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Sensors and Systems for Space Applications V
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Volume Number: 8385
Date Published: 7 May 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8385
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Single frequency fiber laser for external volume Bragg resonator
Author(s): A. Ryasnyanskiy; N. Vorobiev; V. Smirnov; J. Lumeau; L. Glebova; O. Mokhun; E. Rotari; C. Spiegelberg; A. Podvyaznyy; L. Glebov
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Frequency up-conversion detection system for space-based lidar
Author(s): Yi Jiang; Yujie J. Ding; Ioulia B. Zotova; Narasimha S. Prasad
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Metal-mesh optical filter technology for mid-IR, far-IR, and submillimeter
Author(s): William R. McGovern; Philip R. Swinehart; Eric L. Hogue; David R. Daughton; Jay V. DeLombard
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Low-noise UV-to-SWIR broadband photodiodes for large-format focal plane array sensors
Author(s): Abhay Joshi; Shubhashish Datta
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Near-infrared silicon, resonant cavity RC-GPD, and ROIC arrays
Author(s): Stefan Vasile; Ryan Murphy; Jerold Lipson; M. Selim Ünlü
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A low cost thermal infrared hyperspectral imager for small satellites
Author(s): S. T. Crites; P. G. Lucey; R. Wright; H. Garbeil; K. A. Horton; M. Wood
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Membrane photon sieve telescope
Author(s): Geoff Andersen; Michael E. Dearborn; Matthew G. McHarg; Jeff Harvey
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Laser-ablation optical-cavity isotopic spectrometer for Mars rovers
Author(s): Alexander A. Bol'shakov; Xianglei Mao; Christopher P. McKay; Richard E. Russo
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Interferometric imaging of geostationary satellites
Author(s): J. T. Armstrong; E. K. Baines; R. B. Hindsley; H. R. Schmitt; S. R. Restaino; A. M. Jorgensen; D. Mozurkewich
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Noncontact, reagentless, nondestructive, detection of organics, biosignatures, and water
Author(s): R. Bhartia; William F. Hug; Ray Reid; Everett C. Salas
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Agile hardware and software systems engineering for critical military space applications
Author(s): Philip M. Huang; Andrew A. Knuth; Robert O. Krueger; Margaret A. Garrison-Darrin
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Utilizing low-cost 3U single-sensor satellites for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance mission capabilities
Author(s): Philip M. Huang; Andrew A. Knuth; Margaret A. Garrison-Darrin
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Acquiring neural signals for developing a perception and cognition model
Author(s): Wei Li; Yunyi Li; Genshe Chen; Dan Shen; Erik Blasch; Khanh Pham; Robert Lynch
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Control of a space robot for minimal attitude disturbance to the base satellite for capturing a tumbling satellite
Author(s): Angel Flores-Abad; Ou Ma
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DataBus-based hybrid routing approach for orbit access networks in lunar exploration
Author(s): Hui Zeng; Ke Meng; Julia Deng
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Building a feasible software tool for analyzing RF inter-satellite links
Author(s): Karim A. Fouad
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Integrated situational awareness for cyber attack detection, analysis, and mitigation
Author(s): Yi Cheng; Yalin Sagduyu; Julia Deng; Jason Li; Peng Liu
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On effectiveness of network sensor-based defense framework
Author(s): Difan Zhang; Hanlin Zhang; Linqiang Ge; Wei Yu; Chao Lu; Genshe Chen; Khanh Pham
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Models in frequency-hopping-based proactive jamming mitigation for space communication networks
Author(s): Dan Shen; Genshe Chen; Khanh Pham; Erik Blasch; Zhi Tian
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Jamming/anti-jamming game with a cognitive jammer in space communication
Author(s): Xin Tian; Zhi Tian; Khanh Pham; Erik Blasch; Dan Shen
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High fidelity wireless network evaluation for heterogeneous cognitive radio networks
Author(s): Lei Ding; Yalin Sagduyu; Justin Yackoski; Babak Azimi-Sadjadi; Jason Li; Renato Levy; Tammaso Melodia
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Ground emitter localization via fusing terrain map and DOA measurements using two miniature UASs
Author(s): Zhonghai Wang; Erik Blasch; Khanh Pham; Dan Shen; Peter Lin
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GEOScan: a geoscience facility from space
Author(s): Lars P. Dyrud; Jonathan T. Fentzke; Kerri Cahoy; Shawn Murphy; Warren Wiscombe; Chad Fish; Brian Gunter; Rebecca Bishop; Gary Bust; Bob Erlandson; Brian Bauer; Om Gupta
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Overview of the Sapphire payload for space surveillance
Author(s): J. Hackett; R. Brisby; K. Smith
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Earth impactors: threat analysis and multistage intervention mission architecture
Author(s): Jeremy Straub; Ronald A. Fevig
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Short arc gating in multiple hypothesis tracking for space surveillance
Author(s): Sabino M. Gadaleta; Joshua T. Horwood; Aubrey B. Poore
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Management of radar resources for space debris tracking
Author(s): Magdalena Mendijur; Massimo Sciotti; Piermario Besso
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Mechanisms for space applications
Author(s): M. Meftah; A. Irbah; R. Le Letty; M. Barré; S. Pasquarella; M. Bokaie; A. Bataille; G. Poiet
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Space object, high-resolution, optical imaging simulation of space-based systems
Author(s): Haopeng Zhang; Wei Zhang; Zhiguo Jiang
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Precise altitude measurements of LEO objects with simultaneous observations by multiple telescopes
Author(s): Henrique R. Schmitt; Robert B. Hindsley; J. Thomas Armstrong; Ellyn K. Baines
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