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Organic Photonics V
Editor(s): Barry P. Rand; Chihaya Adachi; Volker van Elsbergen
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Volume Number: 8435
Date Published: 31 May 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8435
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Influence of barrier absorption properties on laser patterning thin organic films
Author(s): Sanjeev Naithani; Rajesh Mandamparambil; Ferdie van Assche; David Schaubroeck; Henri Fledderus; An Prenen; Geert Van Steenberge; Jan Vanfleteren
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Singlet harvesting with brightly emitting Cu(I) and metal-free organic compounds
Author(s): Hartmut Yersin; Rafal Czerwieniec; Alexander Hupfer
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Measuring efficiency losses in quantum dot polymer solar cells
Author(s): Emilio Palomares; Josep Albero
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Meniscus coated high open-circuit voltage bi-layer solar cells
Author(s): Olga Malinkiewicz; Martijn Lenes; Hicham Brine; Henk J. Bolink
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Nonlinear optical properties of conjugated polymers
Author(s): Guy Koeckelberghs; Inge Asselberghs; Koen Clays; Thierry Verbiest
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Improving the photocurrent in low bandgap polymer: fullerene solar cells with molecular doping
Author(s): Antonietta De Sio; Ali Veysel Tunc; Jürgen Parisi; Enrico Da Como; Elizabeth von Hauff
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Exploring the exciton dissociation process at a donor-acceptor heterojunction in both time and space via an induced Stark shift
Author(s): Noel C. Giebink; Barry P. Rand; David Cheyns; Jan Genoe
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Morphology control and nanoscale patterning of small molecule organic thin films
Author(s): Jaron G. Van Dijken; Nathanael L.-W. Wu; Michael D. Fleischauer; Jillian M. Buriak; Michael J. Brett
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Modelling of organic triple-junction solar cells
Author(s): Ben Minnaert; Peter Veelaert
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Crystallization kinetics and morphology relations on thermally annealed bulk heterojunction solar cell blends studied by rapid heat cool calorimetry (RHC)
Author(s): Fatma Demir; Niko Van den Brande; Sabine Bertho; Eszter Voroshazi; Jean Manca; Dirk Vanderzande; Paul Heremans; Bruno Van Mele; Guy Van Assche
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On the effects of a solid environment on sensitized up-conversion
Author(s): A. Monguzzi
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Non-isotropic emitter orientation and its implications for efficiency analysis of organic light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Tobias D. Schmidt; Michael Flämmich; Bert J. Scholz; Dirk Michaelis; Christian Mayr; Norbert Danz; Wolfgang Brütting
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Experimental and theoretical study of the optical and electrical properties optimization of an OLED in a microcavity
Author(s): A. Coens; M. Chakaroun; A. P. Fischer; M. W. Lee; A. Boudrioua; J. Solard; B. Geffroy
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OLED light extraction improvement with surface nano-micro texturation based on speckle lithography
Author(s): J. Loicq; K. Fleury-Frenette; P. Viville; R. Lazzaroni; H. Kanaan; Ph. Guaino
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Charge carrier dynamics in hybrid organic-inorganic light emitting devices
Author(s): Eugenia Martinez-Ferrero; Amparo Forneli; Emilio Palomares
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Organic light-emitting transistors optimized by self-assembled monolayers
Author(s): Fei Liu; Jakob Kjelstrup-Hansen; Xuhai Liu; Horst-Günter Rubahn
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High-power CW tunable solid state dye lasers: from the visible to UV
Author(s): R. Bornemann; E. Thiel; P. Haring Bolívar
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Whispering gallery modes microcavities with J-aggregates and plasmonic hot spots
Author(s): Yury P. Rakovich; Dzmitry Melnikau; Diana Savateeva; Andrey Chuvilin; Rainer Hillenbrand
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Evaluation of amplified spontaneous emission from photopumped thiophene/phenylene co-oligomers in polycrystalline states
Author(s): Hiroyuki Mochizuki; Yoshizo Kawaguchi; Fumio Sasaki; Shu Hotta
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Study of two-dimensional photonic crystals cavity using organic gain materials
Author(s): F. Gourdon; N. Fabre; M. Chakaroun; J. Solard; E. Cambril; A. M. Yacomotti; S. Bouchoule; A. Fischer; A. Boudrioua; B. Geffroy
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Tuning of superfine electron-nuclear interaction in structure of the ground states and the characteristics of the full systems electronic excited states for formation of effective phothophysics and spectral-energy of properties in the series of multinuclear compounds
Author(s): A. E. Obukhov
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Theoretical analysis of the absorption spectra of organic dyes differing by the conjugation sequence: illusion of negative solvatochromism
Author(s): Sergei Manzhos; Hiroshi Segawa; Koichi Yamashita
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Behaviour of electron and hole currents in a 3-layer heterostructure OLET
Author(s): K. Jokinen; A. Bykov; R. Sliz; R. Myllyla
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Integrated light sources based on self-formed polymer waveguide doped with active medium
Author(s): S. Sugimoto; T. Kawaguchi; K. Yamashita
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Investigation of covalent functionalized single-wall carbon nanotubes using surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Author(s): Nebras Al-Alattar; Rasoul Al-Majmaie; Ilona Kopf; Silvia Giordani; James H. Rice
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Synthesis, optical, and thermal properties of glassy trityl group containing luminescent derivatives of 2-tert-butyl-6-methyl-4H-pyran-4-one
Author(s): Elmars Zarins; Karina Siltane; Elina Misina; Valdis Kokars; Kristine Lazdovica; Aivars Vembris; Valdis Kampars; Inta Muzikante; Martins Rutkis
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Synthesis and properties of 2-dicyanomethylenethiazole merocyanines
Author(s): D. J. Clarke; A. J. Kay; A. P. Middleton; G. J. Smith
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Luminescent properties of polymer nanocomposites activated with praseodymium-doped nanocrystals
Author(s): A. Jusza; L. Lipinska; M. Baran; P. Mergo; A. Millan; F. Dieleman; R. Piramidowicz
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Charge transport studies of polymeric photovoltaic thin films with an electron blocking and trapping layer
Author(s): Harrison K. H. Lee; Kevin K. H. Chan; S. K. So
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Extraction of circuital parameters of organic solar cells using the exact solution based on Lambert W-function
Author(s): G. Del Pozo; B. Romero; B. Arredondo
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Manufacturing polymer light emitting diode with high luminance efficiency by solution process
Author(s): Miyoung Kim; SongJin Jo; Ho Chang Yang; Dang Mo Yoon; Jae-Taek Kwon; Seung-Hyun Lee; Ju Hwan Choi; Bum-Joo Lee; Jin-Koog Shin
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AC-driven light emission from in situ grown organic nanofibers
Author(s): Xuhai Liu; Jakob Kjelstrup-Hansen; Roana Melina de Oliveira Hansen; Morten Madsen; Horst-Günter Rubahn
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Perylene bisimide derivatives as innovative sensitizers for photorefractive composites
Author(s): Thomas Schemme; Katharina Ditte; Evgenij Travkin; Wei Jiang; Zhaohui Wang; Cornelia Denz
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Light-emitting thin films of glassy forming organic compounds containing 2-tert-butyl-6-methyl-4H-pyran-4-ylidene
Author(s): Aivars Vembris; Kaspars Pudzs; Inta Muzikante
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NIL fabrication of a polymer-based photonic sensor device in P3SENS project
Author(s): Domenico Giannone; Fabian Dortu; Damien Bernier; Nigel P. Johnson; Graham J. Sharp; Lianping Hou; Ali Z. Khokhar; Péter Fürjes; Sándor Kurunczi; Peter Petrik; Robert Horvath; Timo Aalto; Kai Kolari; Sami Ylinen; Tomi Haatainen; Holger Egger
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Synthesis and characterization of RE3+:Al2O3 nanopowders for application in the polymer-based composite light sources
Author(s): P. Polis; A. Jusza; K. Anders; A. Jastrzebska; A. Olszyna; J. Jureczko; W. Fabianowski; A. Kunicki; R. Piramidowicz
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Solvent effects on spectral emission of PVK and PVK-Ir(ppy)3 based OLEDs
Author(s): A. Bruno; A. De Girolamo Del Mauro; G. Nenna; M. G. Maglione; S. A. Haque; C. Minarini
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Enhancing the color gamut of white displays using novel deep-blue organic fluorescent dyes to form color-changed thin films with improved efficiency
Author(s): Wei-ting Liu; Wen-Yao Huang
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The role of molecular packing on the UV-visible optical properties of [Re2Cl2(CO)64,5-(Me3Si)2pyridazine]
Author(s): P. Spearman; S. Tavazzi; L. Silvestri; A. Burini; A. Borghesi; P. Mercandelli; M. Panigati; G. D'Alfonso; A. Sironi; L. De Cola
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Looking at bulk-heterojunction organic photovoltaics from two viewpoints: morphology development and charge transfer
Author(s): Niko Van den Brande; Fatma Demir; Paul Geerlings; Bruno Van Mele; Gregory Van Lier; Guy Van Assche
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Titanium dioxide nanostructure synthesized by sol-gel for organic solar cells using natural dyes extracted from black and red sticky rice
Author(s): A. H. Ramelan; H. Harjana; L. S. Sakti
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Equilibrium component composition and structure of nanometer cyanine dye layers and their photoinduced modification
Author(s): Anton A. Starovoytov; Elena N. Kaliteevskaya; Valentina P. Krutyakova; Tatiana K. Razumova; Nikita A. Toropov
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