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Emerging Digital Micromirror Device Based Systems and Applications IV
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Volume Number: 8254
Date Published: 21 March 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8254
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Network-based multisensor optical 3D acquisition of complex structures
Author(s): G. Frankowski; R. Hainich
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Hyperspectral imaging in the operating room: what a surgeon wants
Author(s): Sara L. Best
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Evaluation of a novel laparoscopic camera for characterization of renal ischemia in a porcine model using digital light processing (DLP) hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Ephrem O. Olweny; Yung K. Tan; Stephen Faddegon; Neil Jackson; Eleanor F. Wehner; Sara L. Best; Samuel K. Park; Abhas Thapa; Jeffrey A. Cadeddu; Karel J. Zuzak
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Spatial frequency domain imaging (SFDI): a technology overview and validation of an LED-based clinic friendly device
Author(s): David J. Cuccia
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Digital-micromirror-device-based confocal 4D microscopy
Author(s): M. Schellenberg; M. Kloster; J. Napier; E. Peev; W. Neu
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A pico projector source for confocal fluorescence and ophthalmic imaging
Author(s): Matthew S. Muller
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Medical devices in dermatology using DLP technology from Texas Instruments
Author(s): M. Kock; F. Lüllau
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Implementation of an LED-based clinical spatial frequency domain imaging system
Author(s): Amaan Mazhar; Seyed A. Sharif; Steve Saggese; Bernard Choi; David J. Cuccia; Anthony J. Durkin
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Real time 3D holographic display
Author(s): Luigi Loreti; R. Ceccarelli; A. Loreti; A. Borro
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Suppression of the zero-order diffraction beam from computer-generated holograms produced by a DLP spatial light modulator
Author(s): Sih-Ying Wu; Jinyang Liang; Michael F. Becker
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DLP-based light engines for additive manufacturing of ceramic parts
Author(s): M. Hatzenbichler; M. Geppert; S. Gruber; E. Ipp; R. Almedal; J. Stampfl
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Measurement of human subjects using structured light
Author(s): Matthew W. Bellis; Daniel L. Lau
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Face recognition via a projective compressive sensing system
Author(s): Brant M. Kaylor; Charlie J. Keith; Peter A. Roos; Randy R. Reibel
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High-speed 3D measurement system using DMD-based projector for industrial applications
Author(s): Yasumoto Mori; Keisuke Saito; Kenji Homma; Yasuhiro Ohnishi; Daisuke Mitsumoto; Masaki Suwa
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Volumetric 3D display using a DLP projection engine
Author(s): Jason Geng
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Considerations for DMDs operating in the infrared
Author(s): Julia Rentz Dupuis; David J. Mansur
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Full color high contrast front projection on black emissive display
Author(s): Ted Sun; Greg Pettitt; Nguyen T. Ho; Kurt Eckles; Ben Clifton; Botao Cheng
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Multimode fiber-based high-power laser distribution using DLP technology
Author(s): Adèle Morisset; Elodie Durbize; Bruno Chassagne; Christophe Pierre; Arnaud Zoubir; Sébastien Ermeneux
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Bandwidth-limited laser image projection using a DMD-based beam shaper
Author(s): Jinyang Liang; Sih-Ying Wu; Rudolph N. Kohn Jr.; Michael F. Becker; Daniel J. Heinzen
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Application of DMD: laser speckle control for rough surface photofabrication
Author(s): Vincent Brissonneau; Ludovic Escoubas; François Flory; Gérard Berginc
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Study of an NIR digital micromirror device-based snapshot spectral imaging system
Author(s): Yuehao Wu; Iftekhar O. Mirza; Gonzalo R. Arce; Dennis W. Prather
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Flat spectral response all-digital broadband variable fiber optic attenuator
Author(s): Mumtaz Sheikh
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Demonstrator of a multi-object spectrograph based on the 2048x1080 DMD
Author(s): Frederic Zamkotsian; Paolo Spano; William Bon; Patrick Lanzoni
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Hyperspectral image projector applications
Author(s): Joseph P. Rice; Steven W. Brown; David W. Allen; Howard W. Yoon; Maritoni Litorja; Jeeseong C. Hwang
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