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Ocean Sensing and Monitoring IV
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Volume Number: 8372
Date Published: 11 June 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8372
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Modular multi-channel imaging system for littoral observation and target detection
Author(s): Yuliya Podobna; Jon Schoonmaker; Cynthia Boucher; Steve Saggese; Daniel Oakley; Dustin Medeiros
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Compact optical system for imaging underwater and through the air/sea interface
Author(s): Derek Alley; Linda Mullen; Alan Laux
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Scattered photons as useable signal for underwater imaging
Author(s): Walton McBride; Alan Weidemann; Linda Mullen; Alan Laux; Derek Alley
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Application of in-situ digital holography in the study of particles, organisms and bubbles within their natural environment
Author(s): Siddharth Talapatra; James Sullivan; Joseph Katz; Michael Twardowski; Helen Czerski; Percy Donaghay; Jiarong Hong; Jan Rines; Malcolm McFarland; Aditya R. Nayak; Cao Zhang
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Bahamas Optical Turbulence Exercise (BOTEX): preliminary results
Author(s): Weilin Hou; Ewa Jorosz; Fraser Dalgleish; Gero Nootz; Sarah Woods; Alan D. Weidemann; Wesley Goode; Anni Vuorenkoski; B. Metzger; B. Ramos
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Remote sensing of sound speed in the ocean via Brillouin scattering
Author(s): Edward S. Fry
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The spatial and temporal structure of thermal fluctuations associated with a vertical turbulent jet impinging a water surface: laboratory experiments and field observations
Author(s): K. Peter Judd; Ivan B. Savelyev; Geoffrey B. Smith; George Marmorino
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An optically remote powered subsea video monitoring system
Author(s): Fat Kit Lau; Brian Stewart; Danny McStay
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Integration of SAR and AIS for ship detection and identification
Author(s): Chan-Su Yang; Tae-Ho Kim
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Development of a fluorescence polarization submersible instrument for the detection of submerged heavy oil spill
Author(s): Job Bello; Anton G. Smirnov; Patrick Toomey
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Introduction of oil spill monitoring and response support system using satellite remote sensing
Author(s): Tae-Ho Kim; Chan-Su Yang
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Fingerprinting of crude oil using fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): A. S. Holmes-Smith; M. Uttamlal; C. McCormick; D. M. Hepburn; A. Graham; D. Faichnie
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Application of laser-source-based calibration for VIIRS for ultra-high-accuracy spectroradiometric calibration
Author(s): B. Guenther
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Validation of the VIIRS ocean color
Author(s): Robert Arnone; Giulietta Fargion; Paul Martinolich; Sherwin Ladner; Adam Lawson; Jennifer Bowers; Michael Ondrusek; Giuseppe Zibordi; ZongPing Lee; Charles Trees; Curtiss Davis; Samuel Ahmed
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Initial results of NPP VIIRS SST processing at NAVOCEANO
Author(s): Bruce McKenzie; Doug May; Jean-Francois Cayula; Keith Willis
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Automated ocean color product validation for the Southern California Bight
Author(s): Curtiss O. Davis; Nicholas Tufillaro; Burt Jones; Robert Arnone
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A methodology for calibration of hyperspectral and multispectral satellite data in coastal areas
Author(s): Giuliana Pennucci; Giulietta Fargion; Alberto Alvarez; Charles Trees; Robert Arnone
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Selecting a first-guess SST as input to ACSPO
Author(s): Korak Saha; Alexander Ignatov; XingMing Liang; Prasanjit Dash
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Evaluation of atmospheric correction procedures for ocean color data processing using hyper- and multi-spectral radiometric measurements from the Long Island Sound Coastal Observatory
Author(s): S. Ahmed; A. Gilerson; T. Harmel; S. Hlaing; A. Tonizzo; A. Weidemann; R. Arnone
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Airborne LIDAR as a tool for estimating inherent optical properties
Author(s): Charles Trees; Robert Arnone
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Probing the subsurface ocean processes using ocean LIDARS
Author(s): Robert Arnone; Sergio Derada; Sherwin Ladner; Charles Trees
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Airborne lidar sensing of internal waves in a shallow fjord
Author(s): James H. Churnside; Richard Marchbanks; Jennifer H. Lee; Joseph A. Shaw; Alan Weidemann; Percy Donaghay
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Image enhancement for underwater pulsed laser line scan imaging system
Author(s): B. Ouyang; F. R. Dalgleish; F. M. Caimi; A. K. Vuorenkoski; T. E. Giddings; J. J. Shirron
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A modulated pulse laser for underwater detection, ranging, imaging, and communications
Author(s): Brandon Cochenour; Linda Mullen; John Muth
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Polarization techniques for the retrieval of water parameters from above and below water polarimetric observations
Author(s): Alex Gilerson; Amir Ibrahim; Tristan Harmel; Alberto Tonizzo; Samir Ahmed
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Biological thin layers: history, ecological significance and consequences to oceanographic sensing systems
Author(s): James Sullivan; Michael Twardowski; Percy Donaghay; Jan Rines; Malcolm McFarland; Siddharth Talapatra; Joseph Katz; James Churnside; Alan Weidemann
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Forecasting the ocean optical environment in support of Navy mine warfare operations
Author(s): S. D. Ladner; R. Arnone; J. Jolliff; B. Casey; K. Matulewski
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Cross-calibration of Landsat-7's visible-near-infrared bands with Terra-MODIS over dark waters
Author(s): Nima Pahlevan; Nina G. Raqueno; John R. Schott
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Over-water atmospheric correction for Landsat's new OLI sensor
Author(s): Aaron D. Gerace; John R. Schott
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Stability augmentation and mosaic method of forward-scan sonar images
Author(s): Shaorong Xie; Jun Luo; Jinbo Chen; Yuanyu Xu
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Sonar watermark embedding and detection: a sea trial report
Author(s): Bijan G. Mobasseri; Nagarjun Chakilam; Robert S. Lynch
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Comparison of sea-level measurements using microwave radar and subsurface pressure gauge deployed in Mandovi estuary in Goa, central west coast of India
Author(s): Prakash Mehra; Yogesh Agarvadekar; Ryan Luis; Lalsab Nadaf
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Study of wind speed attenuation at Kavaratti Island using land-based, offshore, and satellite measurements
Author(s): Antony Joseph; Pradhan Rivonkar; T. M. Balakrishnan Nair
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Statistical modeling of tropical cyclones' longevity after landfall in Australia
Author(s): Kamal K. Saha; Saleh A. Wasimi
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iDiver: underwater text messaging and locating system for divers
Author(s): Ranga Narayanaswami; Carlos Gutiérrez; R. Rameez; Milica Stojanovic; Raman K. Mehra
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Light field and water clarity simulation of natural environments in laboratory conditions
Author(s): Shachak Pe'eri; Glenn Shwaery
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Underwater laser range finder
Author(s): Alan Laux; Linda Mullen; Paul Perez; Eleonora Zege
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Development of a low-cost, unmanned surface vehicle for military applications
Author(s): A. Cadena
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