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Quantum Information and Computation X
Editor(s): Eric Donkor; Andrew R. Pirich; Howard E. Brandt
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Volume Number: 8400
Date Published: 6 June 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8400
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Probing correlation in quantum arrays
Author(s): Theodore J. Yoder; Michael R. Frey
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Manipulations of cold atoms on a chip: double well potential and 1D Bose gas
Author(s): Jason Alexander; Violeta Prieto; Christopher Rowlett; William Golding; Patricia Lee
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Optical frequency combs for atomic quantum control on atom chips
Author(s): Qudsia Quraishi; Vladimir S. Malinovsky; Jason Alexander; Violeta Prieto; Christopher Rowlett; Patricia Lee
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Spectroscopy of a deterministic single-donor device in silicon
Author(s): M. Fuechsle; J. A. Miwa; S. Mahapatra; H. Ryu; S. Lee; O. Warschkow; L. C. L. Hollenberg; G. Klimeck; M. Y. Simmons
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Phonons in a double-well: transverse vibrations in a pair of trapped ions
Author(s): Patricia J. Lee
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LDPC error correction in the context of quantum key distribution
Author(s): Anastase Nakassis; Alan Mink
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Thwarting the photon number splitting attack with entanglement enhanced BB84 quantum key distribution
Author(s): Carl F. Sabottke; Chris D. Richardson; Petr M. Anisimov; Ulvi Yurtsever; Antia Lamas-Linares; Jonathan P. Dowling
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Szilard engine reversibility as quantum gate function
Author(s): F. Matthew Mihelic
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Finsler metrics in quantum circuit optimization
Author(s): Howard E. Brandt
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Study of improved semantics on quantum elements and programmable architecture
Author(s): Nan Wu; Fangmin Song; Xiangdong Li
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A multilayer three-dimensional superconducting nanowire photon detector
Author(s): A. Matthew Smith
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Generalized Donkor model with induced dipole-dipole forbidden transitions using Maple
Author(s): Camilo Jaramillo Correa
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All optical XOR, CNOT gates with initial insight for quantum computation using linear optics
Author(s): Omar Shehab
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Quantum system decomposition for the semi-classical quantum Fourier transform
Author(s): Ben Greco; Jack Lenahan; Suzanne Huerth; Jan Medlock; Lucas A. Overbey
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Freedom of choice in tracking an atomic resonance
Author(s): John M. Myers; F. Hadi Madjid
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Battle of the sexes game analysis using Yang-Baxter operator as quantum gate
Author(s): Juan M. López R.
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Strictly discordant quantum probes of the qubit depolarizing channel
Author(s): Michael R. Frey; Theodore J. Yoder
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A geometric view of quantum cellular automata
Author(s): Jonathan R. McDonald; Paul M. Alsing; Howard A. Blair
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Local availability of mathematics and number scaling: effects on quantum physics
Author(s): Paul Benioff
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Quantum algorithms for the Jones polynomial and Khovanov homology
Author(s): Louis H. Kauffman; Samuel J. Lomonaco Jr.
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Possible universal quantum algorithms for generalized Khovanov homology and the Rasmussen's invariant
Author(s): Mario Vélez; Juan Ospina
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Applications of the Yang-Baxter-Rowell equation to topological quantum computation
Author(s): Aida Arnedo León
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Nonlocality, entanglement witnesses, and supra-correlations
Author(s): Paul M. Alsing; Jonathan R. McDonald
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A multipli-entangled photon source for cluster state generation
Author(s): Corey J. Peters; Michael L. Fanto; Paul M. Alsing; A. Matthew Smith; Timothy P. Genda; Reinhard K. Erdmann; Enrique J. Galvez
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Generation, detection, and applications of quantum hyper-entangled and entangled states
Author(s): James F. Smith III
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Nonlocal realism considered for entangled photons
Author(s): Reinhard Erdmann; Michael Fanto; Corey Peters; Paul Alsing; Richard Michalak; Enrique J. Galvez
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Generating and storing nonclassical correlations in a warm Rb vapor cell with buffer gas
Author(s): Mark Bashkansky; Fredrik K. Fatemi; Igor Vurgaftman
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Theory and experimental requirements of imperfect two-qubit linear optical photonic gates
Author(s): A. Matthew Smith; D. B. Uskov; M. Fanto; L. Ying; L. Kaplan
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