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Microfluidics, BioMEMS, and Medical Microsystems X
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Volume Number: 8251
Date Published: 16 March 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8251
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
New optical, acoustic, and electrical diagnostics for the developing world
Author(s): S. L. Neale; C. Witte; Y. Bourquin; C. Kremer; A. Menachery; Y. Zhang; R. Wilson; J. Reboud; J. M. Cooper
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Microfluidic cell culture systems with integrated sensors for drug screening
Author(s): Samantha Grist; Linfen Yu; Lukas Chrostowski; Karen C. Cheung
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Optofluidic microdevice for algae classification: a comparison of results from discriminant analysis and neural network pattern recognition
Author(s): Allison Schaap; Thomas Rohrlack; Yves Bellouard
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Probing the tumor microenvironment: collection and induction
Author(s): James K. Williams; Michael R. Padgen; Yarong Wang; David Entenberg; Frank Gertler; John S. Condeelis; James Castracane
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Mammosphere culture of cancer stem cells in a microfluidic device
Author(s): Katayoon Saadin; Ian M. White
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Fast self-assembly kinetics of alkanethiols on gold nanoparticles: simulation and characterization by localized surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy
Author(s): Sasan Asiaei; Ryan C. Denomme; Chelsea Marr; Patricia M.. Nieva; Mathilakath M. Vijayan
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Magnetic particle-based sample-prep and valveing in microfluidic devices
Author(s): Richard Klemm; Nadine Hlawatsch; Thomas E. Hansen-Hagge; Holger Becker; Claudia Gärtner
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A microfluidic device for the study of the orientational dynamics of microrods
Author(s): Y. N. Mishra; J. Einarsson; O. A. John; P. Andersson; B. Mehlig; D. Hanstorp
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Miniaturized neural interfaces and implants
Author(s): Thomas Stieglitz; Tim Boretius; Juan Ordonez; Christina Hassler; Christian Henle; Wolfgang Meier; Dennis T. T. Plachta; Martin Schuettler
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Integrated flexible optitrode for neural stimulation and recording
Author(s): Szu-Te Lin; John A. Dani; John C. Wolfe; Wei-Chuan Shih
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Point-of-care, portable microfluidic blood analyzer system
Author(s): Teimour Maleki; Todd Fricke; J. T. Quesenberry; Paul W. Todd; James F. Leary
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A lab-on-a-chip system for the development of complex assays using modular microfluidic components
Author(s): Nadine Hlawatsch; Richard Klemm; Cornelia Carstens; Thomas Brandstëtter; Holger Becker; Rudi Elbracht; Claudia Gärtner
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Two-component injection molding for micofluidic devices
Author(s): Holger Becker; Claudia Gärtner
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Dimensional variation of polymer substrate electrode production
Author(s): Brian W. Anthony; Kasra Namvari
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Polymer micromolds with near optical quality surface finishes
Author(s): Pun-Pang Shiu; George K. Knopf; Suwas Nikumb
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Variation analysis of flow rate delivered using a blister pump
Author(s): Sivesh Selvakumar; Rodrigo Linares; Aaron Oppenheimer; Brian Anthony
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A simple single-detector system for simultaneous monitoring of O2 and CO2 gas concentrations
Author(s): Rahul Dixit; Li Shen; Mike Ratterman; Ian Papautsky; David Klotzkin
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Lab-on-a-chip sensor for measuring Zn by stripping voltammetry
Author(s): Xing Pei; Wenjing Kang; Wei Yue; Adam Bange; Hector R. Wong; William R. Heineman; Ian Papautsky
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Optical sensing for on-chip digital microfluidics
Author(s): Jacqueline Nichols; Emily L. Landry; Brandon Born; Michael Wiltshire; Christopher M. Collier; Jonathan F. Holzman
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Highly accurate measurement of varying drug dosage for real-time analysis of chemomechanical response of cardiomyocytes
Author(s): Avneet Bajwa; Behraad Bahreyni; Ash M. Parameswaran
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Optofluidic backplane as a platform for modular system design
Author(s): M. Brammer; C. Megnin; M. Siegfarth; S. Sobich; A. Hofmann; D. G. Rabus; T. Mappes
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Hybrid membrane-microfluidic components using a novel ceramic MEMS technology
Author(s): Brent J. Lutz; Oleg Polyakov; Chris Rinaldo
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3D nanoporous optofluidic device for high sensitivity SERS detection
Author(s): Soroush H. Yazdi; Ian M. White
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Spiral inertial microfluidic devices for continuous blood cell separation
Author(s): Nivedita Nivedita; Phillip Ligrani; Ian Papautsky
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Multiplexed fluorescence detection for point of care
Author(s): Li Shen; Mike Ratterman; Tyler Stites; David Klotzkin; Ian Papautsky
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Multiple-stream flow and mixing of dissimilar polymeric solutions in abrupt microfluidic contraction/expansion geometries
Author(s): Hiong Yap Gan; Yee Cheong Lam
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Nonspherical optofluidic lenses
Author(s): Sergio Calixto; Martha Rosete-Aguilar; Margarita Calixto-Solano
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Design and analysis of a micromachined gyroscope
Author(s): Nilgoon Zarei; Albert Leung; John D. Jones
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Design for manufacture of a micro-interdigitated electrode for impedance measurement in a biochemical assay
Author(s): Linda Donoghue; Brian W. Anthony
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Fabrication and testing of hydrogel-based microvalves for flow control in flexible lab-on-a-chip systems
Author(s): Ang Li; Jonathan Lee; Bonnie L. Gray; Paul C. H. Li
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Robustness and repeatability test of interdigitated electrodes on a polymer substrate in an aqueous environment
Author(s): Jacklyn Holmes; Brian W. Anthony
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