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28th European Mask and Lithography Conference
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Volume Number: 8352
Date Published: 10 May 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8352
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Nanometer-level semiconductor imaging for micrometer-level MEMS
Author(s): Burn J. Lin
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Mask industry assessment trend analysis: 2012
Author(s): Y. David Chan
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Mask readiness for EUVL pilot line
Author(s): Naoya Hayashi; Tsukasa Abe; Tadahiko Takikawa
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NXE:3100 full wafer imaging performance and budget verification
Author(s): Eelco van Setten; Koen van Ingen Schenau; Mark O'Mahony; Thijs Hollink; Friso Wittebrood; Natalia Davydova; Mark Eurlings; Kees Feenstra; Jo Finders; Mircea Dusa; Stuart Young
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A fast approach to model EUV mask 3D and shadowing effects
Author(s): Ying Li; Danping Peng; Masaki Satake; Peter Hu
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EUVL mask performance and optimization
Author(s): Natalia Davydova; Robert de Kruif; Eelco van Setten; Brid Connolly; Karolien Mehagnoul; John Zimmerman; Noreen Harned; Franklin Kalk
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AIMS D2DB simulation for DUV and EUV mask inspection
Author(s): Danping Peng; Ying Li; Masaki Satake; Peter Hu; Jerry Chen; S. C. Hsu; Rick Lai; C. S. Lin; Laurent C. C. Tuo
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Correcting image placement errors using registration control (RegC) technology in the photomask periphery
Author(s): Avi Cohen; Falk Lange; Guy Ben-Zvi; Erez Graitzer; Vladimir Dmitriev
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Optimization method of photolithography process by means of atomic force microscopy
Author(s): Andrzej Sierakowski; Paweł Janus; Daniel Kopiec; Konrad Nieradka; Krzysztof Domanski; Piotr Grabiec; Teodor Gotszalk
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Investigation and mitigation of field-edge CDU fingerprint for ArFi lithography for 45-nm to sub-28-nm logic nodes
Author(s): Bertrand Le-Gratiet; Jo Finders; Orion Mouraille; Rene Queens; Maryana Escalante; Bart Smeets; Jan Beltman; Karine Jullian
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Double exposure as a method to correct on-wafer CD variations: a proposal
Author(s): Arthur Hotzel; Holger Bald
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Lithographic aspects for the fabrication of BiCMOS embedded bio-MEMS and RF-MEMS
Author(s): P. Kulse; M. Birkholz; K.-E. Ehwald; M. Kaynak; M. Wietstruck; J. Bauer; J. Drews; K. Schulz
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MEMS: fabrication of cryogenic bolometers
Author(s): J. Kunert; S. Anders; T. May; V. Zakosarenko; G. Zieger; E. Kreysa; H.-G. Meyer
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Impact of reticle absorber on the imaging properties in ArFi lithography
Author(s): Jo Finders; O. Mouraille; A. Bouma; A. Ngai; K. Grim; J. van Praagh; C. Toma; J. Miyazaki; M. Higuchi; Y. Kojima; B. Connolly; I. Englard; Y. Cohen; S. Mangan; Michael Ben Yishai; Karine Jullian
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PSM and thin OMOG reticles aerial imaging metrology comparison study
Author(s): Yaron Cohen; Jo Finders; Shmoolik Mangan; Ilan Englard; Orion Mouraille; Maurice Janssen; Junji Miyazaki; Brid Connolly; Yosuke Kojima; Masaru Higuchi
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Pointwise process proximity function calibration: PPFexplorer application results
Author(s): M. Krueger; M. Banasch; R. Galler; D. Melzer; L. E. Ramos; M. Suelzle; U. Weidenmueller; U. Zeitner
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Mask write time reduction: deployment of advanced approaches and their impact on established work models
Author(s): S. F. Schulze; A. Elayat; T. Lin; E. Sahouria
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Improvements on Corner2, a lossless layout image compression algorithm for maskless lithography systems
Author(s): Jeehong Yang; Serap A. Savari
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Enhanced e-beam pattern writing for nano-optics based on character projection
Author(s): E.-Bernhard Kley; Holger Schmidt; Uwe Zeitner; Michael Banasch; Bernd Schnabel
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A novel tool for frequency assisted thermal nanoimprint (T-NIL)
Author(s): Andre Mayer; Khalid Dhima; Saskia Möllenbeck; Si Wang; Hella-Christin Scheer
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Nanoimprint activities in Austria in the research project cluster NILaustria
Author(s): Michael Mühlberger; Hannes Fachberger; Iris Bergmair; Michael Rohn; Bernd Dittert; Rainer Schöftner; Thomas Rothländer; Dieter Nees; Ursula Palfinger; Anja Haase; Alexander Fian; Martin Knapp; Claudia Preininger; Gerald Kreindl; Michael Kast; Thomas Fromherz
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Phase-shift at subwavelength holographic lithography (SWHL)
Author(s): Mikhail V. Borisov; Dmitriy A. Chelyubeev; Vitalij V. Chernik; Alexander A. Gavrikov; Dmitriy Yu. Knyazkov; Petr A. Mikheev; Vadim I. Rakhovsky; Alexey S. Shamaev
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High quality mask storage in an advanced Logic-Fab
Author(s): Carmen Jähnert; Silvio Fritsche
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Through pellicle management of haze formation in a wafer fabrication environment
Author(s): Alexander Figliolini; Michael Archuletta; Jeff LeClaire; David Brinkley; David Doerr; Roy White; Ron Bozak; David A. Lee
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Cleaning aspects of material choice for high end mask manufacturing
Author(s): Pavel Nesladek; Steve Osborne; Stefan Rümmelin
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The effect of puddle megasonic cleaning for advanced photomask with subresolution assist features (SRAFs)
Author(s): Ming-Chih Chen; Hsiang-Jen Yang; Chen-Rui Tseng
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Integrated cleaning and handling automation of NXE3100 reticles
Author(s): Rik Jonckheere; Tobias Waehler; Bart Baudemprez; Uwe Dietze; Peter Dress; Oliver Brux; Kurt Ronse
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Towards the optical inspection sensitivity optimization of EUV masks and EUVL-exposed wafers
Author(s): U. Okoroanyanwu; J. Heumann; X. Zhu; C. H. Clifford; F. Jiang; P. Mangat; R. Ghaskadavi; E. Mohn; R. Moses; O. Wood; H. Rolff; T. Schedel; R. Cantrell; P. Nesladek; N. LiCausi; X. Cai; W. Taylor; J. Schefske; M. Bender; N. Schmidt
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EUV mask defects and their removal
Author(s): Abbas Rastegar; Vibhu Jindal
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EUVL defect printability: an industry challenge
Author(s): Hyuk Joo Kwon; Ranganath Teki; Jenah Harris-Jones; Aaron Cordes
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Advanced metrology techniques for the characterization of EUV mask blank defects
Author(s): Jenah Harris-Jones; Vibhu Jindal; C. C. Lin; Tonmoy Chakraborty; Emilio Stinzianni; Ranganath Teki; Hyuk Joo Kwon
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