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Atmospheric Propagation IX
Editor(s): Linda M. Wasiczko Thomas; Earl J. Spillar
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Volume Number: 8380
Date Published: 7 May 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8380
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Retro-reflector diversity effects in free-space optical links
Author(s): W. S. Rabinovich; Rita Mahon; Mathew F Callahan; Christopher Moore; Michele Suite; Mike Ferraro; Peter G. Goetz
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Miniature lasercomm module for integration into a small unmanned aerial platform
Author(s): M. J. Vilcheck; H. R. Burris; C. I. Moore; W. R. Smith IV; L. M. Thomas
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Fade and surge asymmetry of direct single-mode-fiber coupled free-space optical signal under weak atmospheric turbulences
Author(s): Yoshinori Arimoto
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Automating a lasercomm terminal on a small unmanned aerial platform
Author(s): W. R. Smith IV; H. R. Burris; M. J. Vilcheck; C. I. Moore; L. L. Summers; L. M. Thomas
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Design simulation and analysis of a fiber-bundle based optical wireless link
Author(s): Peter G. LoPresti; Dayong Zhou; Zhaorui Shi; Hazem H. Refai
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Analysis of link performance for the FOENEX laser communications system
Author(s): Juan C. Juarez; David W. Young; Radha A. Venkat; David M. Brown; Andrea M. Brown; Rachel L. Oberc; Joseph E. Sluz; H. Alan Pike; Larry B. Stotts
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Development of a large area InGaAs APD receiver based on an impact ionization engineered detector for free-space lasercomm applications
Author(s): H. R. Burris; M. S. Ferraro; W. T. Freeman; C. I. Moore; J. L. Murphy; W. S. Rabinovich; W. R. Smith; L. L. Summers; L. M. Thomas; M. J. Vilcheck; W. R. Clark; W. D. Waters
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High-performance free-space optical modem hardware
Author(s): Joseph E. Sluz; Juan C. Juarez; Chun-Huei Bair; Rachel L. Oberc; Radha A. Venkat; Derek Rollend; David W. Young
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Characterization of InGaAs avalanche photodiode arrays with varying geometries for free-space optical communication
Author(s): Mike S. Ferraro; Harris R. Burris; Rita Mahon; William S. Rabinovich; Wade T. Freeman; James L. Murphy; Peter G. Goetz; Christopher I. Moore; Linda M. Thomas; William R. Clark; William D. Waters; Kenneth Vaccaro; Brian D. Krejca
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Evaluation of optical transceivers for mobile FSO applications
Author(s): Dayong Zhou; Zhaorui Shi; Wei Yi; Peter LoPresti; Hazem Refai
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Improved atmospheric characterization for free-space link analysis using numerical weather prediction
Author(s): Billy D. Felton; Philip D. Hayes; Randall J. Alliss
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Holographic adaptive laser optics system (HALOS)
Author(s): Geoff Andersen; Fassil Ghebremichael; Jeff Baker; Ravi Gaddipati; Phani Gaddipati
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Validity of using Gaussian Schell model for extended beacon studies
Author(s): Santasri Basu; Salvatore J. Cusumano; Milo W. Hyde; Michael A. Marciniak; Steven T. Fiorino
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High contrast imaging in the presence of turbulence
Author(s): Brett A. Sickmiller; Denis W. Oesch; Darryl J. Sanchez; Patrick R. Kelly
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Near-surface turbulent temperature variances and anisotropy at multiple scales of motion
Author(s): Cheryl Klipp
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Automation of Cn2 profile extraction from weather radar images
Author(s): Lee R. Burchett; Steven T. Fiorino; Matthew Buchanan
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Turbulence characterization and image processing data sets from a NATO RTO SET 165 trial in Dayton, Ohio, USA
Author(s): M.-T. Velluet; Mikhail Vorontsov; Piet Schwering; Gabriele Marchi; Stephane Nicolas; Jim Riker
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Propagation of laser light through aero-optic flow: dry air at 0.4 Mach with three-dimensional turret
Author(s): Rebecca L. Beauchamp; Steven T. Fiorino
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The phase Strehl cumulative distribution function (cdf) in the performance modeling of adaptive optics systems
Author(s): Thomas C. Farrell
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The aggregate behavior of branch points: verification in wave optical simulation I
Author(s): Denis W. Oesch; Carolyn M. Tewksbury-Christle; Darryl J. Sanchez; Patrick R. Kelly
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The aggregate behavior of branch points: theoretical calculation of branch point velocity
Author(s): Darryl J. Sanchez; Denis W. Oesch; Patrick R. Kelly
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Using Maple and special functions to study the propagation of coherent light beams inside the Earth-ionosphere waveguide with turbulent media
Author(s): Sebastián Montoya Isaza; Juan Fernando Ospina Giraldo
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The mitigation of cloud impacts on free-space optical communications
Author(s): Randall J. Alliss; Billy Felton
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Potential impacts of elevated aerosol layers on high energy laser aerial defense engagements
Author(s): Steven T. Fiorino; Stephen M. Shirey; Michelle F. Via; Daniel J. Grahn; Matthew J. Krizo
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Assimilation of nontraditional datasets to improve atmospheric compensation
Author(s): Michael A. Kelly; Kwame Osei-Wusu; Thomas S. Spisz; Shadrian Strong; Nathan Setters; David M. Gibson
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Atmospheric propagation properties of various laser systems
Author(s): Greg A. Pitz; Sara Glass; Brian Kamer; Wade L. Klennert; David A. Hostutler
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Mobile free-space optical communications: a feasibility study of various battlefield scenarios
Author(s): Alan Harris; Mouhammad K. Al-Akkoumi; James J. Sluss Jr.
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