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Medical Imaging 2012: Ultrasonic Imaging, Tomography, and Therapy
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Volume Number: 8320
Date Published: 12 April 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8320
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Ultrasound waveform tomography with the total-variation regularization for detection of small breast tumors
Author(s): Youzuo Lin; Lianjie Huang; Zhigang Zhang
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Efficient implementation of ultrasound waveform tomography using source encoding
Author(s): Zhigang Zhang; Lianjie Huang; Youzuo Lin
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Nonlinear inversion modeling for Ultrasound Computer Tomography: transition from soft to hard tissues imaging
Author(s): Philippe Lasaygues; Serge Mensah; Régine Guillermin; Julien Rouyer; Emilie Franceschini
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Phantom image results of an optimized full 3D USCT
Author(s): Nicole V. Ruiter; Michael Zapf; Torsten Hopp; Robin Dapp; Hartmut Gemmeke
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Travel time denoising in ultrasound tomography
Author(s): O. Roy; C. Li; N. Duric
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Comparison of spatiotemporal interpolators for 4D image reconstruction from 2D transesophageal ultrasound
Author(s): Alexander Haak; Marijn van Stralen; Gerard van Burken; Stefan Klein; Josien P. W. Pluim; Nico de Jong; Antonius F. W. van der Steen; Johan G. Bosch
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Adaptive volume rendering of cardiac 3D ultrasound images: utilizing blood pool statistics
Author(s): Jon Petter Åsen; Erik Steen; Gabriel Kiss; Anders Thorstensen; Stein Inge Rabben
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Dynamic shape modeling of the mitral valve from real-time 3D ultrasound images using continuous medial representation
Author(s): Alison M. Pouch; Paul A. Yushkevich; Benjamin M. Jackson; Joseph H. Gorman III; Robert C. Gorman; Chandra M. Sehgal
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Learning-based scan plane identification from fetal head ultrasound images
Author(s): Xiaoming Liu; Pavan Annangi; Mithun Gupta; Bing Yu; Dirk Padfield; Jyotirmoy Banerjee; Kajoli Krishnan
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Model-based coupled denoising and segmentation of medical images
Author(s): Ahmet Tuysuzoglu; Paulo Mendonca; Dirk Padfield
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Motion compensation method using dynamic programming for quantification of neovascularization in carotid atherosclerotic plaques with contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS)
Author(s): Zeynettin Akkus; Assaf Hoogi; Guillaume Renaud; Gerrit L. ten Kate; Stijn C. H. van den Oord; Arend F. L. Schinkel; Nico de Jong; Antonius F. W. van der Steen; Johan G. Bosch
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Generation of limited-diffraction wave by approximating theoretical X-wave with simple driving
Author(s): Yaqin Li; MingYue Ding; Shaoyan Hua; Yuchi Ming
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Adaptive minimum variance beamforming combined with phase coherence imaging for ultrasound imaging
Author(s): Mengling Xu; Yimin Chen; Mingyue Ding; Yuchi Ming
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Preliminary comparison of 3D synthetic aperture imaging with Explososcan
Author(s): Morten Fischer Rasmussen; Jens Munk Hansen; Guillaume Férin; Rémi Dufait; Jørgen Arendt Jensen
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FPGA implementation of robust Capon beamformer
Author(s): Xin Guan; Henry Zmuda; Jian Li; Lin Du; Mark Sheplak
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Detection of breast microcalcifications using synthetic-aperture ultrasound
Author(s): Lianjie Huang; Yassin Labyed; Youzuo Lin; Zhigang Zhang; Jennifer Pohl; Daniel Sandoval; Michael Williamson
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Frequency, bandwidth, and information transfer in B-mode imaging
Author(s): Craig K. Abbey; Nghia Q. Nguyen; Michael F. Insana
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Age and gender related differences in aortic blood flow
Author(s): Marie Sand Enevoldsen; Mads Møller Pedersen; Martin Christian Hemmsen; Lars Lönn; Kaj-Åge Henneberg; Jørgen Arendt Jensen
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Clinical evaluation of synthetic aperture sequential beamforming
Author(s): Peter Møller Hansen; Martin Christian Hemmsen; Theis Lange; Jens Munk Hansen; Michael Bachmann Nielsen; Jørgen Arendt Jensen
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Thoracic wall reconstruction using ultrasound images to model/bend the thoracic prosthesis for correction of pectus excavatum
Author(s): João Gomes Fonseca; Antonio H. J. Moreira; Pedro L. Rodrigues; Jaime C. Fonseca; A. C. M. Pinho; Jorge Correia-Pinto; Nuno F. Rodrigues; João L. Vilaça
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Comparison of naive Bayes and logistic regression for computer-aided diagnosis of breast masses using ultrasound imaging
Author(s): Theodore W. Cary; Alyssa Cwanger; Santosh S. Venkatesh; Emily F. Conant; Chandra M. Sehgal
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Ultrasound image-based respiratory motion tracking
Author(s): Youngkyoo Hwang; Jung-Bae Kim; Yong Sun Kim; Won-Chul Bang; James D. K. Kim; ChangYeong Kim
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Breast ultrasound tomography: bridging the gap to clinical practice
Author(s): Neb Duric; Peter Littrup; Cuiping Li; Olivier Roy; Steven Schmidt; Roman Janer; Xiaoyang Cheng; Jeffrey Goll; Olsi Rama; Lisa Bey-Knight; William Greenway
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Automatic multimodal 2D/3D image fusion of ultrasound computer tomography and x-ray mammography for breast cancer diagnosis
Author(s): Torsten Hopp; Neb Duric; Nicole V. Ruiter
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Breast tissue composition and breast density measurements from ultrasound tomography
Author(s): Mark Sak; Neb Duric; Norman Boyd; Peter Littrup; Erik West; Cuiping Li
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Multi-grid tomographic inversion for breast ultrasound imaging
Author(s): Cuiping Li; Alexander Stewart; Neb Duric
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Integration of 3D intraoperative ultrasound for enhanced neuronavigation
Author(s): Keith D. Paulsen; Songbai Ji; Alex Hartov; Xiaoyao Fan; David W. Roberts
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Towards intraoperative monitoring of ablation using tracked 3D ultrasound elastography and internal palpation
Author(s): Pezhman Foroughi; Jessica Burgner; Michael A. Choti; Robert J. Webster III; Gregory D. Hager; Emad M. Boctor
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A new automatic landmark extraction framework on ultrasound images of femoral condyles
Author(s): Agnès Masson-Sibut; Amir Nakib; Eric Petit; François Leitner
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High-frequency subharmonic emission with chirp-coded excitation: implications for imaging
Author(s): Himanshu Shekhar; Marvin M. Doyley
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Self-demodulation effect on subharmonic response of ultrasound contrast agent
Author(s): V. Daeichin; T. Faez; A. Needles; G. Renaud; J. G. Bosch; A. F. W. van der Steen; N. de Jong
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Motion compensation of ultrasonic perfusion images
Author(s): Sebastian Schäfer; Kim Nylund; Odd H. Gilja; Klaus D. Tönnies
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A high frequency ultrasound aided study of kinetics of drug delivery in tumor models
Author(s): Sason Torosean; Brendan Flynn; Kimberley S. Samkoe; Jason Gunn; Johan Axelsson; Marvin Doyley; Brian W. Pogue
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Novel ultrasound elastography system for multifocal breast cancer assessment
Author(s): Shadi Shavakh; Aaron Fenster; Abbas Samani
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Tendon strain imaging using non-rigid image registration: a validation study
Author(s): Nuno M. Almeida; Pieter Slagmolen; Daniel Barbosa; Lennart Scheys; Leonie Geukens; Shingo Fukagawa; Koen Peers; Johan Bellemans; Paul Suetens; Jan D'Hooge
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Multi-scale AM-FM motion analysis of ultrasound videos of carotid artery plaques
Author(s): Sergio Murillo; Victor Murray; C. P. Loizou; C. S. Pattichis; Marios Pattichis; E. Simon Barriga
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A new directional demodulation method for vector Doppler imaging
Author(s): Kang-Won Jeon; Sungsoo Yoon; Youngtae Kim; Hwan Shim; Yangmo Yoo; Gi-Duck Kim; Tai-Kyong Song
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Investigation and optimization of a finite element simulation of transducer array systems for 3D ultrasound computer tomography with respect to electrical impedance characteristics
Author(s): B. Kohout; J. Pirinen; N. V. Ruiter
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3D refraction-corrected transmission reconstruction for 3D ultrasound computer tomography
Author(s): Robin Dapp; Hartmut Gemmeke; Nicole Ruiter
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Ultrasound assisted optical tomography: estimation of phase shift experienced by photon on transit through US insonified region for detection of breast tumor
Author(s): Suheshkumar Singh; Rajan Kanhirodan; R. M. Vasu
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Modulus reconstruction from prostate ultrasound images using finite element modeling
Author(s): Zhennan Yan; Shaoting Zhang; S. Kaisar Alam; Dimitris N. Metaxas; Brian S. Garra; Ernest J. Feleppa
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Out-of-plane motion estimation based on a Rician-Inverse Gaussian model of RF ultrasound signals: speckle tracking without fully developed speckle
Author(s): N. Afsham; M. Najafi; P. Abolmaesumi; R. Rohling
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Ultrasound imaging of the mouse pancreatic duct using lipid microbubbles
Author(s): B. Banerjee; K. R. McKeown; B. Skovan; E. Ogram; P. Ingram; N. Ignatenko; G. Paine-Murrieta; R. Witte; T. O. Matsunaga
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Ultrasound imaging of extended targets using a windowed time-reversal MUSIC method
Author(s): Yassin Labyed; Lianjie Huang
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Reconfigurable 2D cMUT-ASIC arrays for 3D ultrasound image
Author(s): Jongkeun Song; Sungjin Jung; Youngil Kim; Kyungil Cho; Baehyung Kim; Seunghun Lee; Junseok Na; Ikseok Yang; Oh-kyong Kwon; Dongwook Kim
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Evaluation of a fractional filter-based receive beamforming method for low-cost ultrasound color Doppler imaging
Author(s): Hana Yang; Jeeun Kang; Jin Ho Chang; Yangmo Yoo
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New synthetic aperture imaging technique with dynamic apodization window
Author(s): Dongwon Kim; Jongho Park; Jeong Cho; Tai-Kyong Song; Yangmo Yoo
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New direct pixel beamforming based on phase rotation
Author(s): Yonghyun Kim; Wooyoul Lee; Yuhwa Lee; Yangmo Yoo
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Ultrasound imaging software framework for real-time monitoring of acoustic ablation therapy
Author(s): Hyun-Jae Kang; Nishikant P. Deshmukh; Philipp Stolka; E. Clif Burdette; Emad M. Boctor
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Software framework of a real-time pre-beamformed RF data acquisition of an ultrasound research scanner
Author(s): Hyun-Jae Kang; Nathanael Kuo; Xiaoyu Guo; Danny Song; Jin U. Kang; Emad M. Boctor
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Post-processing multiple-frame super-resolution in ultrasound imaging
Author(s): Renaud Morin; Adrian Basarab; Marie Ploquin; Denis Kouamé
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Local binary pattern texture-based classification of solid masses in ultrasound breast images
Author(s): Monica M. S. Matsumoto; Chandra M. Sehgal; Jayaram K. Udupa
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GPU accelerated implementation of ultrasound radio-frequency time series analysis
Author(s): Jonathan Chung; Mohammad I. Daoud; Farhad Imani; Parvin Mousavi; Purang Abolmaesumi
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Ultrasound speckle reduction using nonlinear Gaussian filters and nonlocal neighbourhoods
Author(s): Sindhu Ramachandran; Manoj G. Nair
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Robust dynamic programming method for ultrasound elastography
Author(s): Ioana Fleming; Hassan Rivaz; Emad Boctor; Gregory Hager
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Evaluation of finite-element-based simulation model of photoacoustics in biological tissues
Author(s): Zhaohui Wang; Seunghan Ha; Kang Kim
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