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Terahertz Physics, Devices, and Systems VI: Advanced Applications in Industry and Defense
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Volume Number: 8363
Date Published: 4 June 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8363
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Resonance structure of molecular clusters of B-HMX for THz frequencies
Author(s): L. Huang; A. Shabaev; S. G. Lambrakos; L. Massa
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THz detectors based on heating of two-dimensional electron gas in disordered nitride heterostructures
Author(s): V. Mitin; R. Ramaswamy; K. Wang; J. K. Choi; M. Pakmehr; A. Muraviev; M. Shur; R. Gaska; V. Pogrebnyak; A. Sergeev
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Tunable THz absorption using Al/SiOx planar periodic structures
Author(s): Brian Kearney; Fabio Alves; Dragoslav Grbovic; Gamani Karunasiri
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Proposal for real-time terahertz imaging system with palm-size terahertz camera and compact quantum cascade laser
Author(s): Naoki Oda; Alan W. M. Lee; Tsutomu Ishi; Iwao Hosako; Qing Hu
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Catadioptric optics for high-resolution terahertz imager
Author(s): Nathalie Blanchard; Linda Marchese; Anne Martel; Marc Terroux; Éric Savard; Claude Chevalier; Luc Mercier; Lucie Gagnon; Julie Lambert; Martin Bolduc; Alain Bergeron
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Uncooled photomechanical terahertz imagers
Author(s): Matthew Erdtmann; Lei Zhang; Shankar Radhakrishnan; Shuyun Wu; Thomas M. Goyette; Andrew J. Gatesman
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Real-time imaging with THz fully-customized uncooled amorphous-silicon microbolometer focal plane arrays
Author(s): F. Simoens; J. Meilhan; B. Delplanque; S. Gidon; G. Lasfargues; J. Lalanne Dera; D. T. Nguyen; J. L. Ouvrier-Buffet; S. Pocas; T. Maillou; O. Cathabard; S. Barbieri
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A 3D THz image processing methodology for a fully integrated, semi-automatic and near real-time operational system
Author(s): A. Brook; E. Cristofani; M. Vandewal; C. Matheis; J. Jonuscheit; R. Beigang
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Development of an open path THz transmissometer for deterministic and random propagation studies
Author(s): Lawrence J. Scally; Albin J. Gasiewski; Jason Fritz
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Design optimization of low-loss waveguides for THz guidance
Author(s): B. M. A. Rahman; Anita Quadir; N. Kejalakshmy; K. T. V. Grattan
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Design, simulation, and characterization of THz metamaterial absorber
Author(s): Lee Butler; David S. Wilbert; William Baughman; Soner Balci; Patrick Kung; Seongsin M. Kim; Martin S Heimbeck; Henry O. Everitt
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Down-conversion detection in 300 GHz radiation using Glow Discharge Detector (GDD)
Author(s): Avihai Aharon Akram; N. S. Kopeika; A. Abramovich; B. Slavin
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Subwavelength, multimode, tunable plasmonic terahertz lenses and detectors
Author(s): Mustafa Karabiyik; Chowdhury Al-Amin; Santanu Das; Nezih Pala; Won Bong Choi
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Efficiency of the detection and identification of ceramic explosive using the reflected THz signal
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Svetlana A. Varentsova; Mieczyslaw Szustakowski; Norbert Palka
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Rigorous modal analysis of THz quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Huda Tanvir; B. M. A. Rahman; K. T. V. Grattan
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Terahertz polarimetry based on metamaterial devices
Author(s): Grace D. Metcalfe; Michael Wraback; Andrew Strikwerda; Kebin Fan; Xin Zhang; Richard Averitt
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Ultrahigh sensitive plasmonic terahertz detectors based on an asymmetric dual-grating gate HEMT structure
Author(s): Taiichi Otsuji; Stephane Boubanga-Tombet; Takayuki Watanabe; Yudai Tanimoto; Akira Satou; Tetsuya Suemitsu; Yuye Wang; Hiroaki Minamide; Hiromasa Ito; Yahya Moubarak Meziani; Dominique Coquillat; Wojciech Knap; Denis Fateev; Viacheslav Popov
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Graphene-based field-effect transistor structures for terahertz applications
Author(s): Ahmad Abbas; Mustafa Karabiyik; Nezih Pala
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Resonant bolometric subterahertz detection in a 2D plasmonic cavity
Author(s): G. C. Dyer; G. R. Aizin; A. D. Grine; J. L. Reno; J. M. Hensley; S. J. Allen; E. A. Shaner
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Beam-driven linear and nonlinear THz source technology
Author(s): Paul Schoessow; Alexei Kanareykin; C. Jing; Stanislav Baturin
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Comparative reconstructions of THz spectroscopic imaging for non-destructive testing and biomedical imaging
Author(s): William E. Baughman; David S. Wilbert; Soner Balci; Michael Bolus; Mathieu Baker; Patrick Kung; Seongsin M. Kim; Martin S Heimbeck; Henry O. Everitt
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Terahertz imaging with missing data analysis for metamaterials characterization
Author(s): Andre Sokolnikov
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Development and optimization of THz NDT on aeronautics composite multilayered structures
Author(s): M. Vandewal; J. Depauw; K. Rombaut; R. Beigang; J. Jonuscheit; P. Mounaix; I. Sáez de Ocáriz; R. Martínez Edo; A. Priegue; Y. Sternberg
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