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Computational Imaging X
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Volume Number: 8296
Date Published: 22 February 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8296
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Image sequence segmentation combining global labeling and local relabeling and its application to materials science images
Author(s): Jarrell W. Waggoner; Jeff Simmons; Song Wang
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Computer-aided fiber analysis for crime scene forensics
Author(s): Mario Hildebrandt; Christian Arndt; Andrey Makrushin; Jana Dittmann
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3D reconstruction based on single-particle cryo electron microscopy images as a random signal in noise problem
Author(s): Qiu Wang; Yili Zheng; Peter C. Doerschuk
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Highly scalable methods for exploiting a label with unknown location in order to orient a set of single-particle cryo electron microscopy images
Author(s): Cory J. Prust; Qiu Wang; Peter C. Doerschuk; John E. Johnson
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Image reconstruction using projections from a few views by discrete steering combined with DART
Author(s): Junghyun Kwon; Samuel M. Song; Brian Kauke; Douglas P. Boyd
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One-dimensional control grid interpolation-based demosaicing and color image interpolation
Author(s): Christine M. Zwart; David H. Frakes
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Limited view angle iterative CT reconstruction
Author(s): Sherman J. Kisner; Eri Haneda; Charles A. Bouman; Sondre Skatter; Mikhail Kourinny; Simon Bedford
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Variational semi-blind sparse image reconstruction with application to MRFM
Author(s): Se Un Park; Nicolas Dobigeon; Alfred O. Hero
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Moon search algorithms for NASA's Dawn Mission to asteroid Vesta
Author(s): Nargess Memarsadeghi; Lucy A McFadden; David R. Skillman; Brian McLean; Max Mutchler; Uri Carsenty; Eric E. Palmer
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Multichannel hierarchical image classification using multivariate copulas
Author(s): Aurélie Voisin; Vladimir A. Krylov; Gabriele Moser; Sebastiano B. Serpico; Josiane Zerubia
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Denoising and deblurring of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic imaging data
Author(s): Tan H. Nguyen; Rohith K Reddy; Michael J. Walsh; Matthew Schulmerich; Gabriel Popescu; Minh N. Do; Rohit Bhargava
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Iterative weighted risk estimation for nonlinear image restoration with analysis priors
Author(s): Sathish Ramani; Jeffrey Rosen; Zhihao Liu; Jeffrey A. Fessler
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Nonlocal transform-domain denoising of volumetric data with groupwise adaptive variance estimation
Author(s): Matteo Maggioni; Alessandro Foi
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Non-uniform contrast and noise correction for coded source neutron imaging
Author(s): Hector J. Santos-Villalobos; Philip R. Bingham
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Image enhancement and quality measures for dietary assessment using mobile devices
Author(s): Chang Xu; Fengqing Zhu; Nitin Khanna; Carol J. Boushey; Edward J. Delp
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Subjective evaluations of example-based, total variation, and joint regularization for image processing
Author(s): Hyrum S. Anderson; Maya R. Gupta; Jon Hardeberg
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Removal of haze and noise from a single image
Author(s): Erik Matlin; Peyman Milanfar
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Finding saliency in noisy images
Author(s): Chelhwon Kim; Peyman Milanfar
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Automatic loop closure detection using multiple cameras for 3D indoor localization
Author(s): John Kua; Nicholas Corso; Avideh Zakhor
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An information theoretic trackability measure
Author(s): Scott T. Acton; Alla Aksel
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Text replacement on cylindrical surfaces: a semi-automatic approach
Author(s): Hengzhou Ding; Raja Bala; Zhigang Fan; Charles A Bouman; Jan P. Allebach
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Registration and integration of multiple depth images using signed distance function
Author(s): Daniel B. Kubacki; Huy Q. Bui; S. Derin Babacan; Minh N. Do
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Image reconstruction from nonuniformly spaced samples in Fourier domain optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Jun Ke; Rui Zhu; Edmund Y. Lam
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Analysis of the practical coverage of uniform motions to approximate real camera shakes
Author(s): Hojin Cho; Sunghyun Cho; Young Su Moon; Junguk Cho; Shihwa Lee; Seungyong Lee
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Real-time computational camera system for high-sensitivity imaging by using combined long/short exposure
Author(s): Satoshi Sato; Yusuke Okada; Takeo Azuma
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Color correction with edge preserving and minimal SNR decrease using multi-layer decomposition
Author(s): Byung Kwan Park; Wonhee Choe; JaeGuyn Lim; SeongDeok Lee; ChangYeong Kim
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Bayesian image superresolution for hyperspectral image reconstruction
Author(s): Yusuke Murayama; Ari Ide-Ektessabi
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ToF depth image motion blur detection using 3D blur shape models
Author(s): Seungkyu Lee; Hyunjung Shim; James D. K. Kim; Chang Yeong Kim
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Computational imaging of defects in commercial substrates for electronic and photonic devices
Author(s): Masayuki Fukuzawa; Ryo Kashiwagi; Masayoshi Yamada
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Nondestructive three-dimensional measurement of gas temperature distribution by phase tomography
Author(s): Satoshi Tomioka; Shusuke Nishiyama
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Closed-form inverses for the mixed pixel/multipath interference problem in AMCW lidar
Author(s): John P. Godbaz; Michael J. Cree; Adrian A. Dorrington
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