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Next-Generation Optical Communication: Components, Sub-Systems, and Systems
Editor(s): Guifang Li; Dieter Stefan Jäger
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Volume Number: 8284
Date Published: 14 December 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8284
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Space-division multiplexed transmission over few-mode- and coupled-core fiber based on coherent MIMO digital signal processing
Author(s): Roland Ryf; Sebastian Randel; René-Jean Essiambre; Peter J. Winzer
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112 Gb/s PM-QPSK transmission systems with reach lengths enabled by optical fibers with ultra-low loss and very large effective area
Author(s): John D. Downie
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Multi-input injection locking in single mode Fabry-Pérot laser diode and its application in optical signal processing
Author(s): Bikash Nakarmi; M. Rakib-Uddin; Yong Hyub Won
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Super receiver design for superchannel coherent optical systems
Author(s): Cheng Liu; Jie Pan; Thomas Detwiler; Andrew Stark; Yu-Ting Hsueh; Gee-Kung Chang; Stephen E. Ralph
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Efficient multiplexing and demultiplexing of orbital angular momentum beams
Author(s): Kevin M. Birnbaum; Baris I. Erkmen
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Continuous phase modulation parameter optimization for DWDM systems
Author(s): Thomas Detwiler; Alexander Blanquet; Andrew Stark; Bert Basch; Stephen E. Ralph
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Optical OFDM based on the fractional Fourier transform
Author(s): Gabriella Cincotti
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Reconfigurable optical transmitters and receivers
Author(s): Wolfgang Freude; René Schmogrow; David Hillerkuss; Joachim Meyer; Michael Dreschmann; Bernd Nebendahl; Michael Huebner; Juergen Becker; Christian Koos; Juerg Leuthold
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Performance of 32-Gbaud PDM-QPSK in nonlinear transport regimes with different phase recovery methods
Author(s): Andrew Stark; Yu-Ting Hsueh; Thomas Detwiler; Cheng Liu; Kedar Mehta; Mark Filer; Sorin Tibuleac; Gee-Kung Chang; Stephen E. Ralph
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Performance of PM QPSK and PM 16-QAM coherent optical fiber communication systems
Author(s): J. C. Cartledge; J. D. Downie; J. E. Hurley; A. S. Karar; J. H. Ke; I. Roudas; K. Roberts
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InP-based Mach Zehnder modulators for next-generation systems
Author(s): Eiichi Yamada; Yasuo Shibata; Hiroyuki Ishii
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Few-mode fibers for mode division multiplexing transmission
Author(s): Hirokazu Kubota; Toshio Morioka
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Efficient optical amplification for spatial division multiplexing
Author(s): Peter M. Krummrich
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Fabrication and characterization of ion-exchanged glass binary phase plates for mode-division multiplexing
Author(s): Carlos Montero; Vicente Moreno; Xesús Prieto-Blanco; Eduardo F. Mateo; Ezra Ip; Jesús Liñares
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Low-crosstalk multicore fibers for long-haul transmission
Author(s): Kunimasa Saitoh; Masanori Koshiba; Katsuhiro Takenaga; Shouichiro Matsuo
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Measurement of complex mode amplitudes in multimode fiber
Author(s): Bilal A. Alvi; Muhammad Asif; Amber Israr
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Detailed modeling of integrated IQ-transmitters for 100G+ applications
Author(s): A. Richter; C. Arellano; D. Carrara; S. Mingaleev; E. Sokolov; I. Koltchanov
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Stimulated Raman crosstalk in WDM system employing distributed Raman amplifier for DPSK and OOK modulation format
Author(s): Anamika Anamika; Vishnu Priye
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Recent advances in digital backward propagation algorithm for coherent transmission systems with higher order modulation formats
Author(s): Bernhard Schmauss; Rameez Asif; Chien-Yu Lin
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Digital nonlinear compensation techniques for high-speed DWDM transmission systems
Author(s): Takeshi Hoshida; Liang Dou; Takahito Tanimura; Weizhen Yan; Shoichiro Oda; Lei Li; Hisao Nakashima; Meng Yan; Zhenning Tao; Jens C. Rasmussen
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Low-complexity logarithmic step-size-based filtered digital backward propagation algorithm for compensating fiber transmission impairments
Author(s): Rameez Asif; Chien-Yu Lin; Michael Holtmannspoetter; Bernhard Schmauss
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Nonlinear tolerance of 400Gbit/s DP-RZ-QPSK transmission over 1200km SMF-28 employing digital backward propagation
Author(s): Rameez Asif; Chien-Yu Lin; Muhammad Usman; Bernhard Schmauss
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Reduction of crosstalk in a colourless multicasting LCOS-based wavelength selective switch by the application of wavefront encoding
Author(s): Brian Robertson; Zichen Zhang; Haining Yang; Maura M. Redmond; Neil Collings; Jinsong Liu; Ruisheng Lin; Anna M. Jeziorska-Chapman; John R. Moore; William A. Crossland; D. P. Chu
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Radiation-resistant erbium-doped optical fiber for space applications
Author(s): Jérémie Thomas; Mikhaël Myara; Philippe Signoret; Alain Pastouret; Ekaterina Burov; David Boivin; Olivier Cavani; Michel Sotom; Michel Maignan; Olivier Gilard
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