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Eighth Symposium Optics in Industry
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Volume Number: 8287
Date Published: 11 October 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8287
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optics in the nanoscale limit for optoelectronics and biophotonics
Author(s): Arup Neogi
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Optics industry in Spain: a cluster approach to increasing competitiveness through collaboration in R&D and innovation
Author(s): Andrés F. Cifuentes
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Laser welding of nylon thin films using a pulsed CO2 waveguide laser
Author(s): R. Villagomez; Rogelio Valenzuela; Roxana B. Camacho-Mesa
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Analysis of incidence of keratoconus in relatives of patients who underwent corneal transplant due to advanced keratoconus using the Orbscan II topographic graphs
Author(s): Estela López Olazagasti; César Eduardo Hernández y del Callejo; Jorge Ibarra-Galitzia; Gustavo Ramírez-Zavaleta; Eduardo Tepichín
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Compound optofluidic small lenses with varifocal possibility
Author(s): Sergio Calixto; Martha Rosete Aguilar; Olga L. Torres Rocha; Francisco J. Sanchez Marin; Margarita Calixto Solano; E. M. Martinez Prado
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C-band optical fibers chromatic dispersion measurement at CENAM
Author(s): Z. E. Ruíz; B. E. Ayala; E. Rosas; I. Torres-Gómez; C. H. Matamoros García; Jorge A. Huerta-Ruelas; N. Arzate
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Effective detection plane location uncertainty component in luxmeters calibration
Author(s): R. López-Ramírez; L. P. González-Galván; A. Estrada-Hernández; E. Rosas
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Judd-Ofelt analysis of the B-Te-Na-Si-Al:Er3+ polymolecular glass for IR broadband telecommunication
Author(s): A. Lira; I. Camarillo; E. Camarillo; U. Caldiño; C. Falcony; G. H. Muñoz; P. Rosendo; J. López; B. Ibarra; B. López
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Corrosion process of copper in chloride solution by optical interferometry
Author(s): Guadalupe Yanett Enciso Soto; José Antonio Marbán Salgado; Oscar Sarmiento Martinez; Jorge Uruchurtu Chavarín; Darwin Mayorga Cruz
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Measurement of the absorption coefficient of a glucose solution through transmission of light and polarymetry techniques
Author(s): J. Yáñez M.
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Comparison between quasi-sinusoidal and quasi-triangular profiles for diffraction gratings printed on acetates
Author(s): Miguel Mora-González; Roger Chiu-Zarate; Jesús Muñoz-Maciel; Francisco G. Peña-Lecona; Héctor Pérez Ladrón de Guevara; Francisco J. Casillas
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Optical arrangement coupled to a radial shear cyclic interferometer to generate simultaneously two interferograms with a phase shift of π / 2
Author(s): J. F. Casco Vásquez; C. I. Robledo Sánchez; M. Ortiz Gutiérrez; L. M. Arévalo Aguilar; P. Nanco Hernandez
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Morphology of leaves cuticle by fringe projection
Author(s): Amalia Martínez; J. A. Rayas Alvarez; Raúl Cordero; Daniela Balieiro R.
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Polarimetric applications to identify bee honey
Author(s): Rafael Espinosa-Luna; Izcoatl Saucedo-Orozco; Cynthia Viridiana Santiago-Lona; Juan Manuel Franco-Sánchez; Alejandro Magallanes-Luján
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Monte Carlo method for evaluation of uncertainty in topometry by using in-plane electronic speckle pattern interferometry with divergent illumination
Author(s): Amalia Martínez; Jorge Parra-Michel; Raul Cordero; J. A. Rayas
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Crystallinity and vinyl groups formation in polyethylene films exposed to UV-B radiation
Author(s): A. Martínez-Romo; R. González-Mota; J. J. Soto-Bernal; C. Frausto-Reyes; I. Rosales-Candelas; E. I. Muñoz-Campos
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Modeling the tapering effects on the modal parameters of a hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber
Author(s): N. González Baquedano; S. Vargas; N. Arzate; I. Torres-Gómez; A. Martinez-Rios; D. E. Ceballos-Herrera; A. Ferrando; C. Milián
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Application of CO2 laser for electronic components soldering
Author(s): J. Mascorro-Pantoja; J. J. Soto-Bernal; M. Nieto-Pérez; R. Gonzalez-Mota; I. Rosales-Candelas
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Digital podoscope for remote diagnosis
Author(s): Alejandra Alicia Silva Moreno; Francisco Chávez Gutiérrez
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Retrieval columns of SO2 in industrial chimneys using DOAS passive in traverse
Author(s): Rubén Galicia Mejía; José Manuel de la Rosa Vázquez; Gustavo Sosa Iglesias
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Optical system for the supervision of the operation of a induction motor
Author(s): V. M Villanueva-Reyes; R. A. Vazquez-Nava
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Traffic infrastructure inventory system by analysis image
Author(s): Aldo I. Rico Martinez; J. C. Camarillo-Paz; F. J. Ornelas-Rodríguez; José-Joel Gonzalez-Barbosa; Yazmín C. Peña Cheng; Juan B. Hurtado-Ramos
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Multi-level optical memory based in Ge1Sb2Te4
Author(s): E. Morales Sánchez; E. Prokhorov; C. Rivera-Rodríguez; Yu. Kovalenko; J. González Hernandez
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Evaluation of optical wireless communications systems by means of the turbulence chamber
Author(s): Juan de Dios Sánchez; Juan Iván Nieto; Arturo Arvizu; Francisco Javier Mendieta; Mabel Vázquez
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Interaction of Gaussian beams with a conducting finite grating: transmission case
Author(s): M G. Martinez-Flores; J. Sumaya-Martínez; G. Montiel-Gonzalez; J. C. Corona-Oran; O. Mata-Méndez
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Rigorous diffraction of Hermite-Gaussian beams by a double slit: TM polarization case
Author(s): G. Enriquez-Leon; M. G. Martínez-Flores; G. Torres-Morales; J. Sumaya-Martínez; S. Lopez-Lopez
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Interaction of Gaussian beams with a conducting finite grating: reflection case
Author(s): G. Torres-Morales; J. Sumaya-Martínez; A. Pato-Córdoba
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Enhanced transmission through metallic subwavelength slits
Author(s): G. F. Camacho-Gonzalez; O. Olmos-Lopez; J. Sumaya-Martínez; M. Mayorga-Rojas
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Spatial location of reference points for the study in 360° of an object using Stereo Vision
Author(s): Víctor H. Flores; Amalia Martínez; J. A. Rayas; Katia Genovese
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A genetic algorithm applied in the three-dimensional reconstruction of digitalized objects
Author(s): D. Torres; F. J. Cuevas
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Potential uses of a Mueller polarimeter in the industry
Author(s): Geminiano Martínez-Ponce
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Design considerations and modifications on an optomechatronic load cell
Author(s): Alma A. Camacho P.; Francisco Javier Martínez Serrano; Osvaldo M. García D.
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Three beams phase-shifting interferometry by their amplitude variation
Author(s): Cruz Meneses-Fabian; Uriel Rivera-Ortega
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Micro-displacement sensor using a Mach-Zehnder interferometer with long-period gratings
Author(s): K. M. Salas-Alcántara; I. Torres-Gómez; D. Monzón-Hernández; A. Martínez-Ríos; Luis Armando García-de-la-Rosa
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Automatic re-calibration by laser metrology and computer algorithms
Author(s): J. A. Muñoz Rodríguez; Edgar Fernando Velazquez Pedroza
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Topometry and color association by RGB fringe projection technique
Author(s): Yolanda Yanet López Domínguez; Amalia Martínez; J. A. Rayas; Katia Genovese
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Fourier transform method to measure of the chromatic dispersion in an optical fiber
Author(s): J. Ramos-Beltrán; G. Beltrán-Pérez; J. Castillo-Mixcóatl; S. Muñoz-Aguirre
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Fringe pattern simulation with an adaptive pendulum
Author(s): W. F. Guerrero-Sánchez; R. Juarez-Salazar; C. Meneses-Fabian; C. I. Robledo-Sánchez
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Radial slope measurements of transparent samples using phase shifting interferometry by polarization
Author(s): David-Ignacio Serrano-García; Noel-Ivan Toto-Arellano; Amalia Martínez-García; Gustavo Rodriguez-Zurita
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Ray tracing to study of waxes around the cloud point by optical absorption tomography
Author(s): L. Moreno-Alvarez; C. Meneses-Fabian; J. N. Herrera; G. Rodríguez-Zurita
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