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Plasmonics: Metallic Nanostructures and Their Optical Properties X
Editor(s): Mark I. Stockman
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Volume Number: 8457
Date Published: 15 October 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8457
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Superhydrophobicity, plasmonics and Raman spectroscopy for few/single molecule detection down to attomolar concentration
Author(s): G. Das; F. Gentile; F. De Angelis; M. L. Coluccio; C. Liberale; R. Proietti Zaccaria; Enzo Di Fabrizio
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Taking cascaded plasmonic field enhancement to the ultimate limit in silver nanoparticle dimers
Author(s): S. Toroghi; P. G. Kik
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Quantum treatment for cylindrical surface plasmons using the hydrodynamical model
Author(s): Jacob Ben-Yakar; David J. Bergman
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Voltage controlled nanoparticle plasmon resonance tuning through anodization
Author(s): Chatdanai Lumdee; Pieter G. Kik
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Forced spaser oscillations
Author(s): Alexander A. Lisyansky; Eugeney S. Andrianov; Alexander V. Dorofeenko; Alexander A. Pukhov; Alexey P. Vinogradov
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Saturable scattering of localized surface plasmon resonance in a single gold nanoparticle
Author(s): Tung-Yu Su; Yasuo Yonemaru; Masahito Yamanaka; Ming-Ying Lee; Hsuan Lee; Satoshi Kawata; Katsumasa Fujita; Shi-Wei Chu
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The Fano resonance in quasi-3D gold plasmonic nanostructure arrays for surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Author(s): Daqian Wang; Xinglong Yu; Qiuming Yu
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Leakage radiation spectroscopy of organic nanofibers on metal films: evidence for exciton-surface plasmon polariton interaction
Author(s): L. Jozefowski; J. Fiutowski; V. G. Bordo; H.-G. Rubahn
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Nanoplasmonic generation of ultrashort EUV pulses
Author(s): Joonhee Choi; Dong-Hyub Lee; Seunghwoi Han; In-Yong Park; Seungchul Kim; Seung-Woo Kim
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Spatiotemporal characterization and control of lightfield nanolocalization on metallic nanostructures by nonlinear-PEEM
Author(s): S. H. Chew; K. Pearce; S. Nobis; C. Späth; A. Spreen; S. Radünz; Y. Yang; J. Schmidt; U. Kleineberg
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Spinoptical metamaterials
Author(s): Erez Hasman; Vladimir Kleiner
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Excitation and propagation of surface plasmons on metallic nanowires
Author(s): Xiaorui Tian; Ning Liu; Hong Wei; Hongxing Xu
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Femtosecond laser fabrication of gold nanorod/polymer composite microstructures
Author(s): Kyoko Masui; Satoru Shoji; Shota Ushiba; Xuan-Ming Duan; Satoshi Kawata
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Spectral tunability of plasmonic scattering by silver nanodiscs near a reflector
Author(s): R. S. A. Sesuraj; T. L. Temple; D. M. Bagnall
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Mach-Zehnder interferometer using a long-range surface plasmon polariton waveguide coupler
Author(s): Takahide Sakaidani; Go Fujii; Akihito Fujikake; Naoto Namekata; Daiji Fukuda; Shuichiro Inoue
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Development of plasmonic racetrack resonators with a trench structure
Author(s): Hiroyuki Okamoto; Kenzo Yamaguchi; Masanobu Haraguchi; Toshihiro Okamoto
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Material dependence of the distributed bolometric effect in resonant metallic nanostructures
Author(s): Alexander Cuadrado; Francisco J. González; Jordi Agustí; Javier Alda
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Subwavelength plasmonic metallic nanopillar based coupler
Author(s): Venus Dillu; Shruti Singh; R K Sinha
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Nonlinear response of 2D plasmonic gold patches for SERS applications
Author(s): M. Grande; V. Petruzzelli; A. D'Orazio; M. A. Vincenti; D. de Ceglia; G. V. Bianco; G. Bruno; T. Stomeo; M. De Vittorio; M. Scalora
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Surface patterning by ripples using femtosecond laser for sensing and opto-fluidics
Author(s): Ričardas Buividas; Daniel J. Day; Saulius Juodkazis
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Low-field magnetic circular dichroism in silver and gold colloidal nanoparticles of different sizes, shapes, and aggregation states
Author(s): Mikhail Artemyev; Roman Krutokhvostov; Dmitry Melnikau; Vladimir Oleinikov; Alyona Sukhanova; Igor Nabiev
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Enhanced light absorption in an ultrathin silicon solar cell utilizing plasmonic nanostructures
Author(s): Sanshui Xiao; Niels Asger Mortensen
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Surface plasmon-induced absorption enhancement of silicon nanowire array
Author(s): Eunsongyi Lee; Keya Zhou; Minji Gwon; Jin-Young Jung; Jung-Ho Lee; Dong-Wook Kim
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Huge SERS enhancement via ZnO nanowires on gold nanoislands
Author(s): Mohammad Tariq Yaseen; R. Thangavel; Rakesh S. Moirangthem; Yia-Chung Chang
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A fork-shaped plasmonic device with polarization-controllable optical confinement
Author(s): Mohammed Nadhim Abbas; M. H. Shih; Yia-Chung Chang
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Widely-tunable optical bandpass filter based on long-range surface plasmon polaritons
Author(s): J. Lee; F. Lu; M. A. Belkin
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Optical attenuation and plasmon generation on a metal grid
Author(s): Michael M. Tilleman
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Tunable optical coupling in regular arrays of gold and silver nanoparticles
Author(s): David A. Smith; Anatoliy O. Pinchuk
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Detectivity of plasmonic enhanced photodetectors based on nondegenerate two-photon absorption process
Author(s): Alireza Bonakdar; John Kohoutek; Hooman Mohseni
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Plasmonic nanofocusing by means of metal coated dielectric nanowedges
Author(s): D. Garoli; P. Zilio; M. Natali; M. Carli; T. Ongarello; F. Romanato
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Design of planar metamaterial optical antenna
Author(s): Kamal Kishor; R.K. Sinha
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Three-dimensional light manipulation by plasmonic nanostructure
Author(s): Chia Ming Chang; Hung-Kuei Tsai; Ming Lun Tseng; Bo Han Chen; Cheng Hung Chu; Hsin Wei Huang; Ding-Wei Huang; Chien-Jang Wu; Din Ping Tsai
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Excitation of surface plasmons in Al-coated SNOM tips
Author(s): Viktor Palm; Mihkel Rähn; Joonas Jäme; Vladimir Hizhnyakov
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Plasmonic properties and sizing of core-shell Cu-Cu2O nanoparticles fabricated by femtosecond laser ablation in liquids
Author(s): J. M. J. Santillán; F. A. Videla; D. C. Schinca; L. B Scaffardi
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Integrated hybrid plasmonic cavity with in-plane photon-plasmon coupling for luminescence enhancement
Author(s): S. P. A. Osório; O. B. Silva; F. A. Ferri; V. A. G. Rivera; A. R. Zanatta; E. Marega Jr.
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Phase detection sensitivity enhancement of grating-coupled surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensor using non-zero azimuth angle incident light
Author(s): Wen-Kai Kuo; Chih-Hao Chang; Chien-Jang Wu
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An effective cavity resonance model for enhanced optical transmission through a periodic array of subwavelength square apertures
Author(s): Isroel Mandel; Eli Lansey; Jonah N. Gollub; David T. Crouse
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Spectral coherent emission of thermal radiation in the far-field from a truncated resonator
Author(s): Shane N. McConnell; Michael D. Seal; Stephen E. Nauyoks; Neil R. Murphy; Lirong Sun; Michael A. Marciniak
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Large-area Ag nanoparticle arrays for plasmonically enhanced Raman scattering
Author(s): R. M. Osgood III; P. D. Stenhouse; C. E. Quigley; M. L. Hoey; J. B. Carlson; K. Lopez; S. Kooi; L. Armstrong; C. Haines; D. Kapoor; M. Cotlet
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Comparison of novel graded refractive index tapered nanowell design against a triangle array commonly used for surface enhanced raman scattering
Author(s): Zachary A. Sechrist; Lee R. Cambrea; Ronald J. Tonucci
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Hybrid metal-photonic crystal waveguide and cavities
Author(s): Shruti Singh; Venus Dillu; R.K. Sinha
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Investigation of surface plasmonic extraordinary transmission for spectral, polarimetric and off-normal incidence
Author(s): Spencer R. Sellers; Jason C. Vap; Stephen E. Nauyoks; Michael A. Marciniak; Zahyun Ku
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Long-range coupling of single atoms mediated by metallic nano-wires and metamaterials: collective decay rate modifications and level shifts
Author(s): David Dzsotjan; Michael Fleischhauer
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Experimental demonstration of plasmonic-grating-assisted optical biosensor
Author(s): M. A. Vincenti; M. Grande; D. de Ceglia; T. Stomeo; M. De Vittorio; V. Petruzzelli; A. D'Orazio; M. Scalora
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Near-field switching and focusing using plasmonic nanostructures with different polarizations
Author(s): E. H. Khoo; Z. Guo; I. Ahmed; E. P. Li
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Surface plasmon enhancement of photon extraction efficiency by silver nanoparticles: with applications in laser cooling of semiconductors
Author(s): Iman Hassani Nia; O. Gokalp Memis; John Kohoutek; Ryan M. Gelfand; Hooman Mohseni
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Generic multishell cloak
Author(s): Pattabhiraju C. Mundru; Venkatesh K. Pappakrishnan; Dentcho A. Genov
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Active resonance tuning of stretchable plasmonic structures
Author(s): Xiaolong Zhu; Sanshui Xiao; N. Asger Mortensen
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Cavity-enhanced magneto-plasmonic effects
Author(s): Dessislava Nikolova; Andrew J. Fisher
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