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High-Power Diode Laser Technology and Applications X
Editor(s): Mark S. Zediker
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Volume Number: 8241
Date Published: 16 February 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8241
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Direct diode lasers with comparable beam quality to fiber, CO2, and solid state lasers
Author(s): Robin K. Huang; Bien Chann; James Burgess; Michael Kaiman; Robert Overman; John D. Glenn; Parviz Tayebati
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A 15-kW fiber-coupled diode laser for pumping applications
Author(s): David G. Matthews; Klaus Kleine; Volker Krause; Arnd Koesters; Daniel Duennwald; Silke Pflueger
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kW-class line sources for direct applications
Author(s): Tobias Koenning; Kim Alegria; Zuolan Wang; Dean Stapleton; Steve Patterson; Bernd Koehler; Jens Biesenbach
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3000W CW diode laser cladding system
Author(s): Lingling Xiong; Min Wang; Xiaobiao Wang; Yanfang Zheng; Di Wu; Pu Zhang; Xiaoning Li; Zhenfu Wang; Xingsheng Liu
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Emission properties of diode laser bars during pulsed high-power operation
Author(s): Marcin Olecki; Jens W. Tomm; Martin Hempel; Petra Hennig; Thomas Elsaesser
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Scalable high-power and high-brightness fiber coupled diode laser devices
Author(s): Bernd Köhler; Sandra Ahlert; Andreas Bayer; Heiko Kissel; Holger Müntz; Axel Noeske; Karsten Rotter; Armin Segref; Michael Stoiber; Andreas Unger; Paul Wolf; Jens Biesenbach
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High performance diode lasers emitting at 780-820 nm
Author(s): L. Bao; M. DeVito; M. Grimshaw; P. Leisher; H. Zhou; W. Dong; X. Guan; S. Zhang; R. Martinsen; J. Haden
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High-power single emitters for fiber laser pumping across 8xx nm-9xx nm wavelength bands
Author(s): Moshe Levy; Noam Rappaport; Genadi Klumel; Moshe Shamay; Renana Tessler; Dan Yanson; Shalom Cohen; Yaroslav Don; Yoram Karni
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Modular VCSEL solution for uniform line illumination in the kW range
Author(s): Holger Moench; Carsten Deppe; Raimond Dumoulin; Stephan Gronenborn; Xi Gu; Gero Heusler; Michael Miller; Pavel Pekarski; Armand Pruijmboom
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Hard solder 20-kW QCW stack array diode laser
Author(s): Xiaoning Li; Lijun Kang; Jingwei Wang; Pu Zhang; Lingling Xiong; Xingsheng Liu
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Automated alignment of optical components for high-power diode lasers
Author(s): C. Brecher; N. Pyschny; S. Haag; V. Guerrero Lule
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Operating condition limitations of high density QCW arrays
Author(s): Jeremy Junghans; Joseph Levy; Ryan Feeler
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Long pulse compact and high-brightness near 1-kW QCW diode laser stack
Author(s): Stewart Wilson; Gregory Altshuler; Andrey Erofeev; Mikhail Inochkin; Leonid Khloponin; Valery Khramov; Felix Feldchtein
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Record-brightness laser-diode bars for fiber coupling
Author(s): M. Dogan; R. Pathak; S. Ellison; H. Eppich; G. Campbell; J. Vignati; J. H. Jacob; K. D. Lang; R. H. Chin; M. T. Knapczyk; W. Sun; S. F. Fulghum; A. K. Chin
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High-power semiconductor laser array packaged on microchannel cooler using gold-tin soldering technology
Author(s): Jingwei Wang; Lijun Kang; Pu Zhang; Zhiqiang Nie; Xiaoning Li; Lingling Xiong; Xingsheng Liu
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Newly developed high-power laser diode bars
Author(s): Nobuto Kageyama; Takenori Morita; Kousuke Torii; Motoki Takauji; Takehito Nagakura; Junya Maeda; Hirofumi Miyajima; Harumasa Yoshida
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10-W CW blue-violet diode laser array on the micro-channel cooler
Author(s): Nobuyasu Suzuki; Kiyoshi Morimoto
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Wavelength-stabilized fiber-coupled diode laser with 500-W output and 20-mm x mrad beam quality
Author(s): D. M. Grasso; N. Shou; H. Chen; R. Pathak; Pa. Liang; S. D. Roh; D. Lee
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Very high brightness diode laser
Author(s): Stefan Heinemann; Ben Lewis; Karsten Michaelis; Torsten Schmidt
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VBG controlled narrow bandwidth diode laser arrays
Author(s): Joseph Levy; Ryan Feeler; Jeremy Junghans
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10-W reliable 90-µm-wide broad area lasers with internal grating stabilization
Author(s): P. Crump; J. Fricke; C. M. Schultz; H. Wenzel; S. Knigge; O. Brox; A. Maaßdorf; F. Bugge; G. Erbert
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High-brightness 975-nm pumps with ultra-stable wavelength stabilization
Author(s): V. Gapontsev; N. Moshegov; P. Trubenko; A. Komissarov; I. Berishev; N. Strougov; V. Chuyanov; A. Ovtchinnikov
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High-peak-power and high-brightness pulsed single and array diode laser sources
Author(s): Yan Xiao; Don Olson; Toby J. Garrod; Manoj Kanskar
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High-power diode laser pumps for alkali lasers (DPALs)
Author(s): Heiko Kissel; Bernd Köhler; Jens Biesenbach
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High-efficiency high-brightness diode lasers at 1470 nm/1550 nm for medical and defense applications
Author(s): Kendra Gallup; Jeff Ungar; Laurent Vaissie; Rob Lammert; Wentao Hu
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Slab-coupled optical waveguide lasers and amplifiers
Author(s): Gary M. Smith; Joseph P. Donnelly; Leo J. Missaggia; Michael K. Connors; Shawn M. Redmond; Kevin J. Creedon; David C. Mathewson; Reuel B. Swint; Antonio Sanchez-Rubio; George W. Turner
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High-power broad-area diode lasers optimized for fiber laser pumping
Author(s): J. Gilly; P. Friedmann; H. Kissel; J. Biesenbach; M. T. Kelemen
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Progress in increasing the maximum achievable output power of broad area diode lasers
Author(s): P. Crump; H. Wenzel; G. Erbert; G. Tränkle
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Compact sources for the generation of high-peak power wavelength-stabilized laser pulses in the picoseconds and nanoseconds ranges
Author(s): H. Wenzel; A. Klehr; S. Schwertfeger; A. Liero; Th. Hoffmann; O. Brox; M. Thomas; G. Erbert; G. Tränkle
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High-efficiency kW-class QCW 88x-nm diode semiconductor laser bars with passive cooling
Author(s): John G. Bai; Zhigang Chen; Paul Leisher; Ling Bao; Mark DeFranza; Mike Grimshaw; Mark DeVito; Rob Martinsen; Manoj Kanskar; Jim Haden
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Extremely low losses 14xx single mode laser diode leading to 550-mW output power module with 0-75°C case temperature and 10-W consumption
Author(s): J.-R. Burie; P. Garabedian; C. Starck; P. Pagnod-Rossiaux; M. Bettiati; M. Do Nascimento; J.-N. Reygrobellet; J.-C. Bertreux; F. Laruelle
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Improvement of wall plug efficiency in near-infrared lateral single-mode LDs at high temperature
Author(s): Tetsuya Yagi; Takuto Maruyama; Masatsugu Kusunoki; Naoyuki Shimada; Motoharu Miyashita
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Industrial high-power diode lasers: reliability, power, and brightness
Author(s): Stephan Strohmaier; Haiyan An; Thilo Vethake
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High-power single emitters and laser bars with improved performance developed at JENOPTIK
Author(s): M. Zorn; R. Hülsewede; O. Hirsekorn; J. Sebastian; P. Hennig
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Advances in performance and beam quality of 9xx-nm laser diodes tailored for efficient fiber coupling
Author(s): Christian Lauer; Harald König; Günther Grönninger; Sebastian Hein; Alvaro Gomez-Iglesias; Michael Furitsch; Josip Maric; Heiko Kissel; Paul Wolf; Jens Biesenbach; Uwe Strauss
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Comparative study of the performance of semiconductor laser based coherent Doppler lidars
Author(s): Peter John Rodrigo; Christian Pedersen
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Long wavelength surface-emitting distributed feedback (SE-DFB) laser for range finding applications
Author(s): Toby J. Garrod; Don Olson; Yan Xiao; Manoj Kanskar
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External-cavity high-power dual-wavelength tapered amplifier with tunable THz frequency difference
Author(s): Mingjun Chi; Ole Bjarlin Jensen; Paul Michael Petersen
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Experimental studies for improvement of thermal effects in a high-power fiber-coupled diode laser module operating at 808 nm
Author(s): Ashraf F. El-Sherif; Khalid Hussein; Mahmoud F. Hassan; Mahmoud M. Talat
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Physics of failure investigation in high-power broad-area InGaAs-AlGaAs strained quantum well lasers
Author(s): Yongkun Sin; Stephen D. LaLumondiere; Nathan Presser; Brendan J. Foran; Neil A. Ives; William T. Lotshaw; Steven C. Moss
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