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6th International Symposium on Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Testing Technologies: Large Mirrors and Telescopes
Editor(s): Wenhan Jiang; Myung K. Cho; Fan Wu
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Volume Number: 8415
Date Published: 1 October 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8415
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Thermodynamics research on optical system based on finite element method
Author(s): Hao Yue Ming; Min Chen Hui
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Analysis led design and optimization for large aperture mirror
Author(s): Haifei Hu; Yingjun Guan; Ligong Zheng
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Comparison of optimization algorithms for adaptive optics system without a wavefront sensor
Author(s): Ying Liu; Jianqiang Ma; Baoqing Li; Yanlei Hu; Jiaru Chu
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Parametric definition for the CGH patterns and error analysis in interferometric measurements
Author(s): Ping Zhou; Wenrui Cai; Chunyu Zhao; James H. Burge
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Research on eliminating high-order spectrum in broadband miniature spectrometer system
Author(s): Kang Liu; Feihong Yu
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Large field-of-view configurations for large-telescope adaptive optics systems: advantages and tradeoffs
Author(s): Xianyu Zhang; Thomas M. Herbst; Changhui Rao; Peter Bizenberger; Albert R. Conrad; Carmelo Arcidiacono; Wolfgang Gaessler; Roberto Ragazzoni; Thomas Bertram
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Integrated modeling and optical jitter analysis of a high resolution space camera
Author(s): Bowen Zhang; Xiaoyong Wang; Yongli Hu
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Measurements of the backscattering of ultrasmooth mirrors
Author(s): Jingxian Wang; Ke Wang
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Dwell time calculation for computer controlled large tool
Author(s): Bin Fan; James H. Burge; Hubert Martin; Zhige Zeng; Xiaojin Li; Jiabin Zhou
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Development status of the prototype of the GMT fast steering mirror
Author(s): Young-Soo Kim; Ju Heon Koh; Inwoo Chung; Myung Cho; Ho-Soon Yang; Ho-Sang Kim; Hyo-Sung Ahn; Inwoo Han; Jaemann Kyeong; Moo-Young Chun; Byeong-Gon Park
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Error budgeting as applied to the design of the International X-Ray Observatory Mandrel Measuring Machine
Author(s): Daniel C. Thompson; David H. Youden
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Design and optimization of push-pull-shear lateral support of thin meniscus mirror
Author(s): Fu-lin Chen; Jing-xu Zhang; Xiao-xia Wu; Lei Fan; Hong-chao Zhao
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A new method that indicates the peak stress of random vibration response
Author(s): Yong Yan; Peng Xie; Zhen Xu; Guang Jin
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Compute simulation of oscillation characteristic on plane matrix multiple coherence based on phase modulation
Author(s): Ping Wang; Jin-hua Chai
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Alignment technology of large telescope main optical system
Author(s): Qi-rui Xu; Fan Wu; Ming Zhang; Bin Wang
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Designing of supports for a 1.2m active thin mirror
Author(s): Ping Yao; Xuejun Zhang; Yudong Zhang
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A novel large scale focal plane telescope using focal plane pointing method
Author(s): Jianchun Lin; Liwei Sun; Chaoliang Yong; Lin Yang; Fansheng Chen
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Development of defects detection in gluing glass
Author(s): Zongming Wu; Wei Yang; Tianquan Fan
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Measurement of an off-axis parabolic mirror using coordinates measurement machine and swing arm profilometer during the grinding process
Author(s): Hongwei Jing; Changqing Lin; Bin Fan; Long Kuang; Shibin Wu; Fan Wu; Tianquan Fan
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Thermal analysis of a 4m honeycomb telescope primary mirror
Author(s): Jun Zhang; Hao Xian
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Design of large aperture focal plane shutter
Author(s): Jia-wen Hu; Wen-li Ma; Jin-long Huang
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The design for off-axis multimirror optical system with large field and small F number using coaxial assembly of two mirrors
Author(s): Hui Liu; Shi-qiang Yan; Yun-tian Pei; Lei Hu; Song Xu
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Restoration of observed image with an unknown space-variant blur from wide-field telescope
Author(s): Chaolan He; Honggang Wei; Mangzuo Shen
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Thin-film thickness measurement method based on the reflection interference spectrum
Author(s): Li Na Jiang; Gao Feng; Zhang Shu
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LINC-NIRVANA: cryogenic optics for diffraction limited beam combination
Author(s): Peter Bizenberger; Harald Baumeister; Tom Herbst; Xianyu Zhang
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Finite element analysis of lightweight active primary mirror
Author(s): Wei Xin Lu; Chun Lin Guan; Chang Hui Rao
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Design of automatic leveling and centering system of theodolite
Author(s): Chun-tong Liu; Zhen-Xin He; Xian-xiang Huang; Ying Zhan
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Integrated optimum design for a honeycomb mirror
Author(s): Jin-long Tang; Shao-bai Wang; Jun Zhang; Hao Xian
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Herschel Space Observatory Telescope characterization with Hartmann wavefront sensor
Author(s): Guillaume Dovillaire; Yong Wang; Rémy Toth; Raphael Porcar-Guézénec
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Real time controller for 37-element low-order solar adaptive optics system at 1m new vacuum solar telescope
Author(s): Lei Zhu; Naiting Gu; Shanqiu Chen; Lanqiang Zhang; Xiaoyun Wang; Xuejun Rao; Mei Li; Changhui Rao
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Simulation result of multi-conjugate adaptive optics system based on minimum mean square error approach wavefront reconstruction
Author(s): Lanqiang Zhang; Changhui Rao
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Adaptive filter and linear quadratic Gaussian/loop transfer recovery compensator combination control of a non-linear tip-tilt mirror
Author(s): Youming Guo; Xiaoyu Ma; Changhui Rao
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Optimization of yoke of a large telescope for mechanical reliability
Author(s): Kai He; Wenli Ma; Jinlong Huang
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Optical design of Cassegrain system with wide field of view for spaceborne remote sensing application
Author(s): Xiaoyan Yang; Anbing Geng
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Design and analysis of structure of large aperture three-mirror off-axis optical system
Author(s): Ke-jun Wang; Ji-hong Dong; Wei Li; Quan-feng Guo; Yan-chun Li; Wei-guo Zhao; Xiaotao Cao; Hai-ping Wang
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Design and analysis on a kind of primary reflector support structure based on thermal compensation principle
Author(s): Conglin Yan; Weilin Liu; Qinzhang Wu
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Thermal analysis of a 1.8m solar telescope mechanical structure
Author(s): Cheng Li; Hao Xian; Jun Zhang
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Applications of liquid crystal adaptive optics for larger aperture telescope
Author(s): Zhao-liang Cao; Li Xuan; Quan-quan Mu; Li-fa Hu; Zeng-hui Peng; Yong-gang Liu; Li-shuang Yao
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1-m lightweight mirror design using genetic algorithm
Author(s): Hagyong Kihm; Il Kweon Moon; Ho-Soon Yang; Yun-Woo Lee
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Study on numerical simulation of the dynamic impact effect for optical glass grinding with single grit
Author(s): Jiang Chen; Feihu Zhang; Zhao Hang; Zhang Yong; Jianbo Su
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A novel method for calibrating the image distortion of the interferometer
Author(s): Fengtao Yan; Bin Fan; Xi Hou; Fan Wu
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Coating the 2-m level primary mirror with protected aluminum
Author(s): Wenjun Pei; Hongxiang Liu; Weichuan Du
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Hyperspectral target detection based on improved automatic morphological endmember extraction method
Author(s): Xu-guang Sun; Jing-ju Cai; Zhi-yong Xu; Jian-lin Zhang
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Study of gray image pseudo-color processing algorithms
Author(s): Jinlong Hu; Xianrong Peng; Zhiyong Xu
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Fabrication of 1.8m standard spherical mirror
Author(s): Jun Yu; Shidong Shen; Junhe Pan; Yijiang Mao; Yongji Mu; Mingyong Hu
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Analysis of deforming a 1.5-m ultrathin spherical mirror into an off-axis parabola
Author(s): Chunmei Zeng; Jingchi Yu; Peiji Guo
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Optical testing of & #934;340mm F/1.3 aspheric surface
Author(s): Jianfeng Ren; Peiji Guo
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Research on reflective optical telescope system's wavefront aberration compensation method
Author(s): Xueting Duan
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Theoretical and experimental study on the active support for thin mirror
Author(s): Yongqian Wu; Yudong Zhang; Fan Wu
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Optical design of satellite laser communication integrative transceiver
Author(s): Yanyan Cheng; Xuewu Fan; Gangyi Zou; Peipei Yan; Kai Liu
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Study on large aperture SiC mirror technology
Author(s): Ke-rong Gai
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