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Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision XXIX: Algorithms and Techniques
Editor(s): Juha Röning; David P. Casasent
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Volume Number: 8301
Date Published: 28 December 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8301
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Software-based neural network assisted movement compensation for nanoresolution piezo actuators
Author(s): Marko Kauppinen; Juha Röning
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Traffic monitoring with distributed smart cameras
Author(s): Oliver Sidla; Marcin Rosner; Michael Ulm; Gert Schwingshackl
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The 19th Annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition: student built autonomous ground vehicles
Author(s): Bernard L. Theisen
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Accurate dense 3D reconstruction of moving and still objects from dynamic stereo sequences based on temporal modified-RANSAC and feature-cut
Author(s): Naotomo Tatematsu; Jun Ohya
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Efficient hybrid monocular-stereo approach to on-board video-based traffic sign detection and tracking
Author(s): Javier Marinas; Luis Salgado; Jon Arróspide; Massimo Camplani
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A general model and calibration method for spherical stereoscopic vision
Author(s): Weijia Feng; Juha Röning; Juho Kannala; Xiaoning Zong; Baofeng Zhang
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An approach to stereo-point cloud registration using image homographies
Author(s): Stephen D. Fox; Damian M. Lyons
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Hazardous sign detection for safety applications in traffic monitoring
Author(s): Wanda Benesova; Michal Kottman; Oliver Sidla
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PRoViScout: a planetary scouting rover demonstrator
Author(s): Gerhard Paar; Mark Woods; Christiane Gimkiewicz; Frédéric Labrosse; Alberto Medina; Laurence Tyler; David P. Barnes; Gerald Fritz; Konstantinos Kapellos
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Red-light traffic enforcement at railway crossings
Author(s): Oliver Sidla; Gernot Loibner
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Image projection clues for improved real-time vehicle tracking in tunnels
Author(s): Vedran Jelaca; Jorge Oswaldo Niño Castaneda; Aleksandra Pizurica; Wilfried Philips
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Decentralized tracking of humans using a camera network
Author(s): Sebastian Gruenwedel; Vedran Jelaca; Jorge Oswaldo Niño-Castañeda; Peter Van Hese; Dimitri Van Cauwelaert; Peter Veelaert; Wilfried Philips
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Real-time detection of traffic events using smart cameras
Author(s): M. Macesic; V. Jelaca; J. O. Niño-Castaneda; N. Prodanovic; M. Panic; A. Pizurica; V. Crnojevic; W. Philips
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Vehicle tracking data for calibrating microscopic traffic simulation models
Author(s): R. Schönauer; Y. Lipetski; H. Schrom-Feiertag
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AR.Drone: security threat analysis and exemplary attack to track persons
Author(s): Fred Samland; Jana Fruth; Mario Hildebrandt; Tobias Hoppe; Jana Dittmann
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Detection of unknown targets from aerial camera and extraction of simple object fingerprints for the purpose of target reacquisition
Author(s): T. Nathan Mundhenk; Kang-Yu Ni; Yang Chen; Kyungnam Kim; Yuri Owechko
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Super-resolution terrain map enhancement for navigation based on satellite imagery
Author(s): Jeremy Straub
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3D positional control of magnetic levitation system using adaptive control: improvement of positioning control in horizontal plane
Author(s): Toshimasa Nishino; Yasuhiro Fujitani; Norihiko Kato; Naoaki Tsuda; Yoshihiko Nomura; Hirokazu Matsui
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The magic glove: a gesture-based remote controller for intelligent mobile robots
Author(s): Chaomin Luo; Yue Chen; Mohan Krishnan; Mark Paulik
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Way-point navigation for a skid-steer vehicle in unknown environments
Author(s): Peiyi Chen; Arun Das; Prasenjit Mukherjee; Steven Waslander
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Integrated field testing of planetary robotics vision processing: the PRoVisG campaign in Tenerife 2011
Author(s): G. Paar; L. Waugh; D. P. Barnes; T. Pajdla; M. Woods; H.-R. Graf; Y. Gao; K. Willner; J.-P. Muller; R. Li
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Hierarchical loop detection for mobile outdoor robots
Author(s): Dagmar Lang; Christian Winkens; Marcel Häselich; Dietrich Paulus
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A novel margin-based linear embedding technique for visual object recognition
Author(s): F. Dornaika; A. Assoum
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Real-time two-level foreground detection and person-silhouette extraction enhanced by body-parts tracking
Author(s): Rada Deeb; Elodie Desserée; Saida Bouakaz
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Activity recognition from video using layered approach
Author(s): Charles A. McPherson; John M. Irvine; Mon Young; Anthony Stefanidis
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Method for fast detecting the intersection of a plane and a cube in an octree structure to find point sets within a convex region
Author(s): K, Fujimoto; N. Kimura; T. Moriya
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Lucas-Kanade image registration using camera parameters
Author(s): Sunghyun Cho; Hojin Cho; Yu-Wing Tai; Young Su Moon; Junguk Cho; Shihwa Lee; Seungyong Lee
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Object tracking with adaptive HOG detector and adaptive Rao-Blackwellised particle filter
Author(s): Stefano Rosa; Marco Paleari; Paolo Ariano; Basilio Bona
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A modular real-time vision system for humanoid robots
Author(s): Alina L. Trifan; António J. R. Neves; Nuno Lau; Bernardo Cunha
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Radial polar histogram: obstacle avoidance and path planning for robotic cognition and motion control
Author(s): Po-Jen Wang; Nicholas R. Keyawa; Craig Euler
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Optimizing a mobile robot control system using GPU acceleration
Author(s): Nat Tuck; Michael McGuinness; Fred Martin
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Design and realization of an intelligent ground vehicle with modular payloads
Author(s): Mehmet A. Akmanalp; Ryan M. Doherty; Jeffrey Gorges; Peter Kalauskas; Ellen Peterson; Felipe Polido; Stephen S. Nestinger; Taskin Padir
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Navigating a path delineated by colored flags: an approach for a 2011 IGVC requirement
Author(s): Alex Szmatula; Matt Parrish; Mohan Krishnan; Mark Paulik; Utayba Mohammad; Chaomin Luo
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Navigating with VFH: a strategy to avoid traps
Author(s): Chaomin Luo; Mohan Krishnan; Mark Paulik; Utayba Mohammad; Qing Wang
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Measurement of noises and modulation transfer function of cameras used in optical-digital correlators
Author(s): Nikolay N. Evtikhiev; Sergey N. Starikov; Pavel A. Cheryomkhin; Vitaly V. Krasnov
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A phase space approach for detection and removal of rain in video
Author(s): Varun Santhaseelan; Vijayan K. Asari
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Intelligence algorithms for autonomous navigation in a ground vehicle
Author(s): Steve Petkovsek; Rahul Shakya; Young Ho Shin; Prasanna Gautam; Adam Norton; David J. Ahlgren
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Hierarchical multi-level image mosaicing for autonomous navigation of UAV
Author(s): Sangho Park; Debabrata Ghosh; Naima Kaabouch; Ronald A. Fevig; William Semke
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A fluidic lens with reduced optical aberration
Author(s): Jei-Yin Yiu; Robert Batchko; Sam Robinson; Andrei Szilagyi
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