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Optical Sensors and Biophotonics III
Editor(s): Jürgen Popp
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Volume Number: 8311
Date Published: 23 November 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8311
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Photonic crystal fibre Bragg grating based sensors: opportunities for applications in healthcare
Author(s): Francis Berghmans; Thomas Geernaert; Sanne Sulejmani; Hugo Thienpont; Geert Van Steenberge; Bram Van Hoe; Peter Dubruel; Waclaw Urbanczyk; Pawel Mergo; David J. Webb; Kyriacos Kalli; Jan Van Roosbroeck; Kate Sugden
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An improved low temperature sensing using PMMA coated FBG
Author(s): D. Sengupta; M. Sai Shankar; P. Saidi Reddy; R. L. N. Sai Prasad; K. S. Narayana; P. Kishore
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Demodulation of a fiber Bragg grating sensor system based on a linear cavity multi-wavelength fiber laser
Author(s): Shan Cong; Yunxu Sun; Lifeng Pan; Yating Fang; Jiajun Tian; Yanfu Yang; Yao Yong
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An FBG sensor for strain and temperature discrimination at cryogenic regime
Author(s): D. Sengupta; M. Sai Shankar; P. Kishore; P. Saidi Reddy; R. L. N. Sai Prasad; P. Vengal Rao; K. Srimannarayana
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Fast and robust reconstruction approach for sparse fluorescence tomography based on adaptive matching pursuit
Author(s): Zhenwen Xue; Dong Han; Jie Tian
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Analysis of annular light propagation characteristics in random median
Author(s): Ziqi Peng; Tatsuo Shiina
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Kinetic study for the hybridization of 25-mer DNA by nonadiabatic tapered optical fiber sensor
Author(s): M. I. Zibaii; Z. Taghipour; Z. Saeedian; H. Latifi; M. Gholami; S. M. Hosseini D.V.M.
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Temperature compensated long-period gratings for biochemical sensing applications
Author(s): Shaorui Gao; Yebin Zhang; A. Ping Zhang
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Refractive index measurement by fat long period grating sensor on a single mode optical fiber
Author(s): M. Kheiri; M. I. Zibaii; J. Sadeghi; H. Latifi
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Sensitivity-enhanced refractive index sensor by using tapered thin-core fiber based inline Mach-Zehnder interferometer
Author(s): Jie Shi; Shilin Xiao; Meihua Bi
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Measurement of gas concentration by wavelength shift method with an EDFA fiber laser loop
Author(s): Haojiang Zhou; Kaikai Guo; Chunsheng Yan
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Precise, rugged spectrum-based calibration of distributed anti-Stokes Raman thermometry systems
Author(s): Amitabha Datta; Uvaraj Gajendran; Vinayak Srimal; Deepa Venkitesh; Balaji Srinivasan
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Plasmonic nanoparticles for bioanalytics and therapy at the limit
Author(s): T. Schneider; J. Wirth; F. Garwe; A. Csáki; W. Fritzsche
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A highly sensitive biological detection substrate based on TiO2 nanowires supporting gold nanoparticles
Author(s): Yuan Zeng; Hai-jun Tan; Xiu-Lan Cheng; Rui Chen; Ying Wang
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Characterization and bioanalytical application of innovative plasmonic nanostructures
Author(s): D. Cialla; K. Weber; R. Boehme; U. Huebner; H. Schneidewind; M. Zeisberger; R. Mattheis; J. Popp
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Preparation and analysis of the Au-SiO2 multi-layer nanospheres as high SERS resolution substrate
Author(s): Weihua Tian; Kaiyu Wu; Xiulan Cheng; Xiaodong Chen; Rui Chen; Ying Wang
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An optimized engineering design of imaging probe for time-resolved diffuse optical tomography system
Author(s): Ling Chen; Ali Hasnain; Nanguang Chen
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Photonic crystal fibers in biophotonics
Author(s): Valery V. Tuchin; Julia S. Skibina; Anton V. Malinin
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High temperature sensor properties of a specialty double cladding fiber
Author(s): Ting Zhou; Fufei Pang; Tingyun Wang
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Non-contact vibration sensor using bifurcated bundle glass fiber for real-time monitoring
Author(s): K. Putha; D. Dinakar; M. Sai Shankar; K. Srimannarayana; P. Vengal Rao; D. Sengupta; P. Saidi Reddy
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Multilongitudinal-mode fiber laser temperature sensor and its applications in the measurement of temperature dependence of fiber birefringence
Author(s): Hao Zhang; Bo Liu; Yange Liu; Yinping Miao; Xingya Chen; Yunqi Liu
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Temperature compensated liquid level sensor using FBGs and a Bourdon tube
Author(s): D. Sengupta; M. Sai Shankar; P. Vengal Rao; P. Saidi Reddy; R. L. N. Sai Prasad; P. Kishore; K. Srimannarayana
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Phase-sensitive OTDR system based on digital coherent detection
Author(s): Zhengqing Pan; Kezhen Liang; Qing Ye; Haiwen Cai; Ronghui Qu; Zujie Fang
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High birefringence fiber loop mirror with polymer coating used as humidity sensor
Author(s): Houhui Liang; Yongxing Jin; Yu Zhao
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Hybrid long period fiber grating for measuring refractive index and pressure in downhole application
Author(s): J. Sadeghi; M. I. Zibaii; M. Kheiri; A. Ahmadlou; H. Latifi; M. H. Ghezelaiagh
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A bio-aerosol detection technique based on tryptophan intrinsic fluorescence measurement
Author(s): Shuyao Cai; Pei Zhang; Linglin Zhu; Yongkai Zhao; Huijie Huang
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Quantitative DEC-MRI modeling on tumor diagnosis and treatment effect evaluation
Author(s): Haoyu Wang; Shanglian Bao
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Direct pumping of ultrashort Ti:sapphire lasers by a frequency doubled diode laser
Author(s): André Müller; Ole Bjarlin Jensen; Angelika Unterhuber; Tuan Le; Andreas Stingl; Karl-Heinz Hasler; Bernd Sumpf; Götz Erbert; Peter E. Andersen; Paul Michael Petersen
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Space variant deconvolution for optical coherence tomography
Author(s): R. Prashanth; Shanti Bhattacharya
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Multi-modality molecular imaging for gastric cancer research
Author(s): Jimin Liang; Xueli Chen; Junting Liu; Hao Hu; Xiaochao Qu; Fu Wang; Yongzhan Nie
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All-semiconductor high-speed akinetic swept-source for OCT
Author(s): Michael P. Minneman; Jason Ensher; Michael Crawford; Dennis Derickson
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Breast diseases detection and pseudo-coloring presentation for gray infrared breast images
Author(s): Zahra Zahedi; Saeid Sadri; Mohammad Soltani; Masoud Kavosh Tehrani
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Multiple-pinhole SPECT/CBCT system and its application on animal model on tumor
Author(s): Shanglian Bao; Jun Li
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A Raman spectroscopic approach for the cultivation-free identification of microbes
Author(s): Petra Rösch; Stephan Stöckel; Susann Meisel; Ute Münchberg; Sandra Kloß; Dragana Kusic; Wilm Schumacher; Jürgen Popp
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Line-scan focal modulation microscopy for rapid imaging of thick biological specimens
Author(s): Shau Poh Chong; Shilpa Pant; Nanguang Chen
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Effective of diode laser on teeth enamel in the teeth whitening treatment
Author(s): U. Klunboot; K. Arayathanitkul; R. Chitaree; N. Emarat
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Optical design and development of near-range compact lidar
Author(s): Tatsuo Shiina
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Research on bio-aerosol monitoring based on normalized fluorescence voltage
Author(s): Pei Zhang; Yongkai Zhao; Yanfen Xiao; Shuyao Cai; Huijie Huang
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FBG sensor for physiologic monitoring in M-health application
Author(s): Chi Chung Lee; Kevin Hung; Wai-Man Chan; Y. K. Wu; Sheung-On Choy; Paul Kwok
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Evolution of polarization-dependent properties in circular birefringent fiber Bragg gratings and potential application for magnetic field sensing
Author(s): Yang Su; Baofu Zhang; Hua Zhou; Zhenxing Ye; Mingming Wang; Yuquan Li
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Analysis of bandwidth-reduced local oscillator in Brillouin optical time domain reflectometry
Author(s): Yun-Qi Hao; Qing Ye; Zheng-qing Pan; Hai-wen Cai; Rong-hui Qu
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All-solid birefringent hybrid photonic crystal fiber based interferometric sensor for measurement of strain and temperature
Author(s): Bobo Gu; Wu Yuan; A. Ping Zhang; Ole Bang
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A low-cost photonic biosensor built on a polymer platform
Author(s): Linghua Wang; Valérie Kodeck; Sandra Van Vlierberghe; Jun Ren; Jie Teng; Xiuyou Han; Xigao Jian; Roel Baets; Geert Morthier; Mingshan Zhao
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Study on the orientation of pigment in thylakoid based on polarization technique
Author(s): Liping Lu; Caiqin Han; Xiaowu Ni; Xiaosen Luo
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Novel technique and algorithm of signal interrogation in multi-channel fiber Bragg sensing system
Author(s): Jie Bi; Xiaolei Zhang; Yongjun Wang; Xiangjun Xin; Qi Zhang; Yongchao Liu
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Temperature characteristics of high birefringence photonic crystal fiber filled with liquid
Author(s): Tiesheng Wu; Li Wang; Zhe Wang; Shuyang Hu
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Experimental investigation on pulse light stimulated Brillouin scattering in the optical fiber
Author(s): Xiaorui Li; Huaping Gong; Shuhua Li; Jianfeng Wang
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FBG moisture sensor system using SOA-based fiber laser with temperature compensation
Author(s): Liyin Han; Lutang Wang; Nian Fang; Huishan Cui; Zhaoming Huang
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An optical fiber humidity sensor based on optical absorption
Author(s): Biao Wang; Fujun Zhang; Fufei Pang; Tingyun Wang
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Single-mode tapered optical fiber for temperature sensor based on multimode interference
Author(s): Shan Zhu; Fufei Pang; Tingyun Wang
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Linear birefringence and imperfect quarter wave plate effects on optic-fiber current sensor
Author(s): Ying Ding; Yi Dong; Jun Zhu; Bofang Zheng; Damin Zhang; Weisheng Hu
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Wireless fiber laser sensor combining photonic generation beat frequency demodulation technology
Author(s): Shengchun Liu; Rong Gu; Xiujuan Yu; Zuowei Yin; Xiangfei Chen
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Application research of distributed optical fiber temperature sensor in power system
Author(s): Chuanlong Hu; Jianfeng Wang; Zaixuan Zhang; Shangzhong Jin; Yongxing Jin
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DAQ application of PC oscilloscope for chaos fiber-optic fence system based on LabVIEW
Author(s): Manman Lu; Nian Fang; Lutang Wang; Zhaoming Huang; Xiaofei Sun
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Twist sensor by using a pressure-induced birefringence single mode fiber based Sagnac Interferometer
Author(s): Houhui Liang; Yongxing Jin; Yu Zhao; Jianfeng Wang
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Fabrication of fiber-optic EFPI with double-layer SU-8 diaphragm
Author(s): Ding Ding; Na Chen; Qiang Guo; Zhenyi Chen; Shupeng Liu; Fufei Pang; Tingyun Wang
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Design and simulation of label-free biosensor based on the dynamic distributed feedback laser emission
Author(s): Fengyu Gao; Lujian Chen; Xiaozhong Wang; Sensen Li; Zhiping Cai
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Fiber Bragg grating dynamic demodulation based on non-equilibrium interferometry
Author(s): Qi Yu; Zhenguo Jing; Wei Peng; Xinpu Zhang; Yun Liu; Chuanqi Xing; Hong Li; Wenjuan Yao
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Surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectra of tomato epidermis on gold/ silver sol active substrate
Author(s): Wei Zhang; Zhenyi Chen; Na Chen; Ling Hu; Hongfei Zhu; Shupeng Liu; Qiang Guo
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Hepatocellular carcinoma cells Raman spectra with gold and silver colloid as SERS substrate
Author(s): Hongfei Zhu; Shupeng Liu; Ling Hu; Wei Zhang; Chen Qian; Zhenyi Chen; Na Chen
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