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Reliability of Photovoltaic Cells, Modules, Components, and Systems V
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Volume Number: 8472
Date Published: 1 November 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8472
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Combined characterization techniques to understand the stability of a variety of organic photovoltaic devices: the ISOS-3 inter-laboratory collaboration
Author(s): Monica Lira-Cantu; David M. Tanenbaum; Kion Norrman; Eszter Voroshazi; Martin Hermenau; Matthew T. Lloyd; Gerardo Teran-Escobar; Yulia Galagan; Birger Zimmermann; Markus Hösel; Henrik F. Dam; Mikkel Jørgensen; Suren Gevorgyan; Laurence Lutsen; Dirk Vanderzande; Harald Hoppe; Roland Rösch; Uli Würfel; Ronn Andriessen; Agnès Rivaton; Gülşah Y. Uzunoğlu; David Germack; Birgitta Andreasen; Morten V. Madsen; Eva Bundgaard; Frederik C. Krebs
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Degradation of back surface acrylic mirrors for low concentration and mirror-augmented photovoltaics
Author(s): Myles P. Murray; Laura S. Bruckman; Devin Gordon; Samuel Richardson; Greg Reinbolt; Mark Schuetz; Roger H. French
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Statistical analysis of 10+ years field exposed c-Si modules performance degradation
Author(s): Joseph M. Kuitche; Govindasamy TamizhMani; Rong Pan
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Systematic reliability studies of back-contact photovoltaic modules
Author(s): Victor Rosca; Ian J. Bennett; Wilma Eerenstein
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Electrical bias as an alternate method for reproducible measurement of copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) photovoltaic modules
Author(s): Chris Deline; Adam Stokes; Timothy J. Silverman; Steve Rummel; Dirk Jordan; Sarah Kurtz
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Comparative study of single-junction and triple-junction a-Si:H PV modules in hot and humid climate
Author(s): Neelkanth G. Dhere; Ashwani Kaul; Shirish Pethe
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Investigation of some transparent metal oxides as damp heat protective coating for CIGS solar cells
Author(s): F. J. Pern; F. Yan; K. Zaunbrecher; B. To; J. Perkins; R. Noufi
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Stability of CIGS solar cells and component materials evaluated by a step-stress accelerated degradation test method
Author(s): F. J. Pern; R. Noufi
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Firefighter safety and photovoltaic installations research project
Author(s): Robert Backstrom; Dave Dini
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Method for site characterization of anisotropic diffuse illumination of photovoltaic systems
Author(s): Juan M. Russo; Deming Zhang; Shelby Vorndran; Michael Gordon; Jose Castillo; Adria Brooks; Vincent Lonij; Alex Cronin; Raymond Kostuk
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Examination of a junction-box adhesion test for use in photovoltaic module qualification
Author(s): David C. Miller; John H. Wohlgemuth
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Measurement of moisture content in photovoltaic panel encapsulants using spectroscopic optical coherence tomography: a feasibility study
Author(s): Shabnam Rashtchi; Pablo D. Ruiz; Ricky Wildman; Ian Ashcroft
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Interdependency of mechanical failure rate of encapsulated solar cells and module design parameters
Author(s): Sascha Dietrich; Martin Sander; Matthias Pander; Matthias Ebert
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Examination of a size-change test for photovoltaic encapsulation materials
Author(s): David C. Miller; Xiaohong Gu; Liang Ji; George Kelly; Nichole Nickel; Paul Norum; Tsuyoshi Shioda; Govindasamy Tamizhmani; John H. Wohlgemuth
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Permeation impact on metallization degradation
Author(s): C. Peike; S. Hoffmann; P. Hülsmann; K.-A. Weiß; M. Koehl; P. Bentz
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Indoor vs. outdoor aging: polymer degradation in PV modules investigated by Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): C. Peike; T. Kaltenbach; K. A. Weiß; M. Koehl
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Predicting the reliability of polyisobutylene seal for photovoltaic application
Author(s): Hua Liu; Jie Feng; Edoardo Nicoli; Leonardo López; Keith Kauffmann; Kwanho Yang; Narayan Ramesh
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Electric current generation by sulfur-reducing bacteria in microbial-anode fuel cell
Author(s): Oresta M. Vasyliv; Oleksandr I. Bilyy; Yaroslav P. Ferensovych; Svitlana O. Hnatush
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