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Organic Photonic Materials and Devices XIV
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Volume Number: 8258
Date Published: 27 February 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8258
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Tuning the refractive index of blended polymer films by RIR-MAPLE deposition
Author(s): Ryan D. McCormick; Eric D. Cline; Arvinder S. Chadha; Weidong Zhou; Adrienne D. Stiff-Roberts
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Nanocrystalline cellulose for covert optical encryption
Author(s): Yu Ping Zhang; Vamsy P. Chodavarapu; Andrew G. Kirk; Mark P. Andrews
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Carrier mobility characterization of DNA-surfactant complexes
Author(s): Ting-Yu Lin; Yu-Chueh Hung
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White organic light-emitting diodes with ultra-thin mixed emitting layer
Author(s): T. Jeon; S. Forget; S. Chenais; B. Geffroy; D. Tondelier; Y. Bonnassieux; E. Ishow
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Waveguide exciton polaritons in polymer optical waveguides doped with J-aggregating dyes: generation, emission and control
Author(s): Tal Ellenbogen; Kenneth B. Crozier
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Reconfigurable visible quantum dot microlasers integrated on a silicon chip
Author(s): Simin Mehrabani; Heather K. Hunt; Andrea M. Armani
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Towards polarization controlled organic micro-lasers
Author(s): I. Gozhyk; S. Forget; S. Chénais; C. Ulysse; A. Brosseau; R. Méallet-Renault; G. Clavier; R. Pansu; J. Zyss; M. Lebental
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Photonic applications of photochromic molecules
Author(s): Jaroslaw Mysliwiec; Maciej Czajkowski; Lech Sznitko; Stanislaw Bartkiewicz; Andrzej Miniewicz; Krystian Zygadlo; Zbigniew Galewski; Bouchta Sahraoui; Ileana Rau; Francois Kajzar
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Reversible multi-color electrofluorescence switching
Author(s): Seogjae Seo; Chihyun Park; Xu Yang; Jungmok You; Yuna Kim; Eunkyoung Kim
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Organic nanofibers from squarylium dyes: local morphology, optical, and electrical properties
Author(s): Frank Balzer; Manuela Schiek; Andreas Osadnik; Arne Lützen; Horst-Günter Rubahn
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All printed touchless human-machine interface based on only five functional materials
Author(s): G. Scheipl; M. Zirkl; A. Sawatdee; U. Helbig; M. Krause; E. Kraker; P. Andersson Ersman; D. Nilsson; D. Platt; P. Bodö; S. Bauer; G. Domann; A. Mogessie; Paul Hartmann; B. Stadlober
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Fabry-Perot resonant switch using electro-optic polymer
Author(s): Katherine L. Drain; Wen Cheng; Robert L. Nelson; Qiwen Zhan
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Solution phase-assisted reorientation of chromophores
Author(s): Benjamin C. Olbricht; Stephen Kozacik; David L. K. Eng; Michael Roman; Dennis W. Prather
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Nonlinear absorption and nonlinear refraction: maximizing the merit factors
Author(s): M. Samoc; K. Matczyszyn; M. Nyk; J. Olesiak-Banska; D. Wawrzynczyk; P. Hanczyc; J. Szeremeta; M. Wielgus; M. Gordel; L. Mazur; R. Kolkowski; B. Straszak; M. P. Cifuentes; M. G. Humphrey
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Poly (cyanophenylene sulfide) as new host materials of second order nonlinear optical polymers
Author(s): A. Sugita; Y. Tamaki; N. Mase; Y. Kawata; S. Tasaka
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EO-polymer waveguide based high dynamic range EM wave sensors
Author(s): Che-Yun Lin; Alan X. Wang; Xingyu Zhang; Beom Suk Lee; Ray T. Chen
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Photopolymer-based three-dimensional optical waveguide devices
Author(s): M. Kagami; T. Yamashita; M. Yonemura; A. Kawasaki; O. Watanabe; M. Tomiki
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Critical angle in fluorescent polymer optical fibers
Author(s): I. Bikandi; M. A. Illarramendi; J. Zubia; J. Arrue; F. Jiménez; I. Ayesta; L. Bazzana
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On-chip sensing of volatile organic compounds in water by hybrid polymer and silicon photonic-crystal slot-waveguide devices
Author(s): Swapnajit Chakravarty; Wei-Cheng Lai; Yi Zou; Ray T. Chen
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Quickly updatable hologram images with high performance photorefractive polymer composites
Author(s): Naoto Tsutsumi; Kenji Kinashi; Asato Nonomura; Wataru Sakai
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Grating couplers in polymer with a thin Si3N4 layer embedded
Author(s): Linghua Wang; Yanlu Li; Marco Garcia Porcel; Diedrik Vermeulen; Xiuyou Han; Jinyan Wang; Xigao Jian; Mingshan Zhao; Geert Morthier
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Picosecond polarization spectroscopy of fluorescein attached to different molecular volume polymer influenced by rotational motion
Author(s): Yang Pu; Wubao Wang; R. B. Dorshow; R. R. Alfano
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A photo-aligned self-assembled monolayer for polymer transistors
Author(s): Tatsuhiko Kawaguchi; Takehiro Okura; Yuusuke Suenaga; Tomonori Hanasaki; Ichiro Fujieda
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Vibration-induced mobility enhancement for a polymer transistor
Author(s): Yuuki Kondo; Tomonori Hiraki; Yuusuke Suenaga; Tomonori Hanasaki; Ichiro Fujieda
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Ultrafast nonlinear optical studies of 3,8,13,18-Tetrachloro-2,7,12,17-tetramethoxyporphyrin and its derivatives
Author(s): Debasis Swain; Anup Rana; Pradeepta K. Panda; S. Venugopal Rao
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Femtosecond and picosecond nonlinear optical studies of Corroles
Author(s): Syed Hamad; G. Krishna Podagatlapalli; L. Giribabu; Surya P. Tewari; S. Venugopal Rao
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Influence of the polymer processing conditions on the performance of bulk heterojunction solar cells
Author(s): A. Ng; Y. C. Sun; M. K. Fung; A. M. C. Ng; Y. H. Leung; A. B. Djurišić; W. K. Chan
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Multi high-order anisotropic self-diffraction in Cerium doped BaTiO3 crystal
Author(s): S. Plaipichit; P. Buranasiri; R. Nuansri; W. Neeyakorn
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Efficient configuration transition in a new azobenzene-LC polymer for red light holographic recording
Author(s): Weidong Mao; Qunhui Sun; Sarfaraz Baig; Hui Lu; Michael R. Wang
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Development of fibre Bragg grating based strain/temperature sensing system
Author(s): S. G. Raymond; P. Wagner; M. Panczyk; G. V. M. Williams; K. J. Stevens; I. Monfils; D. Hirst; J. Whaanga; Y. Kutuvantavida; M. D. H. Bhuiyan; A. J. Kay
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