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Real-Time Image and Video Processing 2012
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Volume Number: 8437
Date Published: 23 May 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8437
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
GePaRDT: a framework for massively parallel processing of dataflow graphs
Author(s): Alexander Schöch; Carlo Bach; Andreas Ettemeyer; Sabine Linz-Dittrich
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Image segmentation in wavelet transform space implemented on DSP
Author(s): Volodymyr I. Ponomaryov; Heydy Castillejos; Ricardo Peralta-Fabi
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A contourlet transform based algorithm for real-time video encoding
Author(s): Stamos Katsigiannis; Georgios Papaioannou; Dimitris Maroulis
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Capturing reading patterns through a real-time smart camera iris tracking system
Author(s): Mehrube Mehrubeoglu; Evan Ortlieb; Lifford McLauchlan; Linh M. Pham
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Video-based realtime IMU-camera calibration for robot navigation
Author(s): Arne Petersen; Reinhard Koch
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GPU acceleration towards real-time image reconstruction in 3D tomographic diffractive microscopy
Author(s): J. Bailleul; B. Simon; M. Debailleul; H. Liu; O. Haeberlé
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A flexible software architecture for scalable real-time image and video processing applications
Author(s): Rubén Usamentiaga; Julio Molleda; Daniel F. García; Francisco G. Bulnes
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Dense real-time stereo matching using memory efficient semi-global-matching variant based on FPGAs
Author(s): Maximilian Buder
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Real-time video breakup detection for multiple HD video streams on a single GPU
Author(s): Jakub Rosner; Hannes Fassold; Martin Winter; Peter Schallauer
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Complexity analysis of vision functions for implementation of wireless smart cameras using system taxonomy
Author(s): Muhammad Imran; Khursheed Khursheed; Naeem Ahmad; A. Waheed Malik; Mattias O'Nils; Najeem Lawal
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Benchmarking real-time HEVC streaming
Author(s): James Nightingale; Qi Wang; Christos Grecos
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2000 fps multi-object tracking based on color histogram
Author(s): Qingyi Gu; Takeshi Takaki; Idaku Ishii
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Block matching noise reduction method for photographic images applied in Bayer RAW domain and optimized for real-time implementation
Author(s): I. V. Romanenko; E. A. Edirisinghe; D. Larkin
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Real-time lossy compression of hyperspectral images using iterative error analysis on graphics processing units
Author(s): Sergio Sánchez; Antonio Plaza
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MTF measurements on real time for performance analysis of electro-optical systems
Author(s): Jose Augusto Stuchi; Elisa Signoreto Barbarini; Flavio Pascoal Vieira; Daniel dos Santos Jr.; Mário Antonio Stefani; Fatima Maria Mitsue Yasuoka; Jarbas C. Castro Neto; Evandro Luis Linhari Rodrigues
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Real-time shrinkage studies in photopolymer films using holographic interferometry
Author(s): M. Moothanchery; I. Naydenova; V. Bavigadda; S. Martin; V. Toal
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GPU-based real-time structured light 3D scanner at 500 fps
Author(s): Hao Gao; Takeshi Takaki; Idaku Ishii
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Invariant methods for real-time object recognition and image understanding
Author(s): Peter F. Stiller
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Selection of bi-level image compression method for reduction of communication energy in wireless visual sensor networks
Author(s): Khursheed Khursheed; Muhammad Imran; Naeem Ahmad; Mattias O'Nils
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Movement detection using an order statistics algorithm
Author(s): José Portillo-Portillo; Francisco J. Gallegos-Funes; Alberto J. Rosales-Silva; Volodymyr Ponomaryov
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Real-time FPGA implementation of recursive wavelet packet transform
Author(s): Vanishree Gopalakrishna; Nasser Kehtarnavaz; Chandrasekhar Patlolla; Matthias F. Carlsohn
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Real-time visual communication to aid disaster recovery in a multi-segment hybrid wireless networking system
Author(s): Tawfik Al Hadhrami; Qi Wang; Christos Grecos
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Real-time video streaming in mobile cloud over heterogeneous wireless networks
Author(s): Saleh Abdallah-Saleh; Qi Wang; Christos Grecos
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Cost optimization of a sky surveillance visual sensor network
Author(s): Naeem Ahmad; Khursheed Khursheed; Muhammad Imran; Najeem Lawal; Mattias O'Nils
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Fast repurposing of high-resolution stereo video content for mobile use
Author(s): Ali Karaoglu; Bong Ho Lee; Atanas Boev; Won-Sik Cheong; Atanas Gotchev
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Multi-resolution model-based traffic sign detection and tracking
Author(s): Javier Marinas; Luis Salgado; Massimo Camplani
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Adaptive optics combined with computer post-processing for horizontal turbulent imaging
Author(s): M. Loktev; G. Vdovin; O. Soloviev; S. Kryukov; S. Savenko
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Real-time machine vision system using FPGA and soft-core processor
Author(s): Abdul Waheed Malik; Benny Thörnberg; Xiaozhou Meng; Muhammad Imran
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