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Radar Sensor Technology XVI
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Volume Number: 8361
Date Published: 15 June 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8361
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Interferometric measurement of the angular velocity of moving humans
Author(s): Jeffrey A. Nanzer
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Adaptive waveform scheduling in radar: an information theoretic approach
Author(s): Pawan Setlur; Natasha Devroye
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Testing a transmission line model for homogeneous subsurface media using ground penetrating radar
Author(s): Berta Rodriguez-Hervas; Benjamin C. Flores; Chandra Pappu; Ricardo F. von Borries; Patrick S. Debroux
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High-resolution time-frequency representations based on the local polynomial Fourier transform for over-the-horizon radars
Author(s): Igor Djurovic; Slobodan Djukanovic; Moeness G. Amin; Yimin D. Zhang; Braham Himed
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Refocusing vibrating targets in SAR images
Author(s): Qi Wang; Balu Santhanam; Matthew Pepin; Tom Atwood; Majeed M. Hayat
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2D and 3D ISAR image reconstruction through filtered back projection
Author(s): Timothy Ray; Yufeng Cao; Zhijun Qiao; Genshe Chen
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Features for landcover classification of fully polarimetric SAR data
Author(s): Jorge V. Geaga
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Accurate reconstruction of frequency-sparse signals from non-uniform samples
Author(s): Kang-Yu Ni; Xiangming Kong; Roy M. Matic; Mohiuddin Ahmed
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Multifunctional millimeter-wave radar system for helicopter safety
Author(s): Darren S. Goshi; Timothy J. Case; John B. McKitterick; Long Q. Bui
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Flexible end-to-end system design for synthetic aperture radar applications
Author(s): Evan C. Zaugg; Matthew C. Edwards; Joshua P. Bradley
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Radar-based full-body screening of passengers with constant motion
Author(s): S. Hantscher; B. Schlenther; S. Lang; M. Hägelen; H. Essen; A. Tessmann
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Radar tracking and classification of littoral targets
Author(s): Jerry Silvious; Dave Tahmoush
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3-D synthetic aperture processing on high-frequency wide-beam microwave systems
Author(s): Edison Cristofani; Anna Brook; Marijke Vandewal
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Preliminary analysis of fully polarimetric air and spaceborne SAR measurements for security and reconnaissance purposes
Author(s): Helmut Suess; Thomas Rueckel
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SAR change detection for monitoring the impact of the rehabilitation of the Arghandab irrigation system in Afghanistan
Author(s): Jennifer Busler; Mohsen Ghazel; Vinay Kotamraju; Lisa Vandehei; Guy Aubé; Corey Froese
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Detection of clandestine tunnels in complex environments using a mobile focused-source electromagnetic data measurement and processing unit
Author(s): Sofia Davydycheva; Michael Frenkel
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Cooperative control of MAVs for a hidden emitter localization
Author(s): Miguel Gates; Rastko Selmic; Raul Ordonez
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Synthetic aperture radar imaging of a two-story building
Author(s): Calvin Le; Traian Dogaru
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Indoor imagery with a 3D through-wall synthetic aperture radar
Author(s): Pascale Sévigny; David J. DiFilippo; Tony Laneve; Jonathan Fournier
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Micro-Doppler processing for ultra-wideband radar data
Author(s): Graeme E. Smith; Fauzia Ahmad; Moeness G. Amin
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Histogram-based segmentation for stationary target detection in urban environments
Author(s): Moeness G. Amin; Pawan Setlur; Fauzia Ahmad; Pascale Sevigny; David DiFilippo
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Evaluation of polarimetric through-the-wall radar measurements
Author(s): Tommy Johansson; Ain Sume; Jonas Rahm; Stefan Nilsson; Anders Örbom
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High efficiency switching power amplifiers for multi-band radar
Author(s): Jarred Lawler; Justin Wells; Sal Mendez; Tim Wurth
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Antenna array devised for amplifier integration
Author(s): Bernd H. Strassner II
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Compensating for inconsistent high power vircator microwave radar pulse sources
Author(s): Alastair D. McAulay
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Developments in extraordinary transmission metallic lens
Author(s): Miguel Navarro-Cia; Miguel Beruete; Francisco Falcone; Mario Sorolla
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Image-based target detection with multispectral UWB OFDM radar
Author(s): Travis D. Bufler; Dmitriy S. Garmatyuk
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A new phase space method for target discrimination
Author(s): Frederic J. Rachford; Thomas L. Carroll
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Implementation of generalized detector for distributed sources using sensor arrays
Author(s): Vyacheslav Tuzlukov
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Classification and modeling of human activities using empirical mode decomposition with S-band and millimeter-wave micro-Doppler radars
Author(s): Dustin P. Fairchild; Ram M. Narayanan
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Radar cross section statistics of cultural clutter at Ku-band
Author(s): Ann Marie Raynal; Douglas L. Bickel; Dale F. Dubbert; Tobias J. Verge; Bryan L. Burns; Ralf Dunkel; Armin W. Doerry
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Radar micro-Doppler simulations of classification capability with frequency
Author(s): David Tahmoush; Jerry Silvious
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Electromagnetic investigation on imaging of disturbed earth feature for buried target detection
Author(s): DaHan Liao
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In-situ permittivity measurements using ring resonators
Author(s): Gregory J. Mazzaro
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Low-cost chaotic radar design
Author(s): G. Martin Hall; E. Jeff Holder; Seth D. Cohen; Daniel J. Gauthier
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Information retrieval and cross-correlation function analysis of random noise radar signal through dispersive media
Author(s): Ana Vazques Alejos; Muhammad Dawood
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Analysis of the ambiguity function for an FM signal derived from the Lorenz chaotic flow
Author(s): Chandra S. Pappu; Benjamin C. Flores; Patrick deBroux
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Preliminary performance analysis of the advanced pulse compression noise radar waveform
Author(s): Mark A. Govoni; Lee R. Moyer
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Noisy Stepped Frequency (NSF) waveform in RF tomography
Author(s): Russell Vela; Lorenzo Lo Monte
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Ultra-wideband noise radar based on optical waveform generation
Author(s): Daniel Grodensky; Daniel Kravitz; Avi Zadok
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Impulse response characterization of the propagation and scattering environment in through-wall applications using an S-band noise radar
Author(s): Sonny Smith; Ram M. Narayanan
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Simultaneous human detection and ranging using a millimeter-wave radar system transmitting wideband noise with an embedded tone
Author(s): Kyle A. Gallagher; Ram M. Narayanan
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Microwave noise field: active radiometry principles and applications
Author(s): Jiri Polivka
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A better trihedral corner reflector for low grazing angles
Author(s): A. W. Doerry; B. C. Brock
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What maritime ISAR designers should know about ship dynamics
Author(s): A. W. Doerry
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Designing interpolation kernels for SAR data resampling
Author(s): A. W. Doerry; E. Bishop; J. Miller; V. Horndt; D. Small
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Multitarget detection algorithm for automotive FMCW radar
Author(s): Eugin Hyun; Woo-Jin Oh; Jong-Hun Lee
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Tunnel monitoring with an advanced InSAR technique
Author(s): Bernhard Rabus; Jayson Eppler; Jayanti Sharma; Jennifer Busler
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Integrated radar-camera security system: range test
Author(s): M. Zyczkowski; M. Szustakowski; W. Ciurapinski; M. Karol; P. Markowski
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Fast stereo matching under varying illumination
Author(s): Sarala Arunagiri; Adriana Contreras; Esthela Gallardo; Aritra DattaGupta; Patricia J. Teller; Joseph C. Deroba; Lam H. Nguyen
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Novel nonlinear phase distortion estimation in wideband linear frequency modulated waveform
Author(s): Heeseong Yang; Joohwan Chun; Sung-Chan Song
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Target detection using multi-resolution forward-looking SAR imagery
Author(s): Roberto Innocenti; Kenneth Ranney; Lam Nguyen
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Contrast-based moving target detection with the randomized linear receive array
Author(s): Kenneth Ranney; Anthony Martone; Roberto Innocenti; Lam Nguyen
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Lynx maritime radar in USN experiment Trident Warrior 2011
Author(s): R. Dunkel; Z. Link; T. Verge; J. Laue
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An efficient means to mitigate wavefront curvature effects in polar format processed SAR imagery
Author(s): Robert Linnehan; Mark Yasuda; Armin Doerry
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