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Optical Methods for Tumor Treatment and Detection: Mechanisms and Techniques in Photodynamic Therapy XXI
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Volume Number: 8210
Date Published: 15 March 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8210
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
PDT: loss of autophagic cytoprotection after lysosomal photodamage
Author(s): David Kessel; Michael Price
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Topical delivery of a preformed photosensitizer for photodynamic therapy of cutaneous lesions
Author(s): Nancy L. Oleinick; Malcolm E. Kenney; Minh Lam; Thomas McCormick; Kevin D. Cooper; Elma D. Baron
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Probing tumor-stroma interactions and response to photodynamic therapy in a 3D pancreatic cancer-fibroblast co-culture model
Author(s): Michael D. Glidden; Iqbal Massodi; Imran Rizvi; Jonathan P. Celli; Tayyaba Hasan
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A real-time treatment guidance system for pleural PDT
Author(s): Timothy C. Zhu; Xing Liang; Julia Sandell; Jarod C. Finlay; Andreea Dimofte; Carmen Rodriguez; Keith Cengel; Joseph Friedberg; Stephen M. Hahn; Eli Glatstein
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Light dose verification for pleural PDT
Author(s): Julia L. Sandell; Xing Liang; Timothy Zhu
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Characterization of tissue optical properties for prostate PDT using interstitial diffuse optical tomography
Author(s): Xing Liang; Ken Kang-hsin Wang; Timothy C. Zhu
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Photoacoustic imaging of intravenously injected photosensitizer in rat burn models for efficient antibacterial photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Yasuyuki Tsunoi; Shunichi Sato; Hiroshi Ashida; Mitsuhiro Terakawa
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A compact laparoscope type radiation source for the pin-point cancer treatment using a femtosecond laser
Author(s): N. Kawashima; H. Muramatsu; M. Ueda; C. Yanagimoto; M. Miyazawa; E. Kajiwara
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Influence of the photosensitizer photobleaching in the propagation of light during photodynamic therapy
Author(s): I. Salas-García; F. Fanjul-Vélez; N. Ortega-Quijano; J. L. Arce-Diego
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Accurate dosimetry for monitoring response to photodynamic therapy
Author(s): M. Seetamraju; R. S. Gurjar; R. Myers; T. Hasan; D. E. Wolf
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Singlet oxygen dosimetry modeling for photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Xing Liang; Ken Kang-hsin Wang; Timothy C. Zhu
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Control of burn wound sepsis in rats by methylene blue-mediated photodynamic treatment
Author(s): Hiroyuki Hasegawa; Shunichi Sato; Satoko Kawauchi; Daizoh Saitoh; Nariyoshi Shinomiya; Hiroshi Ashida; Mitsuhiro Terakawa
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Thermography for early detection of cancer
Author(s): Jaeyoung Kim; Haeyoung Choi; SeonYoung Ryu; MyungHo Kook; KiSoo Chang; GeonHee Kim
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Maximizing fluence rate and field uniformity of light blanket for intraoperative PDT
Author(s): Xing Liang; Palak Kundu; Jarod Finlay; Michael Goodwin; Timothy C. Zhu
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Double-excitation fluorescence spectral imaging: eliminating tissue auto-fluorescence from in vivo PPIX measurements
Author(s): Sason Torosean; Brendan Flynn; Kimberley S. Samkoe; Scott C. Davis; Jason Gunn; Johan Axelsson; Brian W. Pogue
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Optimization of parameters in photodynamic therapy to kill p. aeruginosa with 809-nm diode laser and indocyanine green
Author(s): Nermin Topaloglu; Sahru Yuksel; Murat Gulsoy
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Histologic differences between orthotopic xenograft pancreas models affect Verteporfin uptake measured by fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy
Author(s): Julia A. O'Hara; Kimberley S. Samkoe; Alina Chen; Martin Isabelle; P. Jack Hoopes; Tayyaba Hasan; Brian W. Pogue
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Tissue photosensitizer dosimetry using spectrally-resolved fluorescence for pre-clinical and clinical verteporfin-PDT of pancreatic cancer
Author(s): Martin Isabelle; Scott Davis; Zan Li; Jason Gunn; P. J. Hoopes; S. Pereira; C. A. Mosse; T. Hasan; B. W. Pogue
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