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Modeling, Systems Engineering, and Project Management for Astronomy V
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Volume Number: 8449
Date Published: 13 August 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8449
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Local thermal seeing modeling validation through observatory measurements
Author(s): Konstantinos Vogiatzis; Angel Otarola; Warren Skidmore; Tony Travouillon; George Angeli
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An aerodynamic study of the CFHT dome using water tunnel tests and CFD
Author(s): Marc Baril; Tom Benedict; Karun Thanjavur; Derrick Salmon; Konstantinos Vogiatzis; Rene Racine; Robert Breidenthal
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LSST summit enclosure-facility design optimization using aero-thermal modeling
Author(s): J. Sebag; K. Vogiatzis; J. Barr; D. Neill
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Wind responses of the LSST secondary mirror
Author(s): Myung K. Cho; Konstantinos Vogiatzis; Jacques Sebag; Douglas R. Neill
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Systems engineering implementation in the preliminary design phase of the Giant Magellan Telescope
Author(s): J. Maiten; M. Johns; G. Trancho; D. Sawyer; P. Mady
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System engineering of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array
Author(s): Ravinder Bhatia; Javier Martí; William Snow; Masahiro Sugimoto; Richard Sramek; Maurizio Miccolis; Koh-Ichiro Morita; Demián Arancibia; Andrea Araya; Shin'ichiro Asayama; Denis Barkats; Rodrigo Brito; William Brundage; Wes Grammer; Christoph Haupt; Herve Kurlandczyk; Norikazu Mizuno; Peter Napier; Eduardo Pizarro; Kamaljeet Saini; Gretchen Stahlman; Gianluca Verzichelli; Nick Whyborn; Pavel Yagoubov
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Management of the JWST MIRI pFM environmental and performance verification test campaign
Author(s): Paul Eccleston; Alistair Glasse; Timothy Grundy; Örs Hunor Detre; Brian O'Sullivan; Bryan Shaughnessy; Jon Sykes; John Thatcher; Helen Walker; Martyn Wells; Gillian Wright; David Wright
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Developing an instrument simulator: experience feedback from the JWST/NIRSpec and VLT/MUSE simulators
Author(s): Aurélien Jarno; Laure Piqueras; Roland Bacon; Pierre Ferruit; Emeline Legros; Arlette Pécontal-Rousset; Xavier Gnata; Ole Streicher; Peter Weilbacher
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Transitioning from conceptual design to construction performance specification
Author(s): Paul Jeffers; Mark Warner; Simon Craig; Robert Hubbard; Heather Marshall
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Usability-driven evolution of a space instrument
Author(s): Alec McCalden
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Building information models for astronomy projects
Author(s): Javier Ariño; Gaizka Murga; Ramón Campo; Iñigo Eletxigerra; Pedro Ampuero
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Managing successful industry engagement: the Australian SKA Pathfinder experience
Author(s): Carole Jackson
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Astrometric instrument modeling in the context of Gaia astrometric verification: tasks and activities
Author(s): Deborah Busonero
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The Information Management Tool (IMT) of Gaia DPAC and its potential as tool for large scale software development projects
Author(s): G. Comoretto; J. Gallegos; S. Els; G. Gracia; T. Lock; E. Mercier; W. O'Mullane
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The organization and management of the Virtual Astronomical Observatory
Author(s): G. Bruce Berriman; Robert J. Hanisch; T. Joseph W. Lazio; Alexander Szalay; Giuseppina Fabbiano
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Managing distributed software development in the Virtual Astronomical Observatory
Author(s): Janet D. Evans; Raymond L. Plante; Nina Boneventura; Ivo Busko; Mark Cresitello-Dittmar; Raffaele D'Abrusco; Stephen Doe; Rick Ebert; Omar Laurino; Olga Pevunova; Brian Refsdal; Brian Thomas
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Observatory facility staff requirements and local labor markets
Author(s): David Rabanus
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Astronomical large projects managed with MANATEE: management tool for effective engineering
Author(s): M. L. García-Vargas; E. Mujica-Alvarez; A. Pérez-Calpena
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The important role of maintenance in the functionality and life of the observatories: the international standard S1000D for ALMA antennas
Author(s): F. Formentin; A. Busatta; L. Fardella; L. Giacomel; S. Grotto; G. Marchiori
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The large synoptic survey telescope project management control system
Author(s): Jeffrey P. Kantor
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But I'm an engineer -- not a contracts lawyer!
Author(s): Mark Warner; Harvey Bass
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Assembly, integration, and verification (AIV) in ALMA: series processing of array elements
Author(s): Bernhard Lopez; Rieks Jager; Nicholas D. Whyborn; Lewis B. G. Knee; Joseph P. McMullin
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Incentive contracts for development projects
Author(s): David T. Finley; Byron Smith; B. DeGroff
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PS2: managing the next step in the Pan-STARRS wide field survey system
Author(s): William S. Burgett
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Integrated telescope model for the James Webb Space Telescope
Author(s): J. S. Knight; D. S. Acton; Paul Lightsey; Allison Barto
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The LSST camera instrument model
Author(s): D. Kirk K. Gilmore; Steven Kahn; Pat Hascall; John Ku; Paul O'Connor; Andrew Rasmussen; Vincent Riot; Jack Singal
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The MUSE project face to face with reality
Author(s): P. Caillier; M. Accardo; L. Adjali; H. Anwand; Roland Bacon; D. Boudon; L. Brotons; L. Capoani; E. Daguisé; M. Dupieux; C. Dupuy; M. François; A. Glindemann; D. Gojak; G. Hansali; T. Hahn; A. Jarno; A. Kelz; C. Koehler; J. Kosmalski; F. Laurent; M. Le Floch; J.-L. Lizon; M. Loupias; A. Manescau; J. E. Migniau; C. Monstein; H. Nicklas; L. Parès; A. Pécontal-Rousset; L. Piqueras; R. Reiss; A. Remillieux; E. Renault; G. Rupprecht; O. Streicher; R. Stuik; H. Valentin; J. Vernet; P. Weilbacher; G. Zins
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Modeling the instrumental polarization of the VLT and E-ELT telescopes with the M&m's code
Author(s): M. de Juan Ovelar; S. Diamantopoulou; R. Roelfsema; T. van Werkhoven; F. Snik; Johan Pragt; C. Keller
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CODEX optical stability under microvibration environment: Is the Nasmith focal station suitable or not?
Author(s): M. Riva; F. M. Zerbi; L. Pasquini
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One-shot focusing using the entropy as a merit function
Author(s): V. Suc; S. Royo; A. Jordán; G. Bakos; K. Penev
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Modelling the optical pathway of the Large Binocular Telescope
Author(s): Michael Böhm; Thomas Ruppel; Jörg-Uwe Pott; Oliver Sawodny; Tom Herbst; Martin Kürster
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Reconstruction of the attitude of the Gaia spacecraft
Author(s): D. Risquez; F. van Leeuwen; A. G. A. Brown
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Modeling for instrument diagnostics: Gaia non-nominal configurations impact on astrometric performance
Author(s): Deborah Busonero; Davide Loreggia; Alberto Riva
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E-ELT seismic devices analysis and prototype testing
Author(s): Celia Gómez; Alexander Avilés; Armando Bilbao; Daniel Siepe; Peter Nawrotzki
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A new optomechanical structural optimization approach: coupling FEA and raytracing sensitivity matrices
Author(s): M. Riva
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Dynamic analysis of the active control system for the CGST
Author(s): Yichun Dai; Dehua Yang; Lorenzo Zago; Zhong Liu
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ALMA band 3 cartridge maintenance plan
Author(s): Keith Yeung; Kerry Seifried; William Randolph
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Product and quality assurance processes and ECSS compliance within a science ground segment using Gaia as an example
Author(s): T. Lock; E. Mercier; S. Els; G. Gracia; W. O'Mullane; G. Comoretto; J. Gallegos
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The pre-research of the deploy technology for the large aperture space astronomical telescope
Author(s): Fanghua Jiang; Heng Zuo; Guoping Li
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GAIA mock-up: an educational demonstrative GAIA model
Author(s): Alberto Riva; Mario Gai; Davide Loreggia; Mario G. Lattanzi; Maria Teresa Crosta; Isidoro Sciarratta
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VST system engineering and management of commissioning
Author(s): Pietro Schipani
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Analysis and optimization of the SONG telescope
Author(s): Zhiyong Zhang; Guomin Wang; Bozhong Gu; Xiang Jiang; Dongsheng Niu; Zhongyu Yue
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Use of failure modes and effects analysis in design of the tracker system for the HET wide-field upgrade
Author(s): Richard Hayes; Tim Beets; Joseph Beno; John Booth; Mark Cornell; John Good; James Heisler; Gary Hill; Herman Kriel; Charles Penney; Marc Rafal; Richard Savage; Ian Soukup; Michael Worthington; Joseph Zierer
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MESSI: the METIS instrument software simulator
Author(s): G. Nicolini; V. Andretta; L. Abbo; E. Antonucci; A. Bemporad; G. Capobianco; G. Crescenzio; S. Fineschi; M. Focardi; E. Magli; G. Naletto; G. Nicolosi; M. Pancrazzi; M. Ricci; M. Romoli; M. Uslenghi; A. Volpicelli
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Thermo-structural analysis of stresses during fabrication of an optical element for the APF camera
Author(s): Gerald Cabak; David Hilyard
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China SONG telescope tracking system based on direct drive technology
Author(s): Changzhi Ren; Jin Xu; Yu Ye; Guomin Wang; Xiang Jiang
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An end-to-end instrument model for the proposed E-ELT instrument METIS
Author(s): E. Schmalzl; J. Meisner; L. Venema; S. Kendrew; B. Brandl; J. Blommaert; Alistair Glasse; R. Lenzen; M. Meyer; F. Molster; E. Pantin
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A new calculation of LAMOST optical vignetting
Author(s): Shuang Li; Ali Luo; Jianjun Chen; Genrong Liu; Georges Comte
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WaFER: a tool to derive the focal surface of millimeter wave telescopes and characterize their optical response
Author(s): M. Sandri; F. Villa; L. Valenziano
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