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Signal and Data Processing of Small Targets 2012
Editor(s): Oliver E. Drummond; Richard D. Teichgraeber
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Volume Number: 8393
Date Published: 4 June 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8393
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Detecting clustered chem/bio signals in noisy sensor feeds using adaptive fusion
Author(s): Scott Lundberg; Chris Calderon; Randy Paffenroth
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Investigation of kinematic features for dismount detection and tracking
Author(s): Ranga Narayanaswami; Anastasia Tyurina; David Diel; Raman K. Mehra; Janice M. Chinn
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VNIR data processing of small (human) targets
Author(s): Dalton Rosario
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Multichannel adaptive generalized detector based on parametric Rao test
Author(s): Vyacheslav Tuzlukov
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A mathematical model for MIMO imaging
Author(s): Yufeng Cao; Juan F. Lopez Jr.; Alex Martinez; Zhijun Qiao
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Space-time signal processing for distributed pattern detection in sensor networks
Author(s): Randy C. Paffenroth; Philip C. Du Toit; Louis L. Scharf; Anura P. Jayasumana; Vidarshana Banadara; Ryan Nong
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Small curvature particle flow for nonlinear filters
Author(s): Fred Daum; Jim Huang
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Lagrangian relaxation approaches to closed loop scheduling of track updates
Author(s): Kruger A. B. White; Jason L. Williams
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Extrapolating target tracks
Author(s): James R. Van Zandt
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Particle filter tracking for long range radars
Author(s): Kevin Romeo; Peter Willett; Yaakov Bar-Shalom
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PMHT for fused tracking
Author(s): Darin T. Dunham; Terry L. Ogle; Peter K. Willett
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Ambiguous data association and entangled attribute estimation
Author(s): David J. Trawick; Philip C. Du Toit; Randy C. Paffenroth; Gregory J. Norgard
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Measurement level AIS/radar fusion for maritime surveillance
Author(s): Biruk K. Habtemariam; R. Tharmarasa; Eric Meger; T. Kirubarajan
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Maximum likelihood probabilistic data association (ML-PDA) tracker implemented in delay/bearing space applied to multistatic sonar data sets
Author(s): Steven Schoenecker; Peter Willett; Yaakov Bar-Shalom
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Information-based data prioritization in distributed tracking systems
Author(s): Nick Coult; J. Nate Knight; Woody Leed; Scott Danford; Randy Paffenroth; Aubrey Poore
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Exploratory joint and separate tracking of geographically related time series
Author(s): Balakumar Balasingam; Peter Willett; Georgiy Levchuk; Jared Freeman
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Estimating trackability
Author(s): James R. Van Zandt
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Prediction, tracking, and retrodiction for path-constrained targets
Author(s): K. Krishanth; R. Tharmarasa; T. Kirubarajan; P. Valin; E. Meger
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Data modeling for nonlinear track prediction of targets through obscurations
Author(s): Holger Jaenisch; James Handley
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Stochastic data association in multi-target filtering
Author(s): Stefano Coraluppi; Craig Carthel
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H-PMHT for correlated targets
Author(s): Samuel J. Davey; Monika Wieneke; Neil J. Gordon
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Three plot correlation-based small infrared target detection in dense sun-glint environment for infrared search and track
Author(s): Sungho Kim; Byungin Choi; Jieun Kim; Soon Kwon; Kyung-Tae Kim
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A fast coalescence-avoiding JPDAF
Author(s): Kevin Romeo; David F. Crouse; Yaakov Bar-Shalom; Peter Willett
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A survey of maneuvering target tracking, part VIc: approximate nonlinear density filtering in discrete time
Author(s): X. Rong Li; Vesselin P. Jilkov
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