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MOEMS and Miniaturized Systems XI
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Volume Number: 8252
Date Published: 16 March 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8252
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Trajectory precision of micromachined scanning mirrors for laser beam scanning pico-projector displays
Author(s): Wyatt O. Davis; Michael Beard; Robert Jackson
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MEMS-based microprojection system with a 1.5cc optical engine
Author(s): Lucio Kilcher; Nicolas Abelé
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Laser projector solution based on two 1D resonant scanning micromirrors assembled in a low vertical distortion scan head
Author(s): Jan Grahmann; Michael Wildenhain; Thomas Grasshoff; Christian Gerwig; Hans-Georg Dallmann; Alexander Wolter; Harald Schenk
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Speckle reduction in laser-illuminated picoprojectors
Author(s): Fergal P. Shevlin
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Optotune focus tunable lenses and laser speckle reduction based on electroactive polymers
Author(s): M. Blum; M. Büeler; C. Grätzel; J. Giger; M. Aschwanden
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Superluminescent light emitting diodes: the best out of two worlds
Author(s): M. Rossetti; J. Napierala; N. Matuschek; U. Achatz; M. Duelk; C. Vélez; A. Castiglia; N. Grandjean; J. Dorsaz; E. Feltin
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Bi-resonant scanning mirror with piezoresistive position sensor for WVGA laser projection systems
Author(s): Christian Drabe; David Kallweit; André Dreyhaupt; Jan Grahmann; Harald Schenk; Wyatt Davis
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Net flux sensors for the measurement of Mars surface radiation budget
Author(s): Linh Ngo Phong; Anas Alazzam; Michael G. Daly; Christian Proulx; Francois Châteauneuf
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Large MEMS-based programmable reflective slit mask for multi-object spectroscopy fabricated using multiple wafer-level bonding
Author(s): Michael Canonica; Frederic Zamkotsian; Patrick Lanzoni; Wilfried Noell; Nico de Rooij
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Translatory MEMS actuator and their system integration for miniaturized Fourier transform spectrometers
Author(s): Thilo Sandner; Thomas Grasshoff; Harald Schenk; Andreas Kenda
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Advances in performance and miniaturization of a FT-IR spectrometer system based on a large stroke MOEMS piston mirror
Author(s): Andreas Kenda; Thilo Sandner; Stephan Lüttjohann; Martin Kraft; Andreas Tortschanoff; Arno Simon
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Spectral imaging characterization of MOEM tunable Fabry-Perot filter
Author(s): Neelam Gupta
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Shared shuttles for integrated silicon optoelectronics
Author(s): Tom Baehr-Jones; Ran Ding; Ali Ayazi; Thierry Pinguet; Matt Streshinsky; Nick Harris; Jing Li; Li He; Mike Gould; Yi Zhang; Andy Eu-Jin Lim; Tsung-Yang Liow; Selin Hwee-Gee Teo; Guo-Qiang Lo; Stewart Ocheltree; Craig Hill; Andrew Pomerene; Peter De Dobbelaere; Attila Mekis; Michael Hochberg
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One-dimensional light modulator
Author(s): S. Sinning; I. Wullinger; J.-U. Schmidt; M. Friedrichs; U. Dauderstädt; S. Wolschke; T. Hughes; D. Pahner; M. Wagner
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Low voltage vertical flaps arrays as optical modulating elements for reflective display and switchable gratings
Author(s): F. Jutzi; W. Noell; N. F. de Rooij
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Dynamically deformable reflective membrane for laser beam shaping and smoothing
Author(s): J. Masson; R. Bitterli; A. Bich; W. Noell; R. Voelkel; K. Weible; N. de Rooij
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MEMS focus control and spherical aberration correction for multilayer optical discs
Author(s): Sarah J. Lukes; David L. Dickensheets
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Deformable mirror with controlled air damping for fast focus tracking and scanning
Author(s): Mohammad J. Moghimi; Krishna Chattergoon; Chris Wilson; David L. Dickensheets
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Miniature non-mechanical zoom camera using deformable MOEMS mirrors
Author(s): Brant M. Kaylor; Christopher R. Wilson; Nathan J. Greenfield; Peter A. Roos; Eric M. Seger; Mohammad J. Moghimi; David L. Dickensheets
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Microelectrofluidic iris for variable aperture
Author(s): Jong-hyeon Chang; Kyu-Dong Jung; Eunsung Lee; Minseog Choi; Seungwan Lee
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Thin varifocal liquid lenses actuated below 10V for mobile phone cameras
Author(s): Arnaud Pouydebasque; Sébastien Bolis; Fabrice Jacquet; Claudine Bridoux; Laëtitia Zavattoni; Sofiane Soulimane; Stéphane Moreau; Damien Saint-Patrice; Christophe Bouvier; Christophe Kopp; Stéphane Fanget
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Novel resistive electrode structure for liquid crystal modal lens shifting
Author(s): Nicolas Fraval; Frédéric Berier; Olivier Castany
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Modeling and simulation of the surface profile forming process for optimum control of the lithographically fabricated microlenses and lens arrays
Author(s): Zhengyu Miao; Wanjun Wang
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Optical position feedback for electrostatically driven MOEMS scanners
Author(s): A. Tortschanoff; M. Baumgart; A. Frank; M. Wildenhain; T. Sandner; H. Schenk; A. Kenda
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Closed-loop control for quasi-static MOEMS mirrors
Author(s): A. Tortschanoff; D. Holzmann; M. Lenzhofer; T. Sandner
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Vertical comb drive microscanners for beam steering, linear scanning, and laser projection applications
Author(s): Denis Jung; Thilo Sandner; David Kallweit; Harald Schenk
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A high-speed, bimodal, CMOS-MEMS resonant scanner driven by temperature-gradient actuators
Author(s): Sergio Camacho-León; Peter J. Gilgunn; Sergio O. Martínez-Chapa; Gary K. Fedder
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Self-sustained oscillation of MEMS torsional micromirrors
Author(s): D. Mukhopadhyay; D. Antonio; I. W. Jung; D. López
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Micro-optical system based 3D imaging for full HD depth image capturing
Author(s): Yong-Hwa Park; Yong-Chul Cho; Jang-Woo You; Chang-Young Park; Heesun Yoon; Sang-Hun Lee; Jong-Oh Kwon; Seung-Wan Lee
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Fabrication and characterization of wavelength selective microbolometers using a planar self-aligned process for low deformation membranes
Author(s): Jong Yeon Park; James E. Gardner; Praveen Pasupathy; Ji Won Suk; Rodney S. Ruoff; Dean P. Neikirk
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Microscopy using water droplets
Author(s): Faqrul A. Chowdhury; Kenneth J. Chau
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Microbolometers: a market perspective
Author(s): E. Mounier
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