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Optoelectronic Interconnects XII
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Volume Number: 8267
Date Published: 1 March 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8267
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Injection molded optical backplane for broadcast architecture
Author(s): Paul Rosenberg; Sagi Mathai; Wayne V. Sorin; Moray McLaren; Joseph Straznicky; Georgios Panotopoulos; David Warren; Terry Morris; Michael R. T. Tan
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Evaluation of multimode optical waveguides for optical bus interconnects
Author(s): Alan X. Wang
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Design of a highly parallel board-level-interconnection with 320 Gbps capacity
Author(s): U. Lohmann; J. Jahns; S. Limmer; D. Fey; H. Bauer
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Polymer optical waveguide-based bi-directional optical bus architecture for high-speed optical backplane
Author(s): Xiaohui Lin; Xinyuan Dou; Alan X. Wang; Ray T. Chen
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Characterization and analysis of graded index optical waveguides for the realization of low-power, high-density, and high-speed optical link
Author(s): Hsiang-Han Hsu; Takaaki Ishigure; Shigeru Nakagawa
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Heterogeneous photonic integrated circuits
Author(s): Alexander W. Fang; Gregory Fish; Eric Hall
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A 25-Gbps high-sensitivity optical receiver with 10-Gbps photodiode using inductive input coupling for optical interconnects
Author(s): Hideki Oku; Kiyomi Narita; Takashi Shiraishi; Satoshi Ide; Kazuhiro Tanaka
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4 channels x 10-Gbps optoelectronic transceiver based on silicon optical bench technology
Author(s): Chin T. Chen; Hsu L. Hsiao; Chia. C. Chang; Po K. Shen; Guan F. Lu; Yun C. Lee; Shou F. Chang; Yo S. Lin; Mount L. Wu
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Multigigabit optical transceivers for high-data rate military applications
Author(s): Brian E. Catanzaro; Charlie Kuznia
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Si-based optical I/O for optical memory interface
Author(s): Kyoungho Ha; Dongjae Shin; Hyunil Byun; Kwansik Cho; Kyoungwon Na; Hochul Ji; Junghyung Pyo; Seokyong Hong; Kwanghyun Lee; Beomseok Lee; Yong-hwack Shin; Junghye Kim; Seong-gu Kim; Insung Joe; Sungdong Suh; Sanghoon Choi; Sangdeok Han; Yoondong Park; Hanmei Choi; Bongjin Kuh; Kichul Kim; Jinwoo Choi; Sujin Park; Hyeunsu Kim; Kiho Kim; Jinyong Choi; Hyunjoo Lee; Sujin Yang; Sungho Park; Minwoo Lee; Minchang Cho; Saebyeol Kim; Taejin Jeong; Seokhun Hyun; Cheongryong Cho; Jeong-kyoum Kim; Hong-gu Yoon; Jeongsik Nam; Hyukjoon Kwon; Hocheol Lee; Junghwan Choi; Sungjin Jang; Joosun Choi; Chilhee Chung
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Silicon nanomembranes for high-performance flexible photonic interconnects and devices
Author(s): Harish Subbaraman; Xiaochuan Xu; Nassibe Rahimi; Amir Hosseini; Ray T. Chen
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Low insertion loss modulator based on a vertically coupled photonic crystal resonator
Author(s): Kapil Debnath; Liam O'Faolain; Frederic Y. Gardes; David Thomson; Graham Reed; Thomas F. Krauss
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Link power budget advantage in GI-core polymer optical waveguide link for optical printed circuit boards
Author(s): Sho Yakabe; Takaaki Ishigure; Shigeru Nakagawa
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Novel optical interconnect devices applying mask-transfer self-written method
Author(s): Nobuhiko Ishizawa; Yusuke Matsuzawa; Yu Tokiwa; Kenichi Nakama; Osamu Mikami
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Single-mode glass waveguide technology for optical interchip communication on board level
Author(s): Lars Brusberg; Marcel Neitz; Henning Schröder
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Optical waveguide end roughness in correlation to optical coupling
Author(s): Kevin Kruse; Nick Riegel; Casey Demars; Christopher Middlebrook; Michael Roggemann
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Next-generation, high-density, low-cost, multimode optical backplane interconnect
Author(s): Darrell Childers; Eric Childers; Joe Graham; Mike Hughes
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Rapid prototyping of interfacing microcomponents for printed circuit board-level optical interconnects
Author(s): Jürgen Van Erps; Michael Vervaeke; Hugo Thienpont
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Soft lithography fabricated polymer waveguides and 45-degree inclined mirrors for card-to-backplane optical interconnects
Author(s): Guomin Jiang; Sarfaraz Baig; Michael R. Wang
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Aspects of short-range interconnect packaging
Author(s): Denis Wohlfeld; Karl-Heinz Brenner
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Novel coupling and packaging approaches for optical interconnects
Author(s): B. Van Hoe; E. Bosman; J. Missinne; S. Kalathimekkad; G. Van Steenberge; P. Van Daele
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Chip-to-chip interconnects based on 3D stacking of optoelectrical dies on Si
Author(s): P. Duan; O. Raz; B. E. Smalbrugge; J. Duis; H. J. S. Dorren
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Proposal and FDTD simulation of reflective self-organizing lightwave network (R-SOLNET) using phosphor
Author(s): Masatoshi Seki; Tetsuzo Yoshimura
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Optics in computers, servers, and data centers
Author(s): H. J. S. Dorren; P. Duan; O. Raz; R. P. Luijten
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Chip-scale integrated optical interconnects: a key enabler for future high-performance computing
Author(s): Michael Haney; Rohit Nair; Tian Gu
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Low-power integration of on-chip nanophotonic interconnect for high-performance optoelectrical IC
Author(s): Duo Ding; David Z. Pan
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Design and experimental study on the grating outcouplers providing the controlled 2D-intensity profile of the output beam from a broad area laser diode
Author(s): Oleg V. Smolski; Viktor O. Smolski; Eric C. Browy; Eric G. Johnson; Zane A. Shellenbarger
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Novel VCSEL driving technique with virtual back termination for high-speed optical interconnection
Author(s): Mariko Sugawara; Yukito Tsunoda; Hideki Oku; Satoshi Ide; Kazuhiro Tanaka
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Application of MIMO technology for next-generation optical and millimeter-wave interconnects
Author(s): Shu-Hao Fan; Daniel Guidotti; Gee-Kung Chang
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Device design and signal processing for multiple-input multiple-output multimode fiber links
Author(s): Kumar Appaiah; Sriram Vishwanath; Seth R. Bank
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A high-speed 0.35µm CMOS optical communication link
Author(s): Marius E. Goosen; Petrus J. Venter; Monuko du Plessis; Alfons W. Bogalecki; Antonie C. Alberts; Pieter Rademeyer
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Design and fabrication of a 1-by-4 multimode interference splitter
Author(s): Ma Li; Hongliang Zhu; Minghua Chen
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Transmitting part of optical interconnect module with three-dimensional optical path
Author(s): Chia-Chi Chang; Po-Kuan Shen; Chin-Ta Chen; Hsu-Liang Hsiao; Yen-Chung Chang; Yun-Chih Lee; Mount-Learn Wu
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Improved performance of traveling wave directional coupler modulator based on electro-optic polymer
Author(s): Xingyu Zhang; Beomsuk Lee; Che-Yun Lin; Alan X. Wang; Amir Hosseini; Xiaohui Lin; Ray T. Chen
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80µm-core graded-index MMF for consumer electronic devices
Author(s): Denis Molin; Marianne Bigot-Astruc; Pierre Sillard
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