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Micromachining and Microfabrication Process Technology XVII
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Volume Number: 8248
Date Published: 19 March 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8248
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Powering the wireless world with MEMS
Author(s): Samuel B. Schaevitz
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Optically transparent, flexible pressure sensor array micromachined utilizing plasma assisted bonding
Author(s): John Yan
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Rotary MEMS comb-drive actuator with large deflection for photonic applications
Author(s): M. Q. Huda; T. M. F. Amin; Y. Ning; G. McKinnon; J. Tulip; W. Jäger
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Photovoltaic retinal prosthesis for restoring sight to the blind: implant design and fabrication
Author(s): Lele Wang; Keith Mathieson; Theodore I. Kamins; James Loudin; Ludwig Galambos; James S. Harris; Daniel Palanker
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Micromachined edge illuminated optically transparent automotive light guide panels
Author(s): Rahima Afrose Ronny; George K. Knopf; Evgueni Bordatchev; Mohammed Tauhiduzzaman; Suwas Nikumb
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Fabrication of microstructures with continuous surface profiles and very large sag heights by laser lithography
Author(s): Jens Dunkel; Frank Wippermann; Andreas Bräuer
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Design of experiment for the optimisation of deep reactive ion etching of silicon inserts for microfabrication
Author(s): K. Wallis; C. P. Shaw; J. R. Alcock
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Impact of initial surface parameters on the final quality of laser micro-polished surfaces
Author(s): Michael Chow; Evgueni V. Bordatchev; George K. Knopf
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High aspect ratio microfeatures with laser texturing in mixed ablative-melting regime
Author(s): Pablo M. Romero; Nerea Otero; Alejandro González; Patricia Vázquez
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Fabrication qualities of micro-gratings encoding dependence on laser parameters by two-beam femtosecond lasers interference
Author(s): Xianhua Wang; Feng Chen; Hewei Liu; Hao Bian; Qing Yang; Jinhai Si; Xun Hou
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Bosch-like method for creating high aspect ratio poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) structures
Author(s): Marius Haiducu; Dan Sameoto; Ian Foulds; Robert W. Johnstone; Ash M. Parameswaran
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Stress engineering for free-standing SU-8 2002 thin film devices
Author(s): Kyle W. Oliver; Sarah J. Lukes; Mohammad J. Moghimi; David L. Dickensheets
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Numerical simulation of hot imprint process of periodical lamellar microstructure into polycarbonate
Author(s): Rimvydas Gaidys; Birutė Narijauskaitė; Arvydas Palevičius; Giedrius Janušas
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Electro-hydrodynamic printing using hole-type electrode
Author(s): Seungmi Lee; Ho Kim; Jaewon Chung
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Laser-based microstructuring of materials surfaces using low-cost microlens arrays
Author(s): Daniel Nieto; G. Vara; J. A. Diez; Gerard M. O`Connor; Justo Arines; C. Gómez-Reino; M. Flores-Arias
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