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Infrared Imaging Systems: Design, Analysis, Modeling, and Testing XXIII
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Volume Number: 8355
Date Published: 18 May 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8355
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Spectral responsivity calibrations of two types of pyroelectric radiometers using three different methods
Author(s): J. Zeng; G. P. Eppeldauer; L. M. Hanssen; V. B. Podobedov
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Using GStreamer to perform real-time MRTD measurements on thermal imaging systems
Author(s): Stephen D. Burks; Joshua M. Doe; Jonathan Fanning; Bradley Preece
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PV-MCT working standard radiometer
Author(s): George P. Eppeldauer; V. B. Podobedov
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Noise estimation of an MTF measurement
Author(s): David P. Haefner; Stephen D. Burks
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Laser speckle MTF processing and test development for VIS and IR sensors
Author(s): Paul P. K. Lee; Craig W. McMurtry; Edwin J. Tan; Judith L. Pipher; Mark V. Bocko; J. Daniel Newman
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Advanced trend removal in 3D noise calculation
Author(s): Stephen D. Burks; Quang Nguyen
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On-axis and off-axis characterization of MWIR and LWIR imaging systems using quadri-wave interferometry
Author(s): Sabrina Velghe; Djamel Brahmi; William Boucher; Benoit Wattellier
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Rapid electro-optical (EO) TPS development in a military environment
Author(s): James McKechnie; Alan Irwin; Thomas Gauntner
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Atmospheric effects on target acquisition
Author(s): Norman S. Kopeika; Arkadi Zilberman; Yitzhak Yitzhaky; Ephim Golbraikh
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Improved motion estimation for restoring turbulence-distorted video
Author(s): Christine M. Zwart; Richard Pracht; David H. Frakes
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Impact of atmospheric aerosols on long range image quality
Author(s): Daniel A. LeMaster; Michael T. Eismann
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Fried deconvolution
Author(s): Jérôme Gilles; Stanley Osher
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Turbulence stabilization
Author(s): Yu Mao; Jérôme Gilles
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Turbulence mitigation of short exposure image data using motion detection and background segmentation
Author(s): Claudia S. Huebner
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Short-exposure passive imaging through path-varying convective boundary layer turbulence
Author(s): David H. Tofsted
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An efficient turbulence simulation algorithm
Author(s): A. L. Robinson; J. Smith; A. Sanders
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Energy conservation: a forgotten property of the turbulent point spread function
Author(s): Mikhail Charnotskii
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Long-term measurements of atmospheric point-spread functions over littoral waters as determined by atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Arie N. de Jong; Piet B. W. Schwering; Koen W. Benoist; Willem H. Gunter; George Vrahimis; Faith J. October
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Hyperspectral image turbulence measurements of the atmosphere
Author(s): Sarah E. Lane; Leanne L. West; Gary G. Gimmestad; Stanislav Kireev; William L. Smith Sr.; Edward M. Burdette; Taumi Daniels; Larry Cornman
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Infrared detector size: how low should you go?
Author(s): Ronald Driggers; Gerald Holst; Joseph Reynolds; Jonathan Fanning; Richard Vollmerhausen
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Implementation of intensity ratio change and line-of-sight rate change algorithms for imaging infrared trackers
Author(s): C. R. Viau
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Turbulence compensation: an overview
Author(s): Adam W. M. van Eekeren; Klamer Schutte; Judith Dijk; Piet B. W. Schwering; Miranda van Iersel; Niek J. Doelman
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A real-time atmospheric turbulence mitigation and super-resolution solution for infrared imaging systems
Author(s): Douglas R. Droege; Russell C. Hardie; Brian S. Allen; Alexander J. Dapore; Jon C. Blevins
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Turbulence degradation and mitigation performance for handheld weapon ID
Author(s): Richard L. Espinola; Sameer Aghera; Roger Thompson; Jason Miller
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Patch-based local turbulence compensation in anisoplanatic conditions
Author(s): Adam W. M. van Eekeren; Maarten C. Kruithof; Klamer Schutte; Judith Dijk; Miranda van Iersel; Piet B. W. Schwering
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High fidelity simulations of infrared imagery with animated characters
Author(s): F. Näsström; A. Persson; D. Bergström; J. Berggren; J. Hedström; J. Allvar; M. Karlsson
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Infrared signature measurements with the ABB dual-band hyperspectral imager
Author(s): Florent Prel; Louis Moreau; Stéphane Lantagne; Ritchie D. Bullis; Claude Roy; Christian Vallières; Luc Levesque
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Comparison of image restoration algorithms in the context of horizontal-path imaging
Author(s): Szymon Gladysz; Roberto Baena Gallé
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Modeling boost performance using a two dimensional implementation of the targeting task performance metric
Author(s): Bradley L. Preece; David P. Haefner; Jonathan D. Fanning
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Performance evaluation of optimization methods for super-resolution mosaicking on UAS surveillance videos
Author(s): Aldo Camargo; Qiang He; K. Palaniappan
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Human target acquisition performance
Author(s): Brian P. Teaney; Todd W. Du Bosq; Joseph P. Reynolds; Roger Thompson; Sameer Aghera; Steven K. Moyer; Eric Flug; Richard Espinola; Jonathan Hixson
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Validating an analytical technique for calculating detection probability given time-dependent search parameters
Author(s): Melvin H. Friedman; Hee-Sue Choi; Jae Cha; Joseph P. Reynolds
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A standard data set for performance analysis of advanced IR image processing techniques
Author(s): A. Robert Weiß; Uwe Adomeit; Philippe Chevalier; Stéphane Landeau; Piet Bijl; Frédéric Champagnat; Judith Dijk; Benjamin Göhler; Stefano Landini; Joseph P. Reynolds; Leslie N. Smith
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Benchmarking image fusion algorithm performance
Author(s): Christopher L. Howell
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Metrics for image-based modeling of target acquisition
Author(s): Jonathan D. Fanning
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Measuring the performance of super-resolution reconstruction algorithms
Author(s): Judith Dijk; Klamer Schutte; Adam W. M. van Eekeren; Piet Bijl
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Weighted contrast metric for imaging system performance
Author(s): Brian P. Teaney
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Improved fusing infrared and electro-optic signals for high-resolution night images
Author(s): Xiaopeng Huang; Ravi Netravali; Hong Man; Victor Lawrence
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Locally adaptive contrast enhancement and dynamic range compression
Author(s): Robert Maschal; S. Susan Young
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Impact of waveband on target-to-background contrast of camouflage
Author(s): Van A. Hodgkin; Jonathan G. Hixson; Ted Corbin; William P. Armentrout
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Performance modeling and assessment of infrared-sensors applicable for TALOS project UGV as a function of target/background and environmental conditions
Author(s): Stephane Barbe; Jean-Claude Krapez; Yolande Louvet
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Evaluating the efficiency of a night-time, middle-range infrared sensor for applications in human detection and recognition
Author(s): Thirimachos Bourlai; John Von Dollen; Nikolaos Mavridis; Christopher Kolanko
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Compensating internal temperature effects in uncooled microbolometer-based infrared cameras
Author(s): Felipe Pedreros; Jorge E. Pezoa; Sergio N. Torres
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A standardized way to select, evaluate, and test an analog-to-digital converter for ultrawide bandwidth radiofrequency signals based on user's needs, ideal, published,and actual specifications
Author(s): Daniel Y. Chang; Neil C. Rowe
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Determining detection, recognition, and identification ranges of thermal cameras on the basis of laboratory measurements and TTP model
Author(s): J. Bareła; M. Kastek; K. Firmanty; P. Trzaskawka; R. Dulski
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Testing of infrared image enhancing algorithm in different spectral bands
Author(s): R. Dulski; T. Sosnowski; M. Kastek; P. Trzaskawka
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An experimental validation of the Gauss-Markov model for nonuniformity noise in infrared focal plane array sensors
Author(s): Octavio Zapata; Felipe Pedreros; Sergio N. Torres
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Modification of infrared signature of naval vessels
Author(s): S. Milewski; R. Dulski; M. Kastek; P. Trzaskawka; J. Barela; K. Firmanty
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Radiometric calibration for MWIR cameras
Author(s): Hyunjin Yang; Joohwan Chun; Doo Chun Seo; Jiyeon Yang
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Infrared image segmentation with Gaussian mixture modeling
Author(s): Dong-Su Lee; Seokwon Yeom
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Evaluation of the effects of some remarkable internal and external factors on an infrared seeker
Author(s): Altuğ Uçar; Bülent Özkan
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