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Vertical External Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VECSELs) II
Editor(s): Anne C. Tropper
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Volume Number: 8242
Date Published: 1 March 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8242
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Picosecond to sub-picosecond pulse generation from mode-locked VECSELs at 1.55 µm
Author(s): S. Bouchoule; Z. Zhao; A. Khadour; E. Galopin; J.-C. Harmand; J. Song; G. Aubin; J. Decobert; J.-L. Oudar
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Passively mode-locked GaSb-based VECSELs emitting sub-400-fs pulses at 2 µm
Author(s): M. Guina; A. Härkönen; J. Paajaste; J.-P. Alanko; S. Suomalainen; C. Grebing; G. Steinmeyer
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Harmonically and fundamentally mode-locked InGaAs-AlGaAs disk laser generating pulse repetition rates in the 100 GHz or pulse durations in the 100-fs range
Author(s): Uwe Griebner; Peter Klopp; Martin Zorn; Markus Weyers
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20 Watt CW TEM00 intracavity doubled optically pumped semiconductor laser at 532 nm
Author(s): Jill D. Berger; Douglas W. Anthon; Andrea Caprara; Juan L. Chilla; Sergei V. Govorkov; Arnaud Y. Lepert; Wayne Mefferd; Qi-Ze Shu; Luis Spinelli
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High-power quantum dot semiconductor disk lasers
Author(s): Jussi Rautiainen; Mantas Butkus; Igor Krestnikov; Edik U. Rafailov; Oleg Okhotnikov
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Recent advances in the development of yellow-orange GaInNAs-based semiconductor disk lasers
Author(s): T. Leinonen; V.-M. Korpijärvi; A. Härkönen; M. Guina
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Strategies for power scaling VECSELs
Author(s): Tsuei-Lian Wang; Yushi Kaneda; Jörg Hader; Jerome V. Moloney; Bernardette Kunert; Wolfgang Stolz; Stephan W. Koch
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Wavelength tuning of VECSELs by cavity geometry
Author(s): Chris Hessenius; Michal Lukowski; Jerome Moloney; Mahmoud Fallahi
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GaSb-based semiconductor disk lasers: recent advances in power scaling and narrow linewidth operation
Author(s): Joachim Wagner; Marcel Rattunde; Tino Töpper; Sebastian Kaspar; Benno Rösener; Christian Manz; Klaus Köhler
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589-nm single-frequency VECSEL for sodium guidestar applications
Author(s): Chris Hessenius; Pierre Yves Guinet; Michal Lukowski; Jerome Moloney; Mahmoud Fallahi
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Evaluation of the single-frequency operation of a short vertical external-cavity semiconductor laser at 852 nm
Author(s): Fabiola A. Camargo; Sylvie Janicot; Isabelle Sagnes; Arnaud Garnache; Patrick Georges; Gaëlle Lucas-Leclin
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Above 2-µm emitting GaSb-based semiconductor disk laser with <100-kHz linewidth at 1000-mW output power
Author(s): Sebastian Kaspar; Marcel Rattunde; Tino Töpper; Benno Rösener; Christian Manz; Klaus Köhler; Joachim Wagner
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IV-VI mid-infrared VECSEL on Si-substrate
Author(s): M. Fill; F. Felder; M. Rahim; A. Khiar; R. Rodriguez; H. Zogg; A. Ishida
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VECSELs: non-equilibrium effects and two-color operation
Author(s): M. Wichmann; A. Chernikov; M. K. Shakfa; A. Bäumner; M. Koch; M. Scheller; J. Hader; J. V. Moloney; S. W. Koch
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Advances in narrow-linewidth continuous wave semiconductor disk laser pumped optical parametric oscillators
Author(s): Nils Hempler; Gordon Robertson; Craig Hamilton; Gareth T. Maker; Graeme P. A. Malcolm
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2.7-µm single-frequency TEM00 operation of Sb-based diode-pumped external-cavity VCSEL
Author(s): Alexandre Laurain; Laurent Cerutti; Mikhael Myara; Arnaud Garnache
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UV laser emission around 330 nm via intracavity frequency doubling of a tunable red AlGaInP-VECSEL
Author(s): Hermann Kahle; Thomas Schwarzbäck; Marcus Eichfelder; Robert Roßbach; Michael Jetter; Peter Michler
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Multiphoton imaging with compact semiconductor disk lasers
Author(s): Pablo Loza-Alvarez; Rodrigo Aviles-Espinosa; David Artigas-García; Craig Hamilton; Graeme Malcolm
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Frequency-tuneable ultrashort pulse VECSEL sources
Author(s): Keith G. Wilcox
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Influence of non-radiative carrier losses on pulsed and continuous VECSEL performance
Author(s): Alexandre Laurain; Jörg Hader; Yi-Ying Lai; Tsuei-Lian Wang; Mike Yarborough; Ganesh Balakrishnan; Thomas J. Rotter; Pankaj Ahirwar; Jerome V. Moloney
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Non-diffracting beams from surface-emitting lasers
Author(s): G. S. Sokolovskii; M. Butkus; S. N. Losev; V. V Dudelev; A. G. Deryagin; V. I. Kuchinskii; W. Sibbett; E. U. Rafailov
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Recent VECSEL developments for sensors applications
Author(s): Robert G. Bedford; Tuoc Dang; David Tomich
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Characterization of gain parameters in quantum-dot and quantum-well based VECSEL structures
Author(s): M. Mangold; V. J. Wittwer; O. D. Sieber; M. Hoffmann; M. Golling; T. Südmeyer; U. Keller
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Wetting-layer-pumped continuous wave surface emitting quantum dot laser
Author(s): Hani J. Kbashi; Adrian H. Quarterman; Oliver J. Morris; Mohamed Henini; Anne C. Tropper; Keith G. Wilcox
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Sub-80-fs timing jitter of a stabilized SESAM modelocked VECSEL
Author(s): V. J. Wittwer; R. van der Linden; B. Resan; K. J. Weingarten; T. Südmeyer; U. Keller
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High-average power femtosecond VECSELs with tunable repetition rates up to 10 GHz
Author(s): O. D. Sieber; V. J. Wittwer; M. Hoffmann; I. L. Krestnikov; S. S. Mikhrin; D. A. Livshits; M. Golling; T. Südmeyer; U. Keller
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Strain compensation of InGaAs/GaAs SDL gain mirrors grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Author(s): S. Ranta; T. Leinonen; M. Tavast; T. V. Hakkarainen; I. Suominen; M. Guina
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A wavelength tunable 2-ps pulse VECSEL
Author(s): Oliver J. Morris; Keith G. Wilcox; C. Robin Head; Andrew P. Turnbull; Peter J. Mosley; Adrian H. Quarterman; Hani J. Kbashi; Ian Farrer; Harvey E. Beere; David A. Ritchie; Anne C. Tropper
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MBE growth of electrically pumped VECSELs
Author(s): M. Golling; W. P. Pallmann; C. A. Zaugg; T. Südmeyer; U. Keller
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