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Nanobiosystems: Processing, Characterization, and Applications V
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Volume Number: 8464
Date Published: 17 October 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8464
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Solid state lighting using deoxyribonucleic acid-phosphor blend
Author(s): James G. Grote; Timothy Gorman; Fahima Ouchen
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DNA nano-circuit for electronics
Author(s): Naoya Ogata
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Kinetics of grating inscription in DR1:DNA-CTMA thin film: experiment and semi-intercalation approach
Author(s): G. Pawlik; W. Radosz; A. C. Mitus; J. Mysliwiec; A. Miniewicz; F. Kajzar; I. Rau; J. G. Grote
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Electronic properties of DNA-surfactant complex and its application to DNA-based bio-organic field effect transistor memory
Author(s): Lijuan Liang; Tomoyoshi Yukimoto; Sei Uemura; Toshihide Kamata; Kazuki Nakamura; Norihisa Kobayashi
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DNA-based thin-film dielectrics for potential application as gate insulators in OFETs
Author(s): Fahima Ouchen; Narayanan Venkat; Kristi M. Singh; Mou Shin; Donna M. Joyce; Perry P. Yaney; Emily M. Heckman; Carrie M. Bartsch; James G. Grote
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Influence of surfactant on dynamics of photoinduced motions in a dye-doped deoxyribonucleic acid
Author(s): Jaroslaw Mysliwiec; Kacper Parafiniuk; Andrzej Miniewicz; Ileana Rau; Francois Kajzar; Jacek Niziol; Edyta Hebda; Jan Pielichowski; Bouchta Sahraoui
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Novel cationic dye and crosslinkable surfactant for DNA biophotonics
Author(s): Lewis E. Johnson; Luke N. Latimer; Stephanie J. Benight; Zachary H. Watanabe; Delwin L. Elder; Bruce H. Robinson; Carrie M. Bartsch; Emily M. Heckman; Griet Depotter; Koen Clays
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Tunable DFB lasers based on DNA-surfactant-dye complexes
Author(s): Toshifumi Chida; Yutaka Kawabe
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Optoelectronics using DNA as a template for dyes
Author(s): Donna Mamangun; Daminda Navarathne; Gregory A. Sotzing; Jack P. Lombardi; Carrie M. Bartsch; Emily M. Heckman; Kristi M. Singh; James G. Grote; Thomas R. Nelson Jr.
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DNA, sugars, and proteins at work in optics
Author(s): Koen Clays
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Organic nanoparticles as a central plateform of magnetofluorescent nano-assemblies toward two-photon bioimaging applications
Author(s): Adrien Faucon; Romarik Lenk; Julie Hemez; Eric Gautron; Jérôme Fresnais; Jean-François Berret; Eléna Ishow
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Fluorescence and SHG in organic nanocrystals of DCNP
Author(s): Andrzej Miniewicz; Krystyna Palewska; Paweł Karpinski; Lech Sznitko; M. Zielinski
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Advances in DNA photonics
Author(s): Emily M. Heckman; Roberto S. Aga; Emily M. Fehrman Cory; Fahima Ouchen; Alyssa Lesko; Brian Telek; Jack Lombardi; Carrie M. Bartsch; James G. Grote
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Bio-dielectric organic-inorganic hybrid films for potential energy storage applications
Author(s): Donna M. Joyce; Narayanan Venkat; Fahima Ouchen; Kristi M. Singh; Steven R. Smith; James G. Grote
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Extension of the spectral range of bacteriorhodopsin functional activity by energy transfer from quantum dots
Author(s): Vladimir Oleinikov; Nicolas Bouchonville; Alyona Sukhanova; Michael Molinari; Svetlana Sizova; Konstantin Mochalov; Anton Chistyakov; Evgeniy Lukashev; Aliaksandra Rakovich; John F. Donegan; Igor Nabiev
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Hyperspectral polarized light scattering to study tumor cells in in-vitro samples
Author(s): Nicolas Riviere; Romain Ceolato; Corinne Lorenzo; Raphaël Jorand; Bernard Ducommun
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Synthesis and characterization of porous nanocrystalline biphasic calcium phosphate for bio applications
Author(s): P. Michael S. L. Shanthi; M. Ashok; T. Balasubramanian
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