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Independent Component Analyses, Compressive Sampling, Wavelets, Neural Net, Biosystems, and Nanoengineering X
Editor(s): Harold Szu
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Volume Number: 8401
Date Published: 3 May 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8401
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
MRA-based wavelet frames and applications: image segmentation and surface reconstruction
Author(s): Bin Dong; Zuowei Shen
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Interdisciplinary education approach to the human science
Author(s): Harold Szu; Yufeng Zheng; Nian Zhang
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Semi-supervised learning of heterogeneous data in remote sensing imagery
Author(s): J. Benedetto; W. Czaja; J. Dobrosotskaya; T. Doster; K. Duke; D. Gillis
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A wavelet-based method for multispectral face recognition
Author(s): Yufeng Zheng; Chaoyang Zhang; Zhaoxian Zhou
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Face recognition from a moving platform via sparse representation
Author(s): Ming Kai Hsu; Charles Hsu; Ting N. Lee; Harold Szu
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Assessing the accuracy of image tracking algorithms on visible and thermal imagery using a deep restricted Boltzmann machine
Author(s): Stephen Won; S. Susan Young
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PCA/LDA approach for text-independent speaker recognition
Author(s): Zhenhao Ge; Sudhendu R. Sharma; Mark J. T. Smith
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Advances in audio source seperation and multisource audio content retrieval
Author(s): Emmanuel Vincent
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Artificial neural network does better spatiotemporal compressive sampling
Author(s): Soo-Young Lee; Charles Hsu; Harold Szu
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Video image cliff notes
Author(s): Harold Szu; Charles Hsu
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Elucidating compressive sensing from Nyquist critical sampling
Author(s): Harold Szu; Charles Hsu; Charles Nguyen
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Hyperspectral pixel classification from coded-aperture compressive imaging
Author(s): Ana Ramirez; Gonzalo R. Arce; Brian M. Sadler
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Household wireless electroencephalogram hat
Author(s): Harold Szu; Charles Hsu; Gyu Moon; Takeshi Yamakawa; Binh Tran
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Smartphone home monitoring of ECG
Author(s): Harold Szu; Charles Hsu; Gyu Moon; Joseph Landa; Hiroshi Nakajima; Yutaka Hata
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Compressive sampling approach to visual attention in image scene analysis
Author(s): Anurag Singh; Michael A. Pratt; Chee-Hung Henry Chu
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Avoiding the inverse fractal problem for compressive sampling of 1/f data sets
Author(s): Holger Jaenisch
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Toward practical SERS sensing
Author(s): Yiping Zhao
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A NANO enhancement to Moore's law
Author(s): Jerry Wu; Yin-Lin Shen; Kitt Reinhardt; Harold Szu
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Carbon nanostructures properties by terahertz time-domain spectroscopy analysis for nanoengineering applications
Author(s): Ehsan Dadrasnia; Horacio Lamela
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Optimization of high speed pipelining in FPGA-based FIR filter design using genetic algorithm
Author(s): Uwe Meyer-Baese; Guillermo Botella; David E. T. Romero; Martin Kumm
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A computational approach for statistical learning and inference
Author(s): Xinjia Chen
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An objective evaluation metric for color image fusion
Author(s): Wenjie Dong; Yufeng Zheng
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Biomedical wellness monitoring system based upon molecular markers
Author(s): Whitney Ingram
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Further development of artificial neural networks for spectral interference correction in optical emission spectrometry
Author(s): Z. Li; S. Huang; V. Karanassios
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Quantitative analysis of breast DCE-MR images based on ICA and an empirical model
Author(s): Sebastian Goebl; Claudia Plant; Marc Lobbes M.D.; Anke Meyer-Bäse
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Automated analysis of single and joint kinetic and morphologic features for non-masses
Author(s): Sebastian Hoffmann; Jamie Shutler; Marc Lobbes; Bernhard Burgeth; Anke Meyer-Bäse
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Spatio-temporal feature extraction for differentiation of non-mass-enhancing lesions in breast MRI
Author(s): Dat Ngo; Olmo Zavala; Jamie Shutler; Mark Lobbes; Maribel Lockwood; Anke Meyer-Bäse
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Enhanced decision making through neuroscience
Author(s): Harold Szu; TP Jung; Scott Makeig
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Feature selection in bioinformatics
Author(s): Lipo Wang
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Biomedical wellness challenges and opportunities
Author(s): John F. Tangney
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SAFE for PTSD: noncontact psychophysiological measure based on high-resolution thermal imaging to aid in PTSD diagnosis and assessment of treatment
Author(s): Babajide O. Familoni; Lein Ma; J. Andrew Hutchinson; C. Andrew Morgan III; Ann Rasmusson; Barbara L. O'Kane
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Under-dermal emulator of vascular identification
Author(s): Joseph Landa; Robert Blake; Alex Rich; Harold Szu
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Adaptive Region of Interest (ROI) detection and tracking for respiration measurement in thermal video
Author(s): Balvinder Kaur; Jill K. Nelson; Timothy Williams; Barbara L. O'Kane
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Trans-skull ultrasonic Doppler system aided by fuzzy logic
Author(s): Yutaka Hata; Masato Nakamura; Naomi Yagi; Tomomoto Ishikawa
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Human care system for heart-rate and human-movement trajectory in home and its application to detect mental disease
Author(s): Yutaka Hata; Seigo Kanazawa; Maki Endo; Naoki Tsuchiya; Hiroshi Nakajima
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Systems Health Care: daily measurement and lifestyle change
Author(s): Hiroshi Nakajima; Naoki Tsuchiya; Toshikazu Shiga; Yutaka Hata
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Fundamental matrix and planar homographies in stereo vision
Author(s): Qiang He; Chee-Hung Henry Chu
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