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Advanced Etch Technology for Nanopatterning
Editor(s): Ying Zhang
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Volume Number: 8328
Date Published: 16 April 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8328
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Advanced plasma etch technologies for nanopatterning
Author(s): Rich Wise
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Ultimate top-down processes for future nanoscale devices
Author(s): Seiji Samukawa
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Patterning enhancement techniques by reactive ion etch
Author(s): Masanobu Honda; Koichi Yatsuda
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Plasma etch transfer of self-assembled polymer patterns
Author(s): Danvers E. Johnston; Ming Lu; Charles T. Black
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Patterning of CMOS device structures for 40-80nm pitches and beyond
Author(s): S. U. Engelmann; R. Martin; R. L. Bruce; H. Miyazoe; N. C. M. Fuller; W. S. Graham; E. M. Sikorski; M. Glodde; M. Brink; H. Tsai; J. Bucchignano; D. Klaus; E. Kratschmer; M. A. Guillorn
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Plasma etch challenges for porous low-k materials for 32nm and beyond
Author(s): C. Labelle; R. Srivastava; Y. Yin; TQ Chen; R. Koshy; Y. Mignot; J. Arnold; D. Horak
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Towards new plasma technologies for 22nm gate etch processes and beyond
Author(s): O. Joubert; M. Darnon; G. Cunge; E. Pargon; D. Thibault; C. Petit-Etienne; L. Vallier; N. Posseme; P. Bodart; L. Azarnouche; R. Blanc; M. Haas; M. Brihoum; S. Banna; T. Lill
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Etch challenges for 1xnm NAND flash
Author(s): Myung Kyu Ahn; Woo June Kwon; Chan Sun Hyun; Jin Woong Kim
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Plasma treatment to improve linewidth roughness during gate patterning
Author(s): L. Azarnouche; E. Pargon; K. Menguelti; M. Fouchier; M. Brihoum; R. Ramos; O. Joubert; P. Gouraud; C. Verove
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The effects of plasma exposure on low-k dielectric materials
Author(s): J. L. Shohet; H. Ren; M. T. Nichols; H. Sinha; W. Lu; K. Mavrakakis; Q. Lin; N. M. Russell; M. Tomoyasu; G. A. Antonelli; S. U. Engelmann; N. C. Fuller; V. Ryan; Y. Nishi
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Photoresist strip challenges for advanced lithography at 20nm technology node and beyond
Author(s): Ivan L. Berry III; Carlo Waldfried; Dwight Roh; Shijian Luo; David Mattson; James DeLuca; Orlando Escorcia
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Dry etching challenges for patterning smooth lines: LWR reduction of extreme ultra violet photo resist
Author(s): Efraín Altamirano-Sánchez; Alessandro Vaglio Pret; Roel Gronheid; Werner Boullart
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Self-assembly patterning using block copolymer for advanced CMOS technology: optimisation of plasma etching process
Author(s): T. Chevolleau; G. Cunge; M. Delalande; X. Chevalier; R. Tiron; S. David; M. Darnon; C. Navarro
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EUV resist curing technique for LWR reduction and etch selectivity enhancement
Author(s): Kazuki Narishige; Takayuki Katsunuma; Masanobu Honda; Koichi Yatsuda
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Mandrel and spacer engineering based self-aligned triple patterning
Author(s): Yijian Chen; Qi Cheng; Weiling Kang
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Transfer optimized dry development process of sub-32nm HSQ/AR3 BLR resist pillar from low-K etcher to metal etcher
Author(s): Wei-Su Chen; Peng-Sheng Chen; Hung-Wen Wei; Frederick T. Chen; Ming-Jinn Tsai; Tzu-Kun Ku
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How much further can lithography process windows be improved?
Author(s): Mary Ann Hockey; Qin Lin; Eric Calderas
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Removal of SU-8 resists using hydrogen radicals generated by tungsten hot-wire catalyzer
Author(s): Akihiko Kono; Yu Arai; Yousuke Goto; Hideo Horibe
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Pattern transfer from the e-beam resist, over the nanoimprint resist and to the final silicon substrate
Author(s): Jian He; S. Howitz; K. Richter; J. W. Bartha; J. I. Moench
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Exploration of suitable dry etch technologies for directed self-assembly
Author(s): Fumiko Yamashita; Eiichi Nishimura; Koichi Yatsuda; Hiromasa Mochiki; Julie Bannister
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High aspect ratio etching using a fullerene derivative spin-on-carbon hardmask
Author(s): A. Frommhold; J. Manyam; R. E. Palmer; A. P. G. Robinson
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3d modeling of LER transfer from the resist to the underlying substrate: the effect of the resist roughness
Author(s): G Kokkoris; V Constantoudis; E Gogolides
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