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Network Architectures, Management, and Applications IX
Editor(s): Lena Wosinska; Ken-ichi Sato; Jing Wu; Jie Zhang
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Volume Number: 8310
Date Published: 15 December 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8310
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Design algorithm of waveband multicast tree in hierarchical optical path networks that utilizes grouping of destination node sets
Author(s): Yusuke Hachisuka; Hiroshi Hasegawa; Ken-ichi Sato
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Application-oriented integrated control center (AICC) for heterogeneous optical networks
Author(s): Yongli Zhao; Jie Zhang; Xuping Cao; Dajiang Wang; Koubo Wu; Yinxiang Cai; Wanyi Gu
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Dynamic clustering scheme based on the coordination of management and control in multi-layer and multi-region intelligent optical network
Author(s): Xiaoliang Niu; Fen Yuan; Shanguo Huang; Bingli Guo; Wanyi Gu
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A WDM packet switching router with all-optical regenerators for (D)QPSK signals
Author(s): Yue Wu; Juanjuan Yan; Zheng Zheng
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Design of hierarchical optical path networks that utilize wavelength conversion and evaluation of the allowable cost bound
Author(s): Zhi-shu Shen; Hiroshi Hasegawa; Ken-ichi Sato
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Experimenting with bandwidth-variable routing on a large-scale ASON test-bed
Author(s): Haijiao Liu; Nan Hua; Yang Liu; Lei Wang; Xiaoping Zheng; Zhigang Liu
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A spectrum-scan routing scheme in flexible optical networks
Author(s): Yang Liu; Nan Hua; Xin Wan; Xiaoping Zheng; Zhigang Liu
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Traffic off-balancing algorithm for energy efficient networks
Author(s): Junhyuk Kim; Chankyun Lee; June-Koo Kevin Rhee
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Joint optimization of mixed regenerator placement and wavelength assignment for green translucent optical networks
Author(s): Zuqing Zhu; Weida Zhong; Chuanqi Wan
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From strategy to implementation: tool-based planning of optical networks
Author(s): K. Grunert; R. H. Meyer; M. Knöfel; R. Zhao
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Unfairness problem of optical flow switching network under self-similar traffic
Author(s): Huadong Li; Zhengfeng Qian; Runhong Tang; Kwok Wai Cheung
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Experimental investigation of dynamic impairment-aware bi-directional lightpath provisioning in GMPLS-enabled optical networks
Author(s): Lei Liu; Takehiro Tsuritani; Itsuro Morita
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Optical performance monitoring in 40-Gbps optical duobinary system using artificial neural networks trained with reconstructed eye diagram parameters
Author(s): Jun-sen Lai; Ai-ying Yang; Lin Zuo; Yu-nan Sun
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Wavelength-agile optical access networking system
Author(s): Xiaofei Cheng; Yong-Kee Yeo; Chao Li; Xuewu Xu
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Protection cost evaluation of two WDM-based next generation optical access networks
Author(s): Carmen Mas Machuca; Mozhgan Mahloo; Jiajia Chen; Lena Wosinska
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BFD-triggered GMPLS-based multi-layer ethernet access network protection
Author(s): Viktor Nordell; Anders Gavler; Pontus Sköldström
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A novel dynamic wavelength bandwidth allocation scheme over OFDMA PONs
Author(s): Bo Yan; Wei Guo; Yaohui Jin; Weisheng Hu
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Upstream multi-wavelength shared TDM-PON using RSOA based directly modulated tunable fiber ring laser
Author(s): Zhengxuan Li; Lilin Yi; Yan Zhang; Shilin Xiao; Weisheng Hu
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Improve energy efficiency of hybrid fiber-coaxial networks with traffic-aware design
Author(s): Zuqing Zhu; Wenbo Ma; Qiao Liang
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Improving energy efficiency in optical cloud networks by exploiting anycast routing
Author(s): Jens Buysse; Cicek Cavdar; Marc De Leenheer; Bart Dhoedt; Chris Develder
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Optimizing electrical power consumption in SOA based optical packet switching nodes
Author(s): Shaotang Zhang; Weisheng Hu; Weiqiang Sun; Hao He
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Multi-domain path control system for large-scale photonic networks
Author(s): Soichiro Araki; Hiroshi Hasegawa; Ken-ichi Sato
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A collision-aware backward recursive PCE-based computation algorithm in multi-domain optical networks
Author(s): Jianchao Xing; Jie Zhang; Yongli Zhao; Xuping Cao; Dajiang Wang; Wanyi Gu
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A novel PCE-based algorithm for P2MP inter-domain traffic engineering in optical networks
Author(s): Koubo Wu; Jie Zhang; Yongli Zhao; Ziyan Yu; Wanyi Gu; Dajiang Wang; Xuping Cao
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GMPLS-enabled energy-efficient self-organized network: MiDORi
Author(s): Satoru Okamoto; Yuki Nomura; Haruka Yonezu; Hidetoshi Takeshita; Naoaki Yamanaka
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Cutting the electric bill by routing and wavelength assignment with time-zones and time-of-use prices
Author(s): Cicek Cavdar; Ayşegül Yayimli; Lena Wosinska
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TE link dormant mode used in GMPLS optical transport networks for energy saving
Author(s): Xin Li; Shanguo Huang; Bingli Guo; Jie Zhang; Wanyi Gu
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Optical channel speeds for future transport networks
Author(s): Tiejun J. Xia; Glenn Wellbrock
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Routing and spectrum assignment problem in three-C-aware dynamic flexible optical networks
Author(s): Jie Zhang; Yongli Zhao
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OptoVisor: an infrastructure-as-a-service framework based on virtualization of optical network
Author(s): Xiaosheng Zuo; Yifei Feng; Yaohui Jin
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A performance study of live VM migration technologies: VMotion vs XenMotion
Author(s): Xiujie Feng; Jianxiong Tang; Xuan Luo; Yaohui Jin
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Cost-based scheduling algorithm for workflow-based application in optical grid
Author(s): Lingzhi Zhang; Wei Guo; Yaohui Jin; Weiqiang Sun; Weisheng Hu
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Dynamic routing and frequency slot allocation in elastic optical path network using adaptive modulations with consideration of both spectrum availability and distance
Author(s): Hui Ding; Min Zhang; Jiuyu Xie; Ying Wang; Fei Ye; Lifang Zhang; Xue Chen
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Study of dynamic routing and spectrum assignment schemes in bandwidth flexible optical networks
Author(s): Qiushi Jin; Lei Wang; Xin Wan; Xiaoping Zheng; Bingkun Zhou; Zhigang Liu
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Analysis of blocking probability for OFDM-based variable bandwidth optical network
Author(s): Lei Gong; Jie Zhang; Yongli Zhao; Xuefeng Lin; Yuyao Wu; Wanyi Gu
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Survivable routing and wavelength assignment considering high-powered jamming attacks
Author(s): Marija Furdek; Nina Skorin-Kapov; Anna Tzanakaki
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PCE based parallel resource reservation scheme for inter-domain path in optical network
Author(s): Zongwei Wang; Yunfeng Peng; Yin Wang
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An integrated least congestion algorithm for wireless optical broadband access network
Author(s): Kai-hua Suo; Ming-lei Fu; Zi-chun Le
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Bandwidth scheduler based on effective transfer rate of end-systems in ultra-high-speed networks
Author(s): Xiang Gao; Wei Guo; Yaohui Jin; Weiqiang Sun; Weisheng Hu
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An enhanced DWBA algorithm in hybrid WDM/TDM EPON networks with heterogeneous propagation delays
Author(s): Chengjun Li; Wei Guo; Yaohui Jin; Weiqiang Sun; Weisheng Hu
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A novel all-optical CDN network model based on mini-control plane for high-definition VoD service
Author(s): Jiawei Zhang; Jie Zhang; Yongli Zhao
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Differentiated protection method in passive optical networks based on OPEX
Author(s): Zhicheng Zhang; Wei Guo; Yaohui Jin; Weiqiang Sun; Weisheng Hu
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Restoration scheme for multi-failures based on protection ring with dynamic weight in WDM networks
Author(s): Hai Huang; Yongli Zhao; Jie Zhang; Dajiang Wang; Wanyi Gu
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A dynamic ant colony optimization for load balancing in MRN/MLN
Author(s): Le Lu; Shanguo Huang; Wanyi Gu
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Survivable virtual topology mapping for single-node failure in IP over WDM network
Author(s): Fen Yuan; Xiaoliang Niu; Xin Li; Shanguo Huang; Wanyi Gu
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Contentionless ROADM architecture and extention for control plane in elastic optical path network
Author(s): Weiguo Ju; Shanguo Huang; Xin Li; Bingli Guo; Dajiang Wang; Yongqi He; Jie Zhang; Wanyi Gu
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Centralized and distributed routing and spectrum assignment schemes for bandwidth-variable optical networks
Author(s): Jingjing Wang; Yongli Zhao; Jie Zhang; Yuyao Wu; Wanyi Gu; Dajiang Wang; Xuping Cao
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A novel recovery algorithm for multi-link failures in spectrum-elastic optical path networks
Author(s): Bowen Chen; Jie Zhang; Yongli Zhao; Chunhui Lv; Wei Zhang; Yuan Gu; Shanguo Huang; Wanyi Gu
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The performance of 16QAM-OFDM mm-RoF with predistortion design
Author(s): Sixuan Tang; Yinchun Li; Xiang Chen; Xiaxia Guo; Haoshuo Chen; Rujian Lin
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Propagation effect of high-powered jamming attack in transparent optical networks
Author(s): Zeyu Sun; Yunfeng Peng; Keping Long
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