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Biosensing and Nanomedicine V
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Volume Number: 8460
Date Published: 15 October 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8460
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Measurement of PLGA-NP interaction with a single smooth muscle cell using optical tweezers
Author(s): Ling Gu; Argha Mondal; Homa Homayoni; Kytai Nguyen; Samarendra Mohanty
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Power optimization in wearable biomedical systems: a signal processing perspective
Author(s): Hassan Ghasemzadeh
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Portable guided-mode resonance biosensor platform for point-of-care testing
Author(s): Gun Yong Sung; Wan-Joong Kim; Hyunsung Ko; Bong Kyu Kim; Kyung-Hyun Kim; Chul Huh; Jongcheol Hong
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Army relevant Biological Hazards Detection with Commercial SERS substrates
Author(s): Mikella E. Farrell; Paul M. Pellegrino
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A viral peptide for intracellular delivery
Author(s): Annarita Falanga; Rossella Tarallo; Marco Cantisani; Maria Elena Della Pepa; Massimiliano Galdiero; Stefania Galdiero
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Electrochemical enzymatic biosensors using carbon nanofiber nanoelectrode arrays
Author(s): Jun Li; Yi-fen Li; Luxi Z. Swisher; Lateef U. Syed; Allan M. Prior; Thu Annelise Nguyen; Duy H. Hua
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Light trapping and enhancing gold nanoparticle array substrates made by thermal dewetting technique
Author(s): T. W. Chang; H. Jin; G. L. Liu
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Photothermal nanoblade for single cell surgery and cargo delivery
Author(s): Pei-Yu Chiou; Ting-Hsiang Wu; Michael A Teitell M.D.
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Electrical detection of specific versus non-specific binding events in breast cancer cells
Author(s): Benjamin C. King; Michael Clark; Thomas Burkhead; Palaniappan Sethu; Shesh Rai; Goetz Kloecker; Balaji Panchapakesan
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Combined SERS biotags (SBTs) and microfluidic platform for the quantitative ratiometric discrimination between noncancerous and cancerous cells in flow
Author(s): Alessia Pallaoro; Mehran R. Hoonejani; Gary B Braun; Carl Meinhart; Martin Moskovits
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Towards increased selectivity of drug delivery to cancer cells: development of a LDL-based nanodelivery system for hydrophobic photosensitizers
Author(s): Diana Buzova; Veronika Huntosova; Peter Kasak; Dana Petrovajova; Jaroslava Joniova; Lenka Dzurova; Zuzana Nadova; Franck Sureau; Pavol Miskovsky; Daniel Jancura
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Characterization of oil nano-structures with monochromatic x-ray micro-tomography
Author(s): Victor E. Asadchikov; Alexey V. Buzmakov; Anna S. Osadchaya; Denis A. Zolotov; Michael K. Rafailov
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Controlled FRET efficiency in nano-bio hybrid materials made from semiconductor quantum dots and bacteriorhodopsin
Author(s): Nicolas Bouchonville; Anthony Le Cigne; Alyona Sukhanova; Marie-belle Saab; Michel Troyon; Michael Molinari; Igor Nabiev
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Biosensing with thermosensitive fluorescent quantum dot-containing polymer particles
Author(s): Alla N. Generalova; Vladimir A Oleinikov; Alyona Sukhanova; Mikhail V. Artemyev; Vitaly P. Zubov; Igor Nabiev
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Porous silicon photonic crystals for detection of infections
Author(s): B. Gupta; B. Guan; P. J. Reece; J. J. Gooding
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Biosensing with integrated CMOS nanopores
Author(s): Ashfaque Uddin; Sukru Yemenicioglu; Chin-Hsuan Chen; Ellie Corgliano; Kaveh Milaninia; Fan Xia; Kevin Plaxco; Luke Theogarajan
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Laser lift-off of GaN thin film and its application to the flexible light emitting diodes
Author(s): Seung Hyun Lee; So Young Park; Keon Jae Lee
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Single-photon sensitive Geiger-mode ladar cameras
Author(s): Ping Yuan; Rengarajan Sudharsanan; Xiaogang Bai; Paul McDonald; Eduardo Labios; Bryan Morris; John P. Nicholson; Gary M. Stuart; Harrison Danny
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A photon-counting camera system developed from a crossed-strip detector
Author(s): Jonathan M. Cook; Joseph M. Palmer; Ellen C. S. Rabin; Laura C. Stonehill; David C. Thompson; Stephen R. Whittemore; Michael D. Ulibarri
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Temperature dependence of the dark current and activation energy at avalanche onset of a GaN avalanche photodiodes
Author(s): M. P. Ulmer; E. Cicek; R. McClintock; Z. Vashaei; M. Razeghi
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Balanced InGaAs/InP avalanche photodiodes for single photon detection
Author(s): Zhiwen Lu; Wenlu Sun; Xiaoguang Zheng; Joe Campbell; Xudong Jiang; Mark A. Itzler
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Depth imaging at kilometer range using time-correlated single-photon counting at wavelengths of 850 nm and 1560 nm
Author(s): Gerald S. Buller; Aongus McCarthy; Ximing Ren; Nathan R. Gemmell; Robert J. Collins; Nils J. Krichel; Michael G. Tanner; Andrew M. Wallace; Sandor Dorenbos; Val Zwiller; Robert H. Hadfield
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3D near-infrared imaging based on a single-photon avalanche diode array sensor
Author(s): Juan Mata Pavia; Martin Wolf; Edoardo Charbon
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Aspects of chip and cell size of silicon photomultipliers
Author(s): P. Iskra; Christoph Dietzinger; T. Eggert; M. Fraczek; T. Ganka; L. Höllt; J. Knobloch; N. Miyakawa; A. Pahlke; F. Wiest; R. Fojt
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Reduction of optical crosstalk in silicon photomultipliers
Author(s): Ch. Dietzinger; P. Iskra; Thomas Ganka; T. Eggert; Lothar Höllt; A. Pahlke; N. Miyakawa; M. Fraczek; J. Knobloch; F. Wiest; W. Hansch; R. Fojt
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FAMOUS: a prototype silicon-photomultiplier telescope for the fluorescence detection of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays
Author(s): Markus Lauscher; Pedro Assis; Pedro Brogueira; Miguel Ferreira; Thomas Hebbeker; Luís Mendes; Christine Meurer; Lukas Middendorf; Tim Niggemann; Mário Pimenta; Johannes Schumacher; Maurice Stephan
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