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Three-Dimensional Image Processing (3DIP) and Applications II
Editor(s): Atilla M. Baskurt; Robert Sitnik
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Volume Number: 8290
Date Published: 1 March 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8290
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Edge-aware stereo matching with O(1) complexity
Author(s): Cevahir Çiğla; A. Aydin Alatan
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Establishing eye contact for home video communication using stereo analysis and free viewpoint synthesis
Author(s): Christian Weigel; Niklas Treutner
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Depth adaptive hierarchical hole filling for DIBR-based 3D videos
Author(s): Mashhour Solh; Ghassan AlRegib
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Space carving MVD sequences for modeling natural 3D scenes
Author(s): Youssef Alj; Guillaume Boisson; Philippe Bordes; Muriel Pressigout; Luce Morin
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A locally content-dependent filter for inter-perspective anti-aliasing
Author(s): Mårten Sjöström; Sylvain Tourancheau; Xusheng Wang; Roger Olsson
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Photometric and geometric rectification for stereoscopic images
Author(s): Seung-Ryong Han; Jongsul Min; Taesung Park; Yongje Kim
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Depth map upscaling through edge-weighted optimization
Author(s): Sebastian Schwarz; Mårten Sjöström; Roger Olsson
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Adaptive switching filter for noise removal in highly corrupted depth maps from Time-of-Flight image sensors
Author(s): Seunghee Lee; Kwanghyuk Bae; Kyu-min Kyung; Tae-Chan Kim
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Parametric model-based noise reduction for ToF depth sensors
Author(s): Yong Sun Kim; Byongmin Kang; Hwasup Lim; Ouk Choi; Keechang Lee; James D. K. Kim; Changyeong Kim
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Silhouette extraction using color and depth information
Author(s): Ekaterina Tolstaya; Victor Bucha
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Discrete and continuous optimizations for depth image super-resolution
Author(s): Ouk Choi; Hwasup Lim; Byongmin Kang; Yong Sun Kim; Keechang Lee; James D. K. Kim; Chang-Yeong Kim
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Superpixel-based depth image super-resolution
Author(s): Yongseok Soh; Jae-Young Sim; Chang-Su Kim; Sang-Uk Lee
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Efficient spatio-temporal hole filling strategy for Kinect depth maps
Author(s): Massimo Camplani; Luis Salgado
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Experimental results of bispectral invariants discriminative power
Author(s): Karol Kubicki; Ramakrishna Kakarala
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Evaluation of algorithms for point cloud surface reconstruction through the analysis of shape parameters
Author(s): Lu Cao; Fons J. Verbeek
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3D mesh Reeb graph computation using commute-time and diffusion distances
Author(s): Rachid EL Khoury; Jean-Philippe Vandeborre; Mohamed Daoudi
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Geometric modeling of pelvic organs with thickness
Author(s): T. Bay; Z.-W. Chen; R. Raffin; M. Daniel; P. Joli; Z.-Q. Feng; M.-E. Bellemare
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Refined facial disparity maps for automatic creation of 3D avatars
Author(s): Rafael Pagés; Francisco Morán; Luis Salgado; Daniel Berjón
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Fast human pose estimation using 3D Zernike descriptors
Author(s): Daniel Berjón; Francisco Morán
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Analysis of binning of normals for spherical harmonic cross-correlation
Author(s): Robert L. Larkins; Michael J. Cree; Adrian A. Dorrington
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Topology reconstruction for B-Rep modeling from 3D mesh in reverse engineering applications
Author(s): Roseline Bénière; Gérard Subsol; Gilles Gesquière; François Le Breton; William Puech
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An evaluation of local shape descriptors for 3D shape retrieval
Author(s): Sarah Tang; Afzal Godil
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Spatial modeling of bone microarchitecture
Author(s): Hui Li; Kang Li; Taehyong Kim; Aidong Zhang; Murali Ramanathan
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A new affine invariant method for image matching
Author(s): Jean-Louis Palomares; Philippe Montesinos; Daniel Diep
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2D-3D feature association via projective transform invariants for model-based 3D pose estimation
Author(s): O. Serdar Gedik; A. Aydin Alatan
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Reprocessing anaglyph images
Author(s): Henry G. Dietz
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X-ray stereo imaging for micro 3D motions within non-transparent objects
Author(s): Wasil H. M. Salih; Jan A. N. Buytaert; Joris J. J. Dirckx
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A stereoscopic imaging system for laser back scatter based trajectory measurement in ballistics: part 2
Author(s): Uwe Chalupka; Hendrik Rothe
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Single frame coaxial 3D measurement using depth from defocus of projection system
Author(s): Toru Kurihara; Shigeru Ando
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Multidirectional four-dimensional shape measurement system
Author(s): Janusz Lenar; Robert Sitnik; Marcin Witkowski
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Estimation of surface normal vectors based on 3D scanning from heating approach
Author(s): Olivier Aubreton; Gonen Eren; Youssef Bokhabrine; Alban Bajard; Frederic Truchetet
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General fusion approaches for the age determination of latent fingerprint traces: results for 2D and 3D binary pixel feature fusion
Author(s): Ronny Merkel; Stefan Gruhn; Jana Dittmann; Claus Vielhauer; Anja Bräutigam
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A single-imager, single-lens video camera prototype for 3D imaging
Author(s): Lauren A. Christopher; Weixu Li
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3D multimodal data fusion system
Author(s): Piotr Garbat
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Fully automatic 3D digitization of unknown objects using progressive data bounding box
Author(s): Souhaiel Khalfaoui; Antoine Aigueperse; Ralph Seulin; Yohan Fougerolle; David Fofi
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3D video compression with the H.264 codec
Author(s): Nikolaus Karpinsky; Song Zhang
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3D multiresolution synchronization scheme based on feature point selection
Author(s): N. Tournier; W. Puech; G. Subsol; J.-P. Pedeboy
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A content-adaptive scheme for reduced-complexity, multi-view video coding
Author(s): Aykut Avci; Jan De Cock; Jelle De Smet; Youri Meuret; Peter Lambert; Herbert De Smet
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Novel time- and depth-stamped imaging for 3D-PIV (particle image velocimetry) using correlation image sensor
Author(s): Kenji Komiya; Toru Kurihara; Shigeru Ando
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3D imaging for ballistics analysis using chromatic white light sensor
Author(s): Andrey Makrushin; Mario Hildebrandt; Jana Dittmann; Eric Clausing; Robert Fischer; Claus Vielhauer
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Computer-aided 3D-shape construction of hearts from CT images for rapid prototyping
Author(s): Masayuki Fukuzawa; Yutaro Kato; Nobuyuki Nakamori; Seiichiro Ozawa; Isao Shiraishi
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Semiautomatic generation of semantic building models from image series
Author(s): Stefan Wirtz; Peter Decker; Dietrich Paulus
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Complex virtual urban environment modeling from CityGML data and OGC web services: application to the SIMFOR project
Author(s): Jean-Christophe Chambelland; Gilles Gesquière
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Liquid crystal materials and structures for image processing and 3D shape acquisition
Author(s): K. Garbat; P. Garbat; L. Jaroszewicz
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Piece-wise linear function estimation for platelet-based depth maps coding using edge detection
Author(s): Dorsaf Sebai; Faten Chaieb; Khaled Mammou; Faouzi Ghorbel
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A study on the impact of compression and packet losses on rendered 3D views
Author(s): Chaminda T. E. R. Hewage; Maria G. Martini; Harsha D Appuhami
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New technique for capturing images containing invisible depth information on objects using brightness modulated light
Author(s): Sae Isaka; Kazutake Uehira
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Interactive 3D segmentation by tubular envelope model for the aorta treatment
Author(s): Pawel J. Lubniewski; Bruno Miguel; Vincent Sauvage; Christophe Lohou
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A parallel stereo reconstruction algorithm with applications in entomology (APSRA)
Author(s): Rajesh Bhasin; Won Jun Jang; John C. Hart
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