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Photonics and Optoelectronics Meetings (POEM) 2011: Optoelectronic Sensing and Imaging
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Volume Number: 8332
Date Published: 24 January 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8332
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Review on quantum clock synchronization schemes
Author(s): Yin-Ping Yao; Tong-Yi Zhang; Ren-Gang Wan; Wei Zhao
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The application of fiber Bragg grating in railway slope protection monitoring
Author(s): Jun Hu; Liang-feng Yuan; Hong-bo Chen
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Chemical microanalysis with cavity-enhanced optical waveguide devices
Author(s): Hans-Peter Loock; Jack A. Barnes; Klaus Bescherer; Andrew Brzezinski; Gianluca Gagliardi; Adam Gribble; Siegfried Janz; Rubin Ma; Dorit Munzke; Grant Ongo; John Saunders; Helen Waechter; Dan-Xia Xu
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Analysis and test of a distributed FBG sensor system by optical frequency domain reflectometry technique
Author(s): Yuewen Han; Cheng Cheng; Wei Li
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Integrated optical electric field probe for nanosecond pulse measurement
Author(s): Bao Sun; Zhefeng Hu; Kaixin Chen; Fushen Chen; Yongsheng Cao
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Self-referencing and calibration microstructured optical fiber-based surface plasmon resonance sensor
Author(s): Binbin Shuai; Li Xia; Deming Liu
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The constant fraction discriminator in pulsed time-of-flight laser rangefinding
Author(s): Ruitong Zheng; Guanhao Wu
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Molecular optical switches based on [Ru(OAc)(2cqn)2NO](H2cqn=2-chloro-8-quinolinol)
Author(s): Hongfei Wang; Xiaowei Jin; Jianru Wang; Xiaoyan Qiao
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Spectral color characterization of digital cameras: a review
Author(s): Wei Ji; Peter A. Rhodes
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An armored-cable-based fiber Bragg grating sensor array for perimeter fence intrusion detection
Author(s): Jianzhong Hao; Bo Dong; Paulose Varghese; Jiliang Phua; Siang Fook Foo
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Design and development of a low power, low cost, portable fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensor interrogation system
Author(s): Zhaohui Cai; Jiliang Phua; Jianzhong Hao; Bo Dong; Xian Wang; Yu Song Meng; Tat Meng Chiam
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A new fiber optic accelerometer based on fiber Bragg grating
Author(s): Qianliang Liang; Li Yu; Manliang Zhang
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Fiber optic volatile organic compounds sensor based on polymer coated FBG refractometer
Author(s): Peng Wang; Serge Caron; Claude Paré; Franics Picard; Sébastien Dubus; Nolwenn Le Bouch; Patrick Paradis; Sihai Chen
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Geometrical optics approximation of light scattered by large spheroidal bubble
Author(s): Huiling He; Kecheng Yang; Wei Li; Min Xia; Qing Li; Xiaohui Zhang
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Model-based super-resolution reconstruction techniques for underwater imaging
Author(s): Yuzhang Chen; Bofei Yang; Min Xia; Wei Li; Kecheng Yang; Xiaohui Zhang
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An on-line transformer windings temperature measurement system based on fiber Bragg grating
Author(s): Zao Cheng; Lin Cheng; Wei Li; Jianhua Zhou; Kecheng Yang; Xiaohui Zhang
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Design and implementation of control system for range-gated underwater laser imaging
Author(s): Wei-long Ge; Xiao-hui Zhang; Hong-wei Han
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A novel Mach-Zehnder and sagnac interferometer for distributed optic fiber sensing
Author(s): Jian Wang; Jun Xu; Qianliang Liang; Juan Li
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Decoding algorithms for improving the imaging performance of Vernier anode readout
Author(s): Qiurong Yan; Baosheng Zhao; Hao Yang; Yong'an Liu; Lizhi Sheng; Yonglin Wei
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Study on laser reflection from the two-dimensional random and rough sea surface
Author(s): Shuang Zhang; Gang Lu; Xiaohui Zhang; Chunsheng Sun
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Atmospheric boundary layer observations based on raman lidar
Author(s): Jinye Zhang; Wei Gong
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Design of a novel spectrophotometer for water quality monitor based on holography concave grating and CCD
Author(s): Zhong Ren; Guodong Liu; Lvming Zeng; Zhen Huang
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Study of the intelligent video surveillance system based on the staring ommateum model
Author(s): Jianhui Wu; Nanyang Zhang; Guoyun Zhang; Longyuan Guo
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Synthesis, photochromism properties of a hybrid diarylethene with hydroxyl group
Author(s): Duohua Jiang; Gang Liu; Weijun Liu
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Synthesis and properties of a new asymmetrical photochromic diarylethene bearing an isoxazole unit
Author(s): Yuanming Tu; Hui Li; Gang Liu
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Synthesis and properties of a novel photochromic compound
Author(s): Liqin Wang; Shouzhi Pu; Weijun Liu
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Efficient synthesis of a new unsymmetrical photochromic diarylethene for optical recording storage
Author(s): Taofeng Wang; Gang Liu; Weijun Liu
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A novel photochromic diarylethene based on a benzofuran moiety for optical recording
Author(s): Hongliang Liu; Shouzhi Pu; Weijun Liu
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Synthesis, photochromic properties and application of a new diarylethene bearing a naphthalene and thiophene moiety
Author(s): Renjie Wang; Shouzhi Pu; Weijun Liu
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Research on Raman amplification of pulse light Brillouin scattering signal
Author(s): Xiaorui Li; Huaping Gong; Jianfeng Wang; Hanfeng Xu
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Method of using area CCD to obtain the reflectivity curve
Author(s): Wenping Guo; Gang Lu; Kecheng Yang; Min Xia; Wei Li; Jie Dai; Xiaohui Zhang
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Texture image segmentation using LTP-based active contour model
Author(s): Guan-nan Chen; Heng-yang Hu; Zu-fang Huang
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A new 3D-registration method based on arbitrary geometric shape and unscented particle filter
Author(s): Min Zhao; Bingqi Liu; Dongsheng Wu
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The research of the accurate measure of static transfer function for the TDI CCD camera
Author(s): Guo-ning Li; Wen-hua Wang; Shuang-li Han; Long-xu Jin; Yan-Yan Liu
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Optical correlation identification technology applied in underwater laser imaging target identification
Author(s): Guang-tao Yao; Xiao-hui Zhang; Wei-long Ge
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Research on auto monitoring and control instrument of deep foundation pit engineering
Author(s): Qian Feng; Heng Li; Yi Zhang; Xutao Wang; Hao Wang; Xueyong Xu
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Experiment study on heterodyne Laser Doppler Vibrometry with three different structures
Author(s): Jianhua Shang; Shuai Yan; Lihong Ren; Shuguang Zhao; Yan He
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