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Reporters, Markers, Dyes, Nanoparticles, and Molecular Probes for Biomedical Applications IV
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Volume Number: 8233
Date Published: 16 March 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8233
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Electrospray of multifunctional microparticles for image-guided drug delivery
Author(s): Leilei Zhang; Yan Yan; Joshua Mena; Jingjing Sun; Alan Letson M.D.; Cynthia Roberts; Chuanqing Zhou; Xinyu Chai; Qiushi Ren; Ronald Xu
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Cancer therapy utilizing molecular layer deposition (MLD) and self-organized lightwave network (SOLNET): proposal and theoretical prediction
Author(s): Tetsuzo Yoshimura; Chie Yoshino; Koyo Sasaki; Taishi Sato; Masatoshi Seki
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Novel water soluble NIR dyes: does charge matter?
Author(s): Gabor Patonay; Maged Henary; Garfield Beckford; Alison Daube
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Advancing with pyrrolopyrrole cyanines: a next generation class of near-infrared fluorophores
Author(s): S. Wiktorowski; G. M. Fischer; E. Daltrozzo; A. Zumbusch
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Fluorescent molecular probes based on excited state prototropism in lipid bilayer membrane
Author(s): Monalisa Mohapatra; Ashok K. Mishra
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Iridium complex probes for monitoring of cellular oxygen levels and imaging of hypoxic tissues
Author(s): Toshitada Yoshihara; Atsushi Kobayashi; Shinpei Oda; Masahiro Hosaka; Toshiyuki Takeuchi; Seiji Tobita
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Amyloid diagnostics: probing protein aggregation and conformation with ultrasensitive fluorescence detection
Author(s): Rajiv Abhyankar; Banakanidhi Sahoo; Niraj K. Singh; Linda M. Meijer; Bidyut Sarkar; Anand K. Das; Suman Nag; Muralidharan Chandrakesan; Debanjan Bhowmik; Sucheta Dandekar; Sudipta Maiti
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Time-domain imaging with quench-based fluorescent contrast agents
Author(s): Walter J. Akers; Metasebya Solomon; Gail P. Sudlow; Mikhail Berezin; Samuel Achilefu
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Effect of capsid proteins to ICG mass ratio on fluorescent quantum yield of virus-resembling optical nano-materials
Author(s): Sharad Gupta; Gerardo Ico; Paul Matsumura; A. L. N. Rao; Valentine Vullev; Bahman Anvari
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Imaging B. anthracis heme catabolism in mice using the IFP1.4 gene reporter
Author(s): Banghe Zhu; Holly Robinson; Nathaniel Wilganowski; Christopher Loren Nobles; Eva Sevick-Muraca; Anthony Maresso
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Development of anti-HER2 conjugated ICG-loaded polymeric nanoparticles for targeted optical imaging of ovarian cancer
Author(s): Baharak Bahmani; Valentine Vullev; Bahman Anvari
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In vivo track the development of melanoma with the intrinsic third harmonic generation and two-photon fluorescence contrasts of melanin
Author(s): Pei-Chun Wu; Yu-Shing Chen; Tsung-Yuan Hsieh; Han-Wen Liu; Wen-Li Lin; Tzu-Ming Liu
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Multiphoton fluorescence spectra and lifetimes of biliverdins and their protein-associated complex
Author(s): Chin-Jie Huang; Cheng-Ham Wu; Tzu-Ming Liu
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Detection of amino acid neurotransmitters by surface enhanced Raman scattering and hollow core photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Vidhu S. Tiwari; Altaf Khetani; Ali Momenpour T. Monfared; Brett Smith; Hanan Anis; Vance L. Trudeau
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Design of peptide-conjugated glycol chitosan nanoparticles for near infrared fluorescent (NIRF) in vivo imaging of bladder tumors
Author(s): Jaehong Key; Deepika Dhawan; Deborah W. Knapp; Kwangmeyung Kim; Ick Chan Kwon; Kuiwon Choi; James F. Leary
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Plant virus-resembling optical nano-materials conjugated with anti-EGFR for targeted cancer imaging
Author(s): Sharad Gupta; Hailey Wilder; A. L. N. Rao; V. I. Vullev; Bahman Anvari
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Targeted polymeric magnetic nanoparticles for brain imaging
Author(s): Bharat Kirthivasan; Dhirender Singh; Sangram Raut; Murali Mohan Bommana; Emilio Squillante III; Mostafa Sadoqi
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Multi-modal in cellulo evaluation of NPR-C targeted C-ANF-peptide and C-ANF-comb nanoparticles
Author(s): Monica Shokeen; Eric Pressly; Luke Connal; Yongjian Liu; Craig J. Hawker; Pamela K. Woodard; Carolyn J. Anderson; Samuel Achilefu; Michael J. Welch
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Calibrating the imaging and therapy performance of magneto-fluorescent gold nanoshells for breast cancer
Author(s): Adam Dowell; Wenxue Chen; Nrusingh Biswal; Ciceron Ayala-Orozco; Mario Giuliano; Rachel Schiff; Naomi J. Halas; Amit Joshi
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Self-illuminating nanoprobe for in vivo imaging of cancers over-expressing the folate receptor
Author(s): Steven C. Miller; Lucia Beviglia; Pete Yeung; Sukanta Bhattacharyya; Daniel Sobek
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Dual modality photothermal OCT and magnetic resonance imaging with carbon nanotubes
Author(s): Jason M. Tucker-Schwartz; Tu Hong; Daniel C. Colvin; Yaqiong Xu; Melissa C. Skala
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Super strong nanoindentors for biomedical applications based on bamboo-like nanotubes
Author(s): O. E. Glukhova; A. S. Kolesnikova; E. L. Kossovich; R. Y. Zhnichkov
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Highly efficient phosphors in cancer sensing and PDT
Author(s): Brian G. Yust; Lawrence C. Mimun; Dhiraj K. Sardar; Gangadharan Ajith Kumar; Peter J. Hornsby; Jason Rocha
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The curvature influence of the graphene nanoribbon on its sensory properties
Author(s): O. E. Glukhova; I. V. Kirillova; M. M. Slepchenkov
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New cross-linking quinoline- and quinolone-based luminescent lanthanide probes for sensitive labeling
Author(s): Shyamala Pillai; Laura Wirpsza; Maxim Kozlov; Salvatore A. E Marras; Lev N. Krasnoperov; Arkady Mustaev
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Water participation in molecular recognition and protein-ligand association: Probing the drug binding site "Sudlow I" in human serum albumin
Author(s): Najla Al-Lawatia; Thomas Steinbrecher; Osama K. Abou-Zied
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Strain-hardening effect of graphene on a chitosan chain for the tissue engineering
Author(s): O. E. Glukhova; I. V. Kirillova; A. S. Kolesnikova; E. L. Kossovich; G. N. Ten
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The observation research of the differences in cell death and reactive oxygen species in the process of infecting Arabidopsis with avirulent strains
Author(s): HuaBin Liu; WenLi Chen
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The observation of mitochondrial movement and ATG5 position in Arabidopsis during the process of infection with virulent and avirulent P. syringae strains
Author(s): Liu Yang; Chao Ma; Wen li Chen
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Fluorescent nanodiamonds as highly stable biomarker for endotoxin verification
Author(s): Thorsten Bergmann; Jan Michael Burg; Maria Lilholt; Ulf Maeder; Sebastian Beer; Denise Salzig; Mehrdad Ebrahimi; Peter Czermak; Martin Fiebich
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