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Nanosensors, Biosensors, and Info-Tech Sensors and Systems 2012
Editor(s): Vijay K. Varadan
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Volume Number: 8344
Date Published: 20 April 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8344
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Nanostructured materials for multifunctional applications under NSF-CREST research at Norfolk State University
Author(s): A. K. Pradhan; R. Mundle; K. Zhang; T. Holloway; O. Amponsah; D. Biswal; R. Konda; C. White; H. Dondapati; K. Santiago; T. Birdsong; M. Arslan; B. Peeples; D. Shaw; J. Smak; C. Samataray; M. Bahoura
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Development and investigation of flexible polymer neural probe for chronic neural recording
Author(s): Courtney Smith; Kyo D. Song; Hargsoon Yoon; Woong-Ki Kim; Tao Zeng; Larry D. Sanford
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Carbon nanotube based composite fibers for strain sensing, signal processing, and computing
Author(s): Harsh Vardhan; D. Roy Mahapatra
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Al-doped ZnO aligned nanorod arrays for opto-electronic and sensor applications
Author(s): T. Holloway; R. Mundle; H. Dondapati; R. B. Konda; M. Bahoura; A. K. Pradhan
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Acetone vapor sensor made with cellulose-TiO2/MWCNTs hybrid nanocomposite
Author(s): Yi Chen; Hyejun Jung; Jaehwan Kim
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Design of nanostructured-based glucose biosensors
Author(s): Archana Komirisetty; Frances Williams; Aswini Pradhan; Rajini Babu Konda; Hareesh Dondapati; Diptirani Samantaray
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Mathematical simulation for integrated linear Fresnel spectrometer chip
Author(s): Yeonjoon Park; Hargsoon Yoon; Uhn Lee; Glen C. King; Sang Choi
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Smart healthcare textile sensor system for unhindered-pervasive health monitoring
Author(s): Pratyush Rai; Prashanth S. Kumar; Sechang Oh; Hyeokjun Kwon; Gyanesh N. Mathur; Vijay K. Varadan; M. P. Agarwal
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The Zigbee wireless ECG measurement system design with a motion artifact remove algorithm by using adaptive filter and moving weighted factor
Author(s): Hyeokjun Kwon; Sechang Oh; Vijay K. Varadan
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Printed hybrid systems
Author(s): Pentti Karioja; Jukka-Tapani Mäkinen; Kimmo Keränen; Janne Aikio; Teemu Alajoki; Tuomo Jaakola; Matti Koponen; Antti Keränen; Mikko Heikkinen; Markus Tuomikoski; Riikka Suhonen; Leena Hakalahti; Pälvi Kopola; Jukka Hast; Ralf Liedert; Jussi Hiltunen; Noriyuki Masuda; Antti Kemppainen; Kari Rönkä; Raimo Korhonen
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Synthesis and characterization of thermoelectric ink for renewable energy applications
Author(s): Jungmin Lee; Hyun Jung Kim; Sechang Oh; Sang H. Choi; Vijay K. Varadan
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Cellulose-gold nanowire (GNW) composite for electronic applications
Author(s): Joo-Hyung Kim; Byungwook Lim; Seongsoon Park
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Titanium dioxide-cellulose hybrid nanocomposite based conductometric glucose biosensor
Author(s): Mohammad Maniruzzaman; Suresha K. Mahadeva; Abu Hasan Khondoker; Jaehwan Kim
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Lithium iron phosphates as cathode materials in lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles
Author(s): Gaojun Wang; Linfeng Chen; Gyanesh N. Mathur; Vijay K. Varadan
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Electronic current transport in CNT-FETs for operation in ballistic region
Author(s): Ashok Srivastava; Yao Xu; Ashwani K. Sharma; Clay Mayberry
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Music close to one's heart: heart rate variability with music, diagnostic with e-bra and smartphone
Author(s): Shantala Hegde; Prashanth Shyam Kumar; Pratyush Rai; Gyanesh N. Mathur; Vijay K. Varadan
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Wireless power using magnetic resonance coupling for neural sensing applications
Author(s): Hargsoon Yoon; Hyunjung Kim; Sang H. Choi; Larry D Sanford; Demetris Geddis; Kunik Lee; Jaehwan Kim; Kyo D. Song
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Wireless structural sensor made with frequency selective surface antenna
Author(s): Sang-Dong Jang; Jaehwan Kim
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Wireless brain-machine interface using EEG and EOG: brain wave classification and robot control
Author(s): Sechang Oh; Prashanth S. Kumar; Hyeokjun Kwon; Vijay K. Varadan
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A film-type haptic actuator for mobile devices
Author(s): Dong-gu Kim; Sang-Youn Kim; Ki-Baek Kim; Jaehwan Kim
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New technologies for large-scale micropatterning of functional nanocomposite polymers
Author(s): A. Khosla; B. L. Gray
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Effect of rare earth elements (Er, Ho) on semi-metallic materials (ScN) in an applied electric field
Author(s): Hyunjung Kim; Yeonjoon Park; Glen C. King; Kunik Lee; Sang H. Choi
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Electromagnetic characteristics of carbon nanotubes with strain
Author(s): Brahmanandam Javvaji; S. Raha; D. Roy Mahapatra
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Covalent functionalization of carbon nanotube forests grown in situ on a metal-silicon chip
Author(s): Johan R. Johansson; Niklas Bosaeus; Nina Kann; Björn Åkerman; Bengt Nordén; Waqas Khalid
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Preparation and characterization of nano-composites with carbon nanotubes and core-shell type polyaniline for the conductive colloidal ink
Author(s): Jungmin Lee; Vijay K. Varadan
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Fabrication of paper-like ZnO-cellulose hybrid nanocomposite
Author(s): Hyun-U Ko; Byung-wook Lim; Joo-Hyung Kim; Jaehwan Kim
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Synthesis and characterization of functionalized magnetic nanoparticles
Author(s): Dipti Biswal; Brianna N. Peeples; Destiny D. Spence; Caryn Peeples; Crystal N. Bell; A. K. Pradhan
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Effectiveness of multiple pulses on flow index of electroporation
Author(s): Bashir I. Morshed; Maitham Shams; Tofy Mussivand
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Thermal effects of X-band microwaves on skin tissues
Author(s): Kyo D. Song; Hargsoon Yoon; Kunik Lee; Jaehwan Kim; Sang H. Choi
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Microfluidics on compliant substrates: recent developments in foldable and bendable devices and system packaging
Author(s): Bonnie L. Gray
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Fabrication of IDT electrode onto cellulose electro-active paper by inkjet printing
Author(s): Seongcheol Mun; Lindong Zhai; Hyejun Jung; Jaehwan Kim
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Development of a phase modulation surface plasmon resonance image detection system based on time-stepped quadrature phase shifting method
Author(s): Shu-Sheng Lee; Tsung-Yen Huang; Sheng-En Chen; Chih-Chieh Hung
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Determination of effective boundaries and material properties of SRR-rod and fishnet metamaterials
Author(s): Feng-Ju Hsieh; Wei-Chih Wang
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Nondestructive methods to assess dental implant stability
Author(s): Piervincenzo Rizzo; Aydin Tabrizi; Bruk Berhanu; Mark W. Ochs
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Medical CT image reconstruction accuracy in the presence of metal objects using x-rays up to 1 MeV with x-ray targets of beryllium, carbon, aluminum, copper, and tungsten
Author(s): James Clayton; Arundhuti Ganguly; Gary Virshup
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Investigation of coplanar strip dipole rectenna elements for microwave power transmission: simulation and experiment
Author(s): Sang Yeol Yang; Kyo D. Song; Hargsoon Yoon; Jaehwan Kim
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Predicting brain tissue deformation around an implantable electrode due to dynamic micromotion
Author(s): Michael Polanco; Hargsoon Yoon; Keejoo Lee; Sebastian Bawab
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Size and shape dependence of the electrochemical properties of hematite nanoparticles and their applications in lithium ion batteries
Author(s): Linfeng Chen; Gaojun Wang; Gyanesh N. Mathur; Vijay K. Varadan
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A study of micro bending test for polycrystalline by modified strain gradient theory
Author(s): Bong-Bu Jung; Hyun-Chul Park
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Synthesis and characterization of lithium ion batteries
Author(s): A. K. Pradhan; K. Zhang; R. Mundle; M. Arslan; O. Amponsah; M. Bahoura
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Remarkable evolution of electrical conductivity in Al:ZnO films
Author(s): H. Dondapati; R. Mundle; R. B. Konda; M. Bahoura; A. K. Pradhan
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Ultrasound contrast agent fabricated from microbubbles containing instant adhesives, and its ultrasound imaging ability
Author(s): T. Makuta; Y. Tamakawa
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