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Physics, Simulation, and Photonic Engineering of Photovoltaic Devices
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Volume Number: 8256
Date Published: 19 March 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8256
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Increasing upconversion by metal and dielectric nanostructures
Author(s): J. C. Goldschmidt; S. Fischer; H. Steinkemper; B. Herter; T. Rist; S. Wolf; B. Bläsi; F. Hallermann; G. von Plessen; K. W. Krämer; D. Biner; M. Hermle
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Simulations of solar cell absorption enhancement using resonant modes of a nanosphere array
Author(s): Jonathan Grandidier; Michael G. Deceglie; Dennis M. Callahan; Harry A. Atwater
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Exact field solution to guided wave propagation in lossy thin films
Author(s): James R. Nagel; Steve Blair; Michael A. Scarpulla
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Plasmonic enhancement of up-conversion in ultrathin layers
Author(s): C. Andriamiadamanana; A. Ferrier; L. Lombez; A.-L. Joudrier; N. Naghavi; P. Ghenuche; N. Bardou; J.-L. Pelouard; S. Collin; F. Pelle; J.-F. Guillemoles
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Improved efficiency for nanopillar array of c-Si photovoltaic by down-conversion and anti-reflection of quantum dots
Author(s): Chien-chung Lin; Hsin-Chu Chen; Hau-Vei Han; Yu-Lin Tsai; Chia-Hua Chang; Min-An Tsai; Hao-Chung Kuo; Peichen Yu
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Scattering analysis of the indium-tin-oxide (ITO) nanowhiskers on ITO film substrate for thin film solar cell
Author(s): Hsiao-Wei Liu; Chia-Hua Chang; Chien Chung Lin; Peichen Yu
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Improving photo-generated carrier escape in quantum well solar cells
Author(s): A. Alemu; A. Freundlich
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Exploring the radiative limits of dark current operation in InGaAs quantum well solar cells
Author(s): Roger E. Welser
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Exploring the potential of quantum wells for efficiency enhancement in photovoltaic cells
Author(s): Masakazu Sugiyama; Yunpeng Wang; Hiromasa Fujii; Hassanet Sodabanlu; Yu Wen; Kentaroh Watanabe; Yoshiaki Nakano
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Photovoltaic properties of silicon nanocrystals in silicon carbide
Author(s): P. Löper; A. Witzky; A. Hartel; S. Gutsch; D. Hiller; J. C. Goldschmidt; S. Janz; S. W. Glunz; M. Zacharias
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Numerical simulation of QD-intermediate band solar cells: effect of dot size on performance
Author(s): Timothy Bald; Alexander Fedoseyev
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Cu(In,Ga)Se[sub]2[/sub] photovoltaic microcells for high efficiency with reduced material usage
Author(s): Myriam Paire; Laurent Lombez; Frédérique Donsanti; Marie Jubault; Nicolas Péré-Laperne; Stéphane Collin; Arnaud Perona; Alain Dollet; Jean-Luc Pelouard; Daniel Lincot; Jean-François Guillemoles
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Optimal optical designs for planar GaAs single-junction solar cells with textured and reflective surfaces
Author(s): Shi Liu; Ding Ding; Shane R. Johnson; Yong-Hang Zhang
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Device simulation of intermediate band solar cells
Author(s): K. Yoshida; Y. Okada; N. Sano
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The thermodynamic limits of tandem photovoltaic devices with intermediate band
Author(s): Jongwon Lee; Christiana B. Honsberg
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Spectrum-optimized Si-based III-V multijunction photovoltaics
Author(s): Tyler J. Grassman; Andrew M. Carlin; Javier Grandal; Chris Ratcliff; Limei Yang; Michael J. Mills; Steven A. Ringel
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Simulation of novel InAlAsSb solar cells
Author(s): Matthew P. Lumb; Maria Gonzalez; Igor Vurgaftman; Jerry R. Meyer; Joshua Abell; Michael Yakes; Raymond Hoheisel; Joseph G. Tischler; Phillip P. Jenkins; Paul N. Stavrinou; Markus Fuhrer; Ned J. Ekins-Daukes; Robert J. Walters
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Two-dimensional modeling of CdZnTe/Si based dual and triple junction solar cells
Author(s): Y. G. Xiao; Z. Q. Li; M. Lestrade; Z. M. Simon Li
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Modeling carrier relaxation in hot carrier solar cells
Author(s): Stephen M. Goodnick; Christiana Honsberg
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InGaAs/GaAsP quantum wells for hot carrier solar cells
Author(s): Louise C. Hirst; Markus Fürher; Daniel J. Farrell; Arthur Le Bris; Jean-François Guillemoles; Murad J. Y. Tayebjee; Raphael Clady; Timothy W. Schmidt; Masakazu Sugiyama; Yunpeng Wang; Hiromasa Fujii; Nicholas J. Ekins-Daukes
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Hot carrier cells: an example of third generation photovoltaics
Author(s): G. Conibeer
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Multiple exciton generation in PbSe nanorods
Author(s): Paul D. Cunningham; Janice E. Boercker; Edward E. Foos; Matthew P. Lumb; Anthony R. Smith; Joseph G. Tischler; Joseph S. Melinger
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Spectroscopic ellipsometry: metrology for photovoltaics from the nanoscale to gigawatts
Author(s): Sylvain Marsillac; Robert W. Collins
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Characterization of solar cells using electroluminescence and photoluminescence hyperspectral images
Author(s): A. Delamarre; L. Lombez; J. F. Guillemoles
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Spectroscopic analysis of InAs quantum dot solar cells
Author(s): Stephen J. Polly; Christopher G. Bailey; Zachary S. Bittner; Yushuai Dai; Elias G. Fernandez; Seth M. Hubbard
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A novel method to eliminate the measurement artifacts of external quantum efficiency of multi-junction solar cells caused by the shunt effect
Author(s): Jing-Jing Li; Swee Hoe Lim; Yong-Hang Zhang
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Toward high efficiency ultra-thin CIGSe based solar cells using light management techniques
Author(s): Negar Naghavi; Zacharie Jehl; Frederique Donsanti; Jean-François Guillemoles; Isabelle Gérard; Muriel Bouttemy; Arnaud Etcheberry; Jean-Luc Pelouard; Stéphane Collin; Clément Colin; Nicolas Péré-Laperne; Nir Dahan; Jean-Jacques Greffet; Boris Morel; Zakaria Djebbour; Arouna Darga; Denis Mencaraglia; Georg Voorwinden; Bernhard Dimmler; Micheal Powalla; Daniel Lincot
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Trackfree planar solar concentrator system
Author(s): Volker Zagolla; Christophe Moser
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A cascadable circular concentrator with parallel compressed structure for increasing the energy density
Author(s): Nai-Lun Ku; Yi-Yung Chen; Wei-Che Hsieh; Allen Jong-Woei Whang
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Minimizing solar cell reflection loss through surface texturing and implementation of 1D and 2D subwavelength dielectric gratings
Author(s): W. Wang; A. Mehrotra; A. Alemu; A. Freundlich
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Interface quality enhancement of the epitaxial regrowth process for [i]nipi[/i] photovoltaic devices
Author(s): Michael A. Slocum; David V. Forbes; Seth M. Hubbard
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The role of Sb compositions on the properties of InAs/GaAsSb quantum dots (QDs)
Author(s): Keun-Yong Ban; Stephen P. Bremner; Darius Kuciauskas; Som N. Dahal; Christiana B. Honsberg
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Characteristics of bulk InGaAsN and InGaAsSbN materials grown by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) for solar cell application
Author(s): TaeWan Kim; Toby J. Garrod; Kangho Kim; Jaejin Lee; Luke J. Mawst; T. F. Kuech; S. D. LaLumondiere; Y. Sin; W. T. Lotshaw; S. C. Moss
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Dilute nitride GaInNAs and GaInNAsSb for solar cell applications
Author(s): Siew Li Tan; Wai Mun Soong; Matthew J. Steer; Shiyong Zhang; Jo Shien Ng; John P. R. David
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Intersubband and intrasubband transition in InGaN quantum dot for solar cell application
Author(s): Kuang-Chung Wang; Yuh-Renn Wu
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Advanced photovoltaic development at Air Force Research Laboratory (Keynote Presentation)
Author(s): David M. Wilt
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Modeling of defect-tolerant thin multi-junction solar cells for space application
Author(s): A. Mehrotra; A. Alemu; A. Freundlich
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Radiation effects on quantum dot enhanced solar cells
Author(s): Christopher Kerestes; David Forbes; Christopher G. Bailey; John Spann; Benjamin Richards; Paul Sharps; Seth Hubbard
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Photonic crystals for improving light absorption in organic solar cells
Author(s): D. Duché; L. Escoubas; J.-J. Simon; C. Gourgon; C. Masclaux; Ph. Torchio; J. Le Rouzo; F. Flory
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Resonance energy transfer from PbS colloidal quantum dots to bulk silicon: the road to hybrid photovoltaics
Author(s): P. Andreakou; M. Brossard; M. Bernechea; G. Konstantatos; P. Lagoudakis
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Full device analysis of novel metamaterial coated PN and MIS solar cells using numerical methods
Author(s): Isroel Mandel; Jonah N. Gollub; Chris Sarantos; Nafiseh Pishbin; David T. Crouse
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Energy converting material for solar cell application
Author(s): Madhab Pokhrel; G A. Kumar; Dhiraj K. Sardar
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Dynamic thermal analysis of a concentrated photovoltaic system
Author(s): John T. Avrett II; Stephen C. Cain; Michael Pochet
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Analysis of radiation hardness and subcell I-V characteristics of GaInP/GaAs/Ge solar cells using electroluminescence measurements
Author(s): R. Hoheisel; S. Messenger; D. Scheiman; P. P. Jenkins; R. J. Walters
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Optical simulation and fabrication of periodic triangular gratings for the enhancement of photovoltaic solar panels
Author(s): Rajat Dey; Evgueni V. Bordatchev; Mohammed Tauhiduzzaman; Hugo Reshef
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