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Photonic Microdevices/Microstructures for Sensing IV
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Volume Number: 8376
Date Published: 13 June 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8376
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Thermally modulated nano-trampoline material as smart skin for gas molecular mass detection
Author(s): Hua Xia
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High-throughput nanostructured SERS substrates by self-assembly
Author(s): Oded Rabin; Robert M. Briber; Seung Yong Lee; Wonjoo Lee
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Plasmonic enhancement of a whispering-gallery-mode biosensor for single nanoparticle detection in aqueous solution
Author(s): S. I. Shopova; R. Rajmangal; S. Holler; S. Arnold
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Sensitivity enhancement and detection-limit improvement in whispering-gallery-mode-based biosensing
Author(s): Bei-Bei Li; Xu Yi; Qiu-Shu Chen; Yong-Chun Liu; Yun-Feng Xiao
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Multi-axis, all-dielectric electric field sensors
Author(s): Spencer Chadderdon; Daniel Perry; Jacob Van Wagoner; Richard Selfridge; Stephen Schultz
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Porous materials for optical detection of chemicals, biological molecules, and high-energy radiation
Author(s): J. W. Mares; X. Wei; S. M. Weiss
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In vivo experiments of laser thermotherapy on liver tissue with FBG temperature distribution sensor
Author(s): Na Chen; Shaofeng Chen; Hongfei Zhu; Shupeng Liu; Zhenyi Chen; Fufei Pang; Tingyun Wang
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Highly sensitive detection of glucose concentration with opto-fluidics ring resonator
Author(s): Yunhan Luo; Maung Kyaw Khaing Oo; Jia Ge; Zhe Chen; Xudong Fan
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Optical fiber sensor interrogation improved by active fiber loop
Author(s): Tao Wei; Jie Huang; Xinwei Lan; Qun Han; Hai Xiao
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Interrogation of in-series double cladding fiber sensor for simultaneous refractive index and temperature measurement
Author(s): Bo Qi; Fufei Pang; Tingyun Wang; Na Chen; Sujuan Huang; Zhenyi Chen
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High-sensitivity electro-optic CO2 gas sensing based on absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): Scott N. Zhang; Dorothy Y. Wang; Jianmin Gong; Dian Fan; Bo Dong; Michael Fraser; Anbo Wang
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Photonic crystal electro-optic devices in engineered thin film lithium niobate substrates
Author(s): James E. Toney; Vincent E. Stenger; Peter Pontius; Neil Smith; Jon Scholl; Andrea Pollick; Benattou Sadani; Huihui Lu; Maria-Pilar Bernal; Sri Sriram
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Cathodoluminescence of conducting gratings and implications for electron-beam investigations of nano-photonic devices
Author(s): Janardan Nath; Casey Schwarz; Evan Smith; Chandana Ghosh; R. E. Peale; L. Chernyak; Walter R. Buchwald
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Exact analytical solutions to one-dimensional variable mass problems
Author(s): Juan M. López R.
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Novel approach to improve reliable color recognition in a-Si:H photodiodes
Author(s): Krystian Watty; Andreas Bablich; Konstantin Seibel; Christian Merfort; Markus Böhm
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III-nitride/SiC avalanche photodetectors for enabling compact biological agent identification and detection
Author(s): A. V. Sampath; R. W. Enck; C. S. Gallinat; H. Shen; M. Wraback; Q. Zhou; D. McIntosh; J. C. Campbell
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Monolithic integration of high-speed Ge photo-detectors on SOI-based WDM receivers
Author(s): Wei Qian; Dazeng Feng; Hong Liang; Joe Zhou; Yong Liu; Shirong Liao; Cheng-Chih Kung; Joan Fong; B. Jonathan Luff; Roshanak Shafiiha; Daniel Lee; Wayne White; Mehdi Asghari
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FIB-assisted a-SiGe:H/a-SiC:H alloy analysis for ultra-low biased multispectral pixn sensors with enhanced color separation features and low-reflective ZnO:Al back-contacts
Author(s): Andreas Bablich; Krystian Watty; Christian Merfort; Markus Böhm
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Transformation optics designed general optical Luneburg lens with flattened shapes
Author(s): Bayaner Arigong; Kris Ohlinger; Hyoung Soo Kim; Yuankun Lin; Hualiang Zhang
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