficiency flexible PHOLED lighting panels
Author(s): Huiqing Pang; Prashant Mandlik; Peter A. Levermore; Jeff Silvernail; Ruiqing Ma; Julie J. Brown
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Use of delayed electroluminescence as a tool to investigate the emission mechanism of phosphorescent organic light emitting devices
Author(s): Hossein Zamani Siboni; Dandan Song; Hany Aziz
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Modelling of hole transport in a small-molecule organic material assuming carrier heating in a Gaussian density of states
Author(s): C. Zimmermann; M. Slawinski; M. Bösing; D. Bertram; P. Loebl; M. Heuken; H. Kalisch; A. Vescan
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Characterization of charge carrier injection in organic and hybrid organic/inorganic semiconductor devices by capacitance-voltage measurements
Author(s): M. Weingarten; M. Slawinski; F. Urbain; D. Fahle; D. Bertram; M. Heuken; H. Kalisch; A. Vescan
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Quantification of charge carrier density in organic light-emitting diodes by time-resolved electroluminescence
Author(s): Caroline Weichsel; Sebastian Reineke; Malte C. Gather; Karl Leo; Björn Lüssem
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Extraction of internal emission characteristics from printed OLEDs
Author(s): Mark L. Hildner; Jonathan M. Ziebarth
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Highly efficient organic light emitting diodes based on solution/evaporation hybrid process
Author(s): Jung-Yu Liao; Han-Cheng Yeh; Teng-Chih Chao; Jin-Sheng Lin; Mei-Rurng Tseng
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Organic Vapor Phase Deposition (OVPD) for efficient OLED manufacturing: the specific advantages and possibilities of carrier-gas enhanced vapor phase deposition for the manufacturing of organic thin film devices
Author(s): Juergen Kreis; Markus Schwambera; Dietmar Keiper; Markus Gersdorff; Michael Long; Michael Heuken
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The mechanism of charge generation in charge generation units containing HATCN for high-luminance tandem OLED display
Author(s): Sunghun Lee; Jeong-Hwan Lee; Jae-Hyun Lee; Jang-Joo Kim
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Host materials for blue phosphorescent OLEDs
Author(s): Daniel Wagner; Michael Rothmann; Peter Strohriegl; Christian Lennartz; Ingo Münster; Gerhard Wagenblast; Christian Schildknecht
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Mechanical study of the enhanced electron injection via using a Bphen interlayer at Alq3/Cs2CO3 interface
Author(s): Jiarong Lian; Changxiao Pan; Shenxun Su; Ruiyou Liu; Pengju Zeng
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Boosting the performance of red PHOLEDs by exciton harvesting
Author(s): Y.-L. Chang; Z. B. Wang; M. G. Helander; J. Qiu; Z. H. Lu
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An organic p-n junction for electrode-independent electron injection layer in organic light emitting diodes
Author(s): Jeong-Hwan Lee; Ji Whan Kim; Sei-Yong Kim; Seung-Jun Yoo; Jae-Hyun Lee; Jang-Joo Kim
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High-efficiency non-blocking phosphorescent organic light emitting diode with ultrathin emission layer
Author(s): Jacky Qiu; Michael G. Helander; Zhibin Wang; Yi-Lu Chang; ZhengHong Lu
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Using an embedded nanocomposite scattering film for increasing out-coupling of white phosphorescent organic light-emitting devices
Author(s): Chih-Hao Chang; Chin-Yao Shin; Kuo-Yan Chang; Yu-Jhong Lo; Tzu-Fang Chang; Hsin-Hua Chang
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Enhancement of white light OLED efficiency by combining both internal and external light extraction structures
Author(s): I-Ling Kao; Chun-Neng Ku; Yi-Ping Chen; Ding-Zheng Lin
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Sol-gel deposited gallium-doped zinc oxide electrode for polymer light-emitting diode applications
Author(s): Donghyun Kim; Jaeheung Ha; Changhee Lee; Yongtaek Hong
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High-efficiency green electrophosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes with a simple device structure
Author(s): Chih-Hsien Yuan; Shun-Wei Liu; Li-An Liu; Yu-San Chen; Pao-Chen Lai; Chih-Chien Lee
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Wavelength fine-tuning flexible photonic crystal rods laser
Author(s): Kun-Ting Lai; Ming-Yen Kuo; Kung-Shu Hsu; Chun-Ting Lin; Min-Hsiung Shih
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Optical configuration of the encapsulation layer with the organic and inorganic multilayer structure for top emitting organic light emitting diodes
Author(s): Yong Zhang; Gun Bea; Chang-Bum Moon; Woo-Young Kim; Chul Gyu Jhun
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Advanced plasma technology for large scale PECVD processes
Author(s): J. Landrock; M. Zeuner; M. Nestler; D. Rost
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In situ lifetime testing of organic light emitting diodes
Author(s): C. W. Merkel; M. G. Helander; J. Qiu; Z. H. Lu
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Reduced excimer formation in polyfluorenes by introducing coil-like poly[penta(ethylene glycol) methyl ether methacrylate] block segments
Author(s): Seung Ju Noh; Seong Ik Heo; Se Hyun Jang; Haeng Hee Ahn; Jin Young Han; Min Gyun Suk; Sun Jin Jin; Yong Ku Kwon
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Transient thermal analysis of white organic light-emitting diode for heat-dissipation application
Author(s): Henglong Yang
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Microwave-assisted synthesis of nanocrystalline TiO2 for dye-sensitized solar cells
Author(s): Ta-Chuan Kuo; Tzung-Fang Guo; Peter Chen
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