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Laser-based Micro- and Nanopackaging and Assembly VI
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Volume Number: 8244
Date Published: 8 March 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8244
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Welding of transparent materials with ultrashort laser pulses
Author(s): Sören Richter; Sven Döring; Felix Zimmermann; Ludovic Lescieux; Ramona Eberhardt; Stefan Nolte; Andreas Tünnermann
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Direct welding of fused silica with femtosecond fiber laser
Author(s): Huan Huang; Lih-Mei Yang; Jian Liu
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Highly precise and robust packaging of optical components
Author(s): Michael Leers; Matthias Winzen; Erik Liermann; Heinrich Faidel; Thomas Westphalen; Jörn Miesner; Jörg Luttmann; Dieter Hoffmann
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End cap splicing of photonic crystal fibers with outstanding quality for high-power applications
Author(s): S. Böhme; S. Fabian; T. Schreiber; R. Eberhardt; A. Tünnermann
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Amorphous Si crystallization by 405-nm GaN laser diodes for high-performance TFT applications: advantages of using 405-nm wavelength
Author(s): Kiyoshi Morimoto; Nobuyasu Suzuki; Xinbing Liu; Katsuya Samonji; Kazuhiko Yamanaka; Masaaki Yuri
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Heat-induced structure formation in metal films generated by single ultrashort laser pulses
Author(s): Jürgen Koch; Claudia Unger; Boris N. Chichkov
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Laser micromachining of organic LEDs
Author(s): Tino Petsch; Jens Hänel; Maurice Clair; Christian Scholz
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Analysis and characterization of the laser decal transfer process
Author(s): Scott A. Mathews; Raymond C. Y. Auyeung; Alberto Piqué
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Laser origami: a new technique for assembling 3D microstructures
Author(s): Alberto Piqué; Scott A. Mathews; Nicholas A. Charipar; Andrew J. Birnbaum
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Nano-structured surfaces by laser interference lithography and fs-laser direct writing as substrates for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): L. Ben Mohammadi; N. Hundertmark; F. Kullmann; F. Fleissner; T. Klotzbücher
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In-situ diagnostics on fs-laser-induced modification of glasses for selective etching
Author(s): Martin Hermans; Jens Gottmann; Anna Schiffer
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Large area direct fabrication of periodic arrays using interference patterning
Author(s): Andrés F. Lasagni; Teja Roch; Denise Langheinrich; Matthias Bieda; Heidi Perez; Andreas Wetzig; Eckhard Beyer
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Integration of a three-dimensional filter in a microfluidic chip for separation of microscale particles
Author(s): Nicola Bellini; Yu Gu; Lorenzo Amato; Shane Eaton; Giulio Cerullo; Roberto Osellame
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Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy with improved spectral resolutions through the generation of high-temperature and low-density plasmas
Author(s): X. N. He; L. B. Guo; Z. Q. Xie; X. Huang; W. Hu; X. Y. Zeng; Y. F. Lu
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Enhancement of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy signals using both a hemispherical cavity and a magnetic field
Author(s): L. B. Guo; X. N. He; B. Y. Zhang; C. M. Li; W. Hu; Y. S. Zhou; W. Xiong; X. Y. Zeng; Y. F. Lu
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Laser structuring of metallic mold inserts by using µs, ns, and ps-laser ablation
Author(s): Steffen G. Scholz; Alexander Kolew; Christian Griffiths
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Laser-chemical precision machining of micro forming tools at low laser powers
Author(s): Salar Mehrafsun; Peiran Zhang; Frank Vollertsen; Gert Goch
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Process limitations in microassembling using holographic optical tweezers
Author(s): R. Ghadiri; Q. Guo; I. Yeoh; C. Esen; A. Ostendorf
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Plastic optofluidic chip fabricated by femtosecond laser ablation
Author(s): R. Martínez Vázquez; S. M. Eaton; G. Cerullo; R. Ramponi; R. Osellame
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Control of element distribution in glass with femtosecond laser
Author(s): Masahiro Shimizu; Masaaki Sakakura; Masayuki Nishi; Yasuhiko Shimotsuma; Kazuyuki Hirao; Kiyotaka Miura
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High-power picosecond laser with 400W average power for large scale applications
Author(s): Keming Du; Stephan Brüning; Arnold Gillner
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Rotating optics for laser taper-drilling in research and production
Author(s): David Ashkenasi; Tristan Kaszemeikat; Norbert Mueller; Matthias Schmidt; Hans Joachim Eichler; Maurice Clair; Tino Petsch; Jens Hänel; Markus Lasch; Christian Scholz
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Laser cutting of graphite anodes for automotive lithium-ion secondary batteries: investigations in the edge geometry and heat-affected zone
Author(s): Benjamin Schmieder
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Laser-adjusted three-dimensional Li-Mn-O cathode architectures for secondary lithium-ion cells
Author(s): J. Pröll; R. Kohler; M. Torge; M. Bruns; M. Przybylski; S. Ulrich; H. J. Seifert; W. Pfleging
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Influence of laser-generated surface structures on electrochemical performance of lithium cobalt oxide
Author(s): R. Kohler; J. Proell; S. Ulrich; M. Przybylski; H. J. Seifert; W. Pfleging
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Transient thermal analysis and mechanical strength testing of pulsed laser welded ribbons to feedthru joints
Author(s): Yaomin Lin; Guangqiang Jiang
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Laser sintering of Si and Ge nano- and microparticle films toward solar cells by solution process
Author(s): Akira Watanabe
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High-throughput process parallelization for laser surface modification on Si-solar cells: determination of the process window
Author(s): Viktor Schütz; Alexander Horn; Uwe Stute
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