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Visualization and Data Analysis 2012
Editor(s): Pak Chung Wong; David L. Kao; Ming C. Hao; Chaomei Chen; Robert Kosara; Mark A. Livingston; Jinah Park; Ian Roberts
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Volume Number: 8294
Date Published: 14 December 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8294
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
StreamSqueeze: a dynamic stream visualization for monitoring of event data
Author(s): Florian Mansmann; Milos Krstajic; Fabian Fischer; Enrico Bertini
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Interactive data-centric viewpoint selection
Author(s): Han Suk Kim; Didem Unat; Scott B. Baden; Jürgen P. Schulze
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Interactive analysis of situational awareness metrics
Author(s): Derek Overby; Jim Wall; John Keyser
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Incremental visual text analytics of news story development
Author(s): Milos Krstajic; Mohammad Najm-Araghi; Florian Mansmann; Daniel A. Keim
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Guided text analysis using adaptive visual analytics
Author(s): Chad A. Steed; Christopher T. Symons; Frank A. DeNap; Thomas E. Potok
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Designing a better weather display
Author(s): Colin Ware; Matthew Plumlee
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Visualization feedback for musical ensemble practice: a case study on phrase articulation and dynamics
Author(s): Trevor Knight; Nicolas Boulliot; Jeremy R. Cooperstock
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Exploring ensemble visualization
Author(s): Madhura N. Phadke; Lifford Pinto; Oluwafemi Alabi; Jonathan Harter; Russell M. Taylor II; Xunlei Wu; Hannah Petersen; Steffen A. Bass; Christopher G. Healey
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Parallel large data visualization with display walls
Author(s): Luiz Scheidegger; Huy T. Vo; Jens Krüger; Cláudio T. Silva; João L. D. Comba
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SDSS Log Viewer: visual exploratory analysis of large-volume SQL log data
Author(s): Jian Zhang; Chaomei Chen; Michael S. Vogeley; Danny Pan; Ani Thakar; Jordan Raddick
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Comparison of open-source visual analytics toolkits
Author(s): John R Harger; Patricia J. Crossno
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Evaluation of progressive treemaps to convey tree and node properties
Author(s): René Rosenbaum; Bernd Hamann
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Evaluation of multivariate visualizations: a case study of refinements and user experience
Author(s): Mark A. Livingston; Jonathan W. Decker
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Integrating sentiment analysis and term associations with geo-temporal visualizations on customer feedback streams
Author(s): Ming Hao; Christian Rohrdantz; Halldór Janetzko; Daniel Keim; Umeshwar Dayal; Lars-Erik Haug; Mei-Chun Hsu
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A self-adaptive technique for visualizing geospatial data in 3D with minimum occlusion
Author(s): Abon Chaudhuri; Han-Wei Shen
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Space/error tradeoffs for lossy wavelet reconstruction
Author(s): Jonathan Frain; R. Daniel Bergeron
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Configurable data prefetching scheme for interactive visualization of large-scale volume data
Author(s): Byungil Jeong; Paul A. Navrátil; Kelly P. Gaither; Gregory Abram; Gregory P. Johnson
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A general approach for similarity-based linear projections using a genetic algorithm
Author(s): James A. Mouradian; Bernd Hamann; René Rosenbaum
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Image space adaptive volume rendering
Author(s): Andrew Corcoran; John Dingliana
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Visualization of mappings between the gene ontology and cluster trees
Author(s): Ilir Jusufi; Andreas Kerren; Vladyslav Aleksakhin; Falk Schreiber
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Visualizing uncertainty in biological expression data
Author(s): Clemens Holzhüter; Alexander Lex; Dieter Schmalstieg; Hans-Jörg Schulz; Heidrun Schumann; Marc Streit
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Instant visitation maps for interactive visualization of uncertain particle trajectories
Author(s): Kai Bürger; Roland Fraedrich; Dorit Merhof; Rüdiger Westermann
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Motion visualization in large particle simulations
Author(s): Roland Fraedrich; Rüdiger Westermann
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Animating streamlines with repeated asymmetric patterns for steady flow visualization
Author(s): Chih-Kuo Yeh; Zhanping Liu; Tong-Yee Lee
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X3DBio1: a visual analysis tool for biomolecular structure exploration
Author(s): Hong Yi; Abhishek Singh; Yaroslava G. Yingling
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Increasing the perceptual salience of relationships in parallel coordinate plots
Author(s): Jonathan M. Harter; Xunlei Wu; Oluwafemi S. Alabi; Madhura Phadke; Lifford Pinto; Daniel Dougherty; Hannah Petersen; Steffen Bass; Russell M. Taylor II
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Comparative visualization of ensembles using ensemble surface slicing
Author(s): Oluwafemi S. Alabi; Xunlei Wu; Jonathan M. Harter; Madhura Phadke; Lifford Pinto; Hannah Petersen; Steffen Bass; Michael Keifer; Sharon Zhong; Chris Healey; Russell M. Taylor II
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A performance assessment on the effectiveness of digital image registration methods
Author(s): Steve Kacenjar; Bing Li; Alan Ostrow
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An evaluation of rendering and interactive methods for volumetric data exploration in virtual reality environments
Author(s): Nan Wang; Alexis Paljic; Philippe Fuchs
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Efficient, dynamic data visualization with persistent data structures
Author(s): Joseph A. Cottam; Andrew Lumsdaine
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Radial visualizations for comparative data analysis
Author(s): Geoffrey M. Draper; Matthew G. Styles; Richard F. Riesenfeld
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Exploiting major trends in subject hierarchies for large-scale collection visualization
Author(s): Charles-Antoine Julien; Pierre Tirilly; John E. Leide; Catherine Guastavino
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Visualization of multidimensional time
Author(s): Luther A. Tychonievich; Robert P. Burton
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Degeneracy-aware interpolation of 3D diffusion tensor fields
Author(s): Chongke Bi; Shigeo Takahashi; Issei Fujishiro
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Visualization and analysis of 3D gene expression patterns in zebrafish using web services
Author(s): D. Potikanond; F. J. Verbeek
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Vortex core detection: back to basics
Author(s): Allen Van Gelder
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