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Photonic Applications for Aerospace, Transportation, and Harsh Environment III
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Volume Number: 8368
Date Published: 8 May 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8368
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optical design consideration for both automotive and aerospace environment
Author(s): Simon Thibault
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Broad area optical debris impact sensor
Author(s): L. R. Gauthier Jr.; M. E. Jansen; J. R. Meyer
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Innovative fiber optic sensor for hydrogen detection
Author(s): Nicolas Javahiraly; Cedric Perrotton; Martin Slaman; Bernard Dam; Patrick Meyrueis
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Optical hydrogen sensors based on metal-hydrides
Author(s): M. Slaman; R. Westerwaal; H. Schreuders; B. Dam
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Fiber optic oxygen sensor using fluorescence quenching for aerospace application
Author(s): Allen Panahi
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Plastic optical fiber hydrogen detection sensor systems for harsh environment in aerospace application
Author(s): Alex A. Kazemi; Kish Goswami; Edward Mendoza; Lothar Kempen
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On the use of a compact optical fiber sensor system in aircraft structural health monitoring
Author(s): Nezih Mrad; Honglei Guo; Gaozhi Xiao; Bruno Rocha; Zhigang Sun
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Installation and through-life operation issues for fiber optic components and systems in aircraft applications
Author(s): Henry White; Geoff Proudley; D. Wez Charlton; Alex A. Kazemi
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Frequency response comparison of two FBG-based hydrophones
Author(s): Indu Fiesler Saxena; Narciso Guzman; Stephen Pflanze
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Optical embedded dust sensor for engine protection and early warning on M1 Abrams/ground combat vehicles
Author(s): Hai Lin; Gregor A. Waldherr; Timothy Burch
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Miniature multi-analyte fiber-optic sensor probe
Author(s): Lothar U. Kempen; Manal Beshay; Jesus A. Delgado
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Exit pupil expander for wearable see-through displays
Author(s): Bernard Kress; Victorien Raulot; Michel Grossman
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Comparative spectral analysis of commercial fuel-ethanol blends using a low-cost prototype FT-Raman spectrometer
Author(s): Valentin Ortega Clavero; Andreas Weber; Werner Schröder; Patrick Meyrueis; Nicolas Javahiraly
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Aircraft fiber optic structural health monitoring
Author(s): Nezih Mrad
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Bend insensitive multimode fibers with extreme bend loss tolerance and high bandwidth
Author(s): Denis Donlagic; Borut Lenardic; Saeed Rehman
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Space-based laser systems for inter-satellite communications
Author(s): Alex A. Kazemi; Allen Panahi
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Development of an in-situ wireless strain monitoring system and its integration with FEA SHM simulation models
Author(s): K. Nikbin; F. Abdi
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Content-dependent on-the-fly visual information fusion for battlefield scenarios
Author(s): Mathieu Aubailly; Mikhail A. Vorontsov; Gary Carhart; J. Jiang Liu; Richard Espinola
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Structured IR illumination for relative depth sensing in virtual interfaces
Author(s): Bernard Kress; Victorien Raulot; Michel Grossman
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Polarization-based vision sensor for automotive
Author(s): Simon Thibault; Pierre Desaulniers
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Highly-hermetic feedthrough fiber pigtailed circular TO-can electro-optic sensor for avionics applications
Author(s): Jocelyn Lauzon; Lorrain Leduc; Daniel Bessette; Nicolas Bélanger
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Optimal selection of fiber optic interconnection components and methods based on application, environment, and use
Author(s): Michael O'Farrell; Douglas Parker
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Solid material rigidity modulus measurements by a nondestructive optical method: application to electrical steering system
Author(s): Nicolas Javahiraly; Cédric Perrotton
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Proven high-reliability assembly methods applied to avionics fiber-optics high-speed transceivers
Author(s): Jocelyn Lauzon; Lorrain Leduc; Daniel Bessette; Nicolas Bélanger; Robert Larose; Bruno Dion
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Optical fiber sensing of corroded materials with evanescent wave absorption measurements
Author(s): Juock Namkung; Andy Schwartz
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Review of recent technological advances in high power LED packaging
Author(s): Allen S. Panahi
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