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Ophthalmic Technologies XXII
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Volume Number: 8209
Date Published: 14 March 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8209
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
In vivo quantification of microglia dynamics with a scanning laser ophthalmoscope in a mouse model of focal laser injury
Author(s): Clemens Alt; Charles P. Lin
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Optical remote continuous sensing of intraocular pressure variations
Author(s): Yevgeny Beiderman; Alon Skaat; Michael Belkin; Ralf-Peter Tornow; Vicente Mico; Javier Garcia; Zeev Zalevsky
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Image diversity, shape modification with accommodation, dynamical change with accommodation, and age dependence of the ciliary body imaged by optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Kimiya Shimizu; Nobuyuki Satou; Akihito Igarashi; Motoi Nakanishi; Atsushi Goto; Donghak Choi; Reiko Yoshimura; Hideaki Hiro-Oka; Hiroyuki Furukawa; Kohji Ohbayashi
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Validation of a quasi real-time global aberrometer: the EyeMapper
Author(s): C. Fedtke; K. Ehrmann; D. Falk; B. Holden
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Choroidal imaging by one-micrometer dual-beam Doppler optical coherence angiography with adjustable velocity range
Author(s): Franck Jaillon; Shuichi Makita; Yoshiaki Yasuno
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Differential intensity contrast swept source optical coherence tomography for human retinal vasculature visualization
Author(s): Reza Motaghiannezam; Scott Fraser
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Swept source OCT with air puff chamber for corneal dynamics measurements
Author(s): Karol Karnowski; David Alonso-Caneiro; Bartlomiej Kaluzny; Andrzej Kowalczyk; Maciej Wojtkowski
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Estimation of surface wave propagation in mouse cornea
Author(s): Ravi Kiran Manapuram; Floredes M. Menodiado; Phiet Truong; Salavat Aglyamov; Stanislav Emelianov; Michael Twa; Kirill V. Larin
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Spatially resolved Brillouin spectroscopy for in vivo determination of the biomechanical properties of the crystalline lenses
Author(s): Oliver Stachs; Stephan Reiß; Rudolf Guthoff; Heinrich Stolz
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Quantitative RNFL attenuation coefficient measurements by RPE-normalized OCT data
Author(s): K. A. Vermeer; J. van der Schoot; H. G. Lemij; J. F. de Boer
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A miniature forward-imaging optical coherence tomography (OCT) probe
Author(s): Karen M. Joos M.D.; Jin-Hui Shen
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In-vivo imaging of inner retinal cellular morphology with adaptive optics - optical coherence tomography: challenges and possible solutions
Author(s): Robert J. Zawadzki; Steven M. Jones; Dae Yu Kim; Lisa Poyneer; Arlie G. Capps; Bernd Hamann; Scot S. Olivier; John S. Werner
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Adaptive optics optical coherence tomography for measuring phase and reflectance dynamics of photoreceptors
Author(s): Omer P. Kocaoglu; Ravi S. Jonnal; Sangyeol Lee; Qiang Wang; Zhuolin Liu; Donald T. Miller
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Effect of dehydration in the UV transmittance of "in vitro" corneas
Author(s): Victor A. C. Lincoln; Liliane Ventura; Sidney J. Faria e Sousa; Marcio M. Mello
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A prototype for measurements in visible light transmittance of sunglasses
Author(s): Marcio M. Mello; Victor A. C. Lincoln; Liliane Ventura
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Spectroscopic measurements during the corneal collagen cross-linking procedure for in vitro human corneas
Author(s): Liliane Ventura; Victor A. C. Lincoln; Marcio M. Mello; Sidney J. Faria e Sousa
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Does tropicamide affect choroidal blood flow in humans? a laser Doppler flowmetry study
Author(s): Nithiyanantham Palanisamy; Charles E. Riva; Luigi Rovati; Mauro Cellini; Corrado Gizzi; Ernesto Strobbe; Emilio C. Campos
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Innovative ophthalmic instrument to detect nano- and micro-aggregates in blood circulation
Author(s): Luigi Rovati; Stefano Cattini; Roberta Salvatori; Antonietta Gatti
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"All-laser" endothelial corneal transplant in human patients
Author(s): Francesca Rossi; Luca Menabuoni; Alex Malandrini; Annalisa Canovetti; Ivo Lenzetti; Roberto Pini
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Evaluation of water film thickness on contact lens by improved reflectometry technique
Author(s): Hui Lu; Michael R. Wang; Jianhua Wang
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Portable retinal imaging for eye disease screening using a consumer-grade digital camera
Author(s): Simon Barriga; Andrey Larichev; Gilberto Zamora; Peter Soliz
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Toward optical coherence topography
Author(s): Samir Sayegh; Yanshui Jiang
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Toward the development of a low-cost laser Doppler module for ophthalmic microscopes
Author(s): Stefano Cattini; Luigi Rovati
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Corneal tissue ablation using 6.1 µm quantum cascade laser
Author(s): Yong Huang; Jin U. Kang
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Spatially highly resolved aberrometer: first exprimental characterizations and assessments
Author(s): B. Emica; S. Meimon; J.-M. Conan; T. Fusco; G. Chenegros; M. Paques
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